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I'm sure she had her suspicions, but never said anything to me or asked me. She didn't find out before she died.

EDIT: And my therapist told me "she knows now", knowing I'm an atheist. I said no, she doesn't, shes fucking dead. She has the nerve to say to me...maybe that's part of your problem, you need to find gawd to help you through this. I said fuck you and got a new therapist.

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Yes, I am. I still have thoughts of it every now and then, but they don't bother me anymore. It's over. It's finally over and I can breathe now. I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself, my choices, and my life at the moment. :)

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Good God I love the way you write. swoon

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My timeline and testimony. He was home from work every other weekend. He would touch my breasts at least three times during his stay. So, 12 times a month for 4 years straight. Things like that.

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Also, during the trial, I had hypersexualization. I wanted it ALL the time. My therapist said that's normal for molestation victims and my SO was very supportive. I think I may also have some small touch of Stockholm's Syndrome. I'm 26 and my SO is 58. BUT, it's one of those things that I won't know if I would have been naturally attracted to older men, or if this abuse made it that way. I have been with men my age also. I wish to believe I fell in love with him because of his intellect and quick wit and sense of humor. I'll never know either way. (It definitely wasn't for money! ..the broke bastard...lol)