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Whose Line was COMPLETELY MADE UP. We had no advanced notice of suggestions.

After 1,000s of hours of improv, I have no favorite, crazy memory of a particular moment of doing improv. (I can barely remember anything from the show until I see it on TV- that's true for all the guys)

My favorite scene from WLIIa is Colin on the Richard Simmons jet ski.

Colin, Ryan, Greg, Colin, Wayne, Drew, and Chip are all truly VERY nice guys. (All of them are shy in real life) They were all very fun to improvise with.

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NSFWatercolor This one is safe for work. Welcome to reddit.

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BradSherwood100271 karma

Thanks to all who participated. Hope to do it again, if you know what i mean.


ryanschube267 karma

Is Colin's head as shiny as it looks on TV?

BradSherwood100512 karma


TheNinthLumberjack258 karma

How did you get so good at improvising songs? I thought you were one of the few who could keep up with Wayne.

BradSherwood100525 karma

i blame several concussions

BradSherwood100246 karma

Hi everyone. i'm early!

alittlekink243 karma

Will you fluff my garfield?

BradSherwood100251 karma

consider it done

Shadowkittenx205 karma

What was your favorite skit on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

BradSherwood100631 karma

richard simmons jet ski. you tube it. i wasnt in it, but i dont care. funniest thing ever!

IdahoLynxx175 karma

Its Cool to hear that WHiiA is coming back! Is the whole gang coming back?

BradSherwood100421 karma

it is not certain whether I will be back on WLIIA. the CW is looking for new improvisers for the fourth chair. If the show gets picked up for more episodes, i'm sure Greg and I will return.

All is good.

blackheartededitor163 karma

I saw that "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is going to be re-running again. How much of what you guys do is true on-the-spot improv and how much was you guys kind of relying on jokes you've come up with before (tried and true punchlines for certain situations?) I feel like if you play those games enough times certain things come up more than once and you can go to the memory bank with what worked before. What's the balance of leaning on old material versus true creative spark when you're doing improv?

BradSherwood100262 karma

it was always on the spot. we never try to do the same jokes. we strived to always be original. you are always trying to react in a funny way.

Hey_Stupid144 karma

I'm 24. When I was a young girl I only had two TV crushes you and the Fonz. How does that make you feel.

BradSherwood100416 karma

Cool. (get some counseling)

PotterWhale136 karma

I just wanted to say thank you for your support to the LGBT community!

BradSherwood100382 karma

you're welcome! there is no bigger ciivil rights issue at hand in America. if any American was denied an equal right based on their religious belief, there would be protests & fury.

Someday, we will all have equal rights and people will have to come to terms with their homophobia in their own minds, not in courts and voting booths.

atomize123 karma

During a pay per view special a while back you did with the whose line gang people would constantly mention doritos. Did you guys get paid to say that or just beating a dead horse?

BradSherwood100293 karma

Doritos was the sponsor, and we began mocking them, because we are all childish. we didnt get any bonus for saying it over and over

kuhndog5122 karma

Is a reverse mortgage right FOR ME?

BradSherwood100220 karma


rkutner109 karma

I saw in "This vs. That," you're testing whether it's faster to weave through traffic or stay in your lane. WELL WHICH IS IT????

BradSherwood100205 karma

the exec producer has expressly forbidden me to answer that. tune in to see.

Firedemon047 karma

This is very important information

BradSherwood100161 karma

Other topics the show tackles: A. What’s the fastest way to board passengers onto an airplane? B. What’s the fastest way to navigate through freeway traffic? Stay in your lane, weave in and out of cars, or is better to take the surface streets? C. Which flotation device is more likely to save your life if you survive a plane crash into water: The life vest or the seat cushion? D. Which is really better for the environment? Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? E. What’s the safest roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone, a steep roof or a roof with a gentle slope? We used a Hurricane Fan that blew wind and rain at 125 Miles Per Hour to find out! F. Which is smarter, Dogs or Cats?

modernfolklore102 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. I really love your work.

What's the best advice you have for someone trying to become more confident in improv? I've gotten pretty far off of "Say 'Yes, and'", but my biggest issue is giving out too many jokes when only half are actually funny. How do you avoid awkward silence without forcing too many duds?

BradSherwood100192 karma

dont plan. listen and react. if you react, youre not writing jokes in your head and disconnected from your fellow players.

KJP1398 karma

What is it like living with a 9 inch penis?

BradSherwood100473 karma

Colin lives in Toronto...

Peanutmms90 karma

During WLiiA, who made you crack up more?

BradSherwood100285 karma


anotherbh88 karma

How do you differentiate your show from Mythbusters?

BradSherwood100218 karma

This is how my new show, This Vs. That is different from Mythbusters. Mythbusters deals with things that are “cinematic myths” or “urban legends”-- for example, “Can a ninja walk on water?” While revealing that is good TV... it doesn’t have any practical application to everyday life. I don’t know any ninjas.

This vs. That, on the other hand, deals with things that go on in our lives... It’s about things that are REAL... It’s about the world within arm’s reach. We answer questions about choices and obstacles that we all might have to navigate in the world... and hopefully make that navigating easier.

We’re using science, leading experts from UCLA, The Fermi Lab (among others) and dynamic experiments to reveal answers to life’s most common... and vexing dilemmas. We want to provide viewers information so that when they find themselves in a similar situation, they’ll make better decisions. Our Motto: No bias. No bullshit. Just science, fact, and funny.

Skytch88 karma

Hey Brad, what is your most favorite thing about Drew Carey, past and present?

BradSherwood100300 karma

his generosity toward the people he works with is unmatched and rare in this business. one time he took the cast and crew of the Drew Show & WLIIA on a weeklong private carribean cruise.

take that Seinfeld!

Firedemon085 karma

Thanks for stopping by to answer our questions.

Who are some people that you would love to do improv with, but have not had a chance to?

BradSherwood100214 karma

Greg Proops!

FinsterDog79 karma

I've seen your live improv show. And seriously, what's wrong with Colin Mochrie? He's not right.

BradSherwood100142 karma

he's mental.....

Kemintiri70 karma

Hello! You're one of my favorite performers!

This is the funniest song styles I've ever seen (the one where you rhyme Neroshi).

Which type of game was your favorite and least favorite?

Was there ever any recognition for being announced the winner at the end of Whose Line, maybe after the show?

Did you guys ever know about the celebrity guest beforehand or was it always a surprise?

Which were your favorite performers to work with?

When will your show come through Georgia?

Which shows do you watch online/tv?

Thank you for your IamA!

BradSherwood10094 karma

Here are my responses in order to your Qs Thanks. Thanks again. SOund FX & Hoedown. No Spankings after show. It was a surprise. Sid Caesar. Been there twice. Pay attention. Breaking Bad. you're welcome.

DMK12354 karma

Brad, I heard there was an interesting incident while you where filming the Traffic Experiment. My brother-in-law created the show and I understand was filming in the car with you. What happened?

BradSherwood100111 karma

Jon Hotchkiss, the producer of my new show This Vs. That. got car sick while filming. we had to pull over so he could puke.


chippyda53 karma

You were incredible on "Whose Line." I especially loved your performances in "If you know what I mean." You were extremely funny in that. Do you hope to return to "Whose Line" when it comes back?

BradSherwood10071 karma


TotoDog51 karma

Is your head really that big? Or does the TV add like 3 hat sizes?

BradSherwood100104 karma

sadly, my head is abnormally large.

ministryofsound47 karma

Favorite pizza toppings? Best professional/career related decision you've made?

BradSherwood100135 karma

Jalapeno. Reddit.

The1RGood45 karma

What are some of the best bald-jokes that you know?

BradSherwood100102 karma

5 head

jgpadgettpro40 karma

What do you think of Whose Line Is It Anyway? coming back?

BradSherwood100124 karma

i hope the CW gives it a good time slot and room to get its audience back!

jgpadgettpro38 karma

What's your favorite bit/sketch that you've ever done?

Edit: Or what is your favorite type of game to do on Whose Line? (Like songs, the alphabet game, questions only, etc.)

BradSherwood100188 karma

i did a really lovely sketch of a ladder when i was eight. it looked very realistic.

bs_detector38 karma

No questions. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed seeing you perform with the Comedy Sports improv group in LA 15-20 years ago. You were definitely the standout of the group and it was obvious you were going places.

BradSherwood100188 karma

kind words. thanks, Dad

Marylandman10137 karma

I have a question about Laura from whos line. How does she know all those songs?

BradSherwood10092 karma

the producers would give her a list of bands & genres and she would go home and arrange songs that sounded like them, but wouldnt be a legal problem for copyright.

amssimon35 karma

Don't you get tired of people asking if Whose Line was genuinely improvised? haha because even I get annoyed when people ask that, because I know that it was

BradSherwood100127 karma

i take it as a backhanded "you guys couldnt possibly be that clever" kind of compliment.

Downfaller32 karma

Hey Brad you guys are truly talented but with it being so niche, what is the appeal of doing improv, compared to a regular acting gig or a stand up routine?

BradSherwood10098 karma

there are many forms of many forms of art & comedy. WHy do some people play jazz and others play metal?

RoarKitty32 karma

Who are your role models? Has anyone been a great influence for you?

BradSherwood10093 karma

time Conway, art carney, monty python, don knotts, monty python, & monty python

broseppe32 karma

I remember seeing outtakes of Whose Line where someone aftually got mad at Drew for something he said, sadly I don't remember exactly who or what now. How often did people let others on Whose Line get to each other by saying or doing something inappropriate and what was one of the worst incidences? Also Whose Line was basically my childhood, so thank you, Colin, and the others for making it awesome. :)

BradSherwood10045 karma

I had fun all the time on the show. it's my real life where i have to not get irritated.

GGCanadian31 karma


BradSherwood100103 karma

once, by Mike McShane.....

hdog201231 karma

Were any of Wayne's songs scripted? They always seemed way too perfect.

I loved the show-- it helped me through my awkward teenage years.

BradSherwood10059 karma

no part of this show was scripted. we heard a song title and immediately the music started, and we were off & singing whether we had an idea or not.

geoffsnotmydad30 karma

Would you rather speak every language in the world or have the ability to play every musical instrument?

BradSherwood10056 karma

i'd rather be a great guitarist than any other super power i dont already have.

SuddenlyTimewarp27 karma

Drew always said the points don't matter, but they did, didn't they?

BradSherwood100129 karma

the points do matter. we saved up our points & at the end of the season, each point was converted into credits at the Olive Garden.

Kate9632021 karma

thanks for being so awesome!

BradSherwood10034 karma

yer welcome

southblvd20 karma

Brad! My family and I have seen the Colin and You Show about three times now -- hysterical every time.

Any horror stories from any of those shows?

PS Two Man Group is one of my most-watched shows on Netflix.

BradSherwood10031 karma

thank you for your demented & loyal support!

ChicagoGoatHunter19 karma

Could you go in-depth about the mouse trap bit? Were they all real and set mouse traps? Have you gotten sed to feeling their sting? How in the hell did that idea even begin in the first place? I haveto admit it was the funniest part of your show. Oh and also, please come to Chicago!

BradSherwood10028 karma

theyre real. sometimes they hurt, sometimes they don't.

jordongrangruth18 karma

What was the one scene from a hat that you felt stood out from the rest?

BradSherwood10065 karma

as improvisers, we are in "comedy crisis" mode while performing. we usually dont even remember the scene until we see it on TV.

nin341417 karma

Nearly everyone I know that has watched Whose Line has their favorite moment from the show. Over the course of the entire series, what was yours?

BradSherwood10052 karma

richard simmons

brownthunder2917 karma

Did you prefer the UK version or US version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

BradSherwood10073 karma

no difference for me as a performer. the commute was easier for the US version.....

Sabodis15 karma

What's your opinion on the divide between short form and long form improv? Also, what has been the best advice you have received while starting out in this art form?

Thanks, from a baby improver.

BradSherwood10097 karma

first off, since you"re a "baby improver", if you could make a version that doesn't shit and cry, you would be rich.

Sapiens_Ursus15 karma

Saw you and Colin a few years ago at the Stanley Theater in Utica, NY. Few times have I ever laughed so hard. Love your work.

During one of the skits, Colin asked the audience for suggestions, and you had to guess what he was getting at. Someone said "Canajoharie" which is a town in the area, and both of you had trouble pronouncing it. Does that happen often?

Edit: I could have it backward. Either way, one of you were wearing earmuffs so you couldn't hear.

BradSherwood10022 karma

everytime we play that game, we get ten different ways to pronounce a local town name from the locals.

Improvguy9514 karma

Can't wait for this to start -^

BradSherwood10045 karma

me neither

Doctorwho00712 karma

What was your best experience with Colin or Ryan on whose line?

BradSherwood10047 karma


jamie7951212 karma

Are you going to be part of the new Whose Line series?

Also, are you and Colin planning on having more tour dates? You guys should come to Austin.

BradSherwood10027 karma

Colin & Brad live tour dates for Spring/Summer

April 4, 2013 : Mayo Center, Morristown, NJ

April 5, 2013 : Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ

April 6, 2013 : Community Arts Center, Williamsport, PA

April 11, 2013 : Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA

June 21, 2013 : Hershey Theatre, Hershey PA

June 22, 2013 : Hoover Auditorium, Lakeside OH


Do you ever get tired of being known mainly for whose line when it's been done for years now?

BradSherwood10027 karma


tacoenthusiast11 karma

Who was the better host: Drew or Clive?

(my money is on Clive)

BradSherwood10023 karma

both were great. Both were truly nice guys too.

smokey2510 karma

Brad! How did you like playing the horny hobo in "Jane White is Sick & Twisted"? By far the weirdest movie I have ever seen.

BradSherwood10044 karma

i'm still waiting for my oscar.

rshoffman10 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how bald is Colin Mochrie?

BradSherwood10067 karma

7.75 his hair is like wrap around seating in a diner booth.

Dydicus10310 karma

Hey Brad! How are you? I don't know if you remember me, but we met when you came to the Bloomington Performing Arts Center in October 2011. This isn't so much a question, more of a thanks. After intermission, I was able to sneak down into the front row. When you guys announced that you would be doing "Sound Effects", my hand shot up in the air. You chose me to go up and do Colin's sound effects for the scene. That event is currently, and probably will forever be one of the best moments of my life. Afterwards, you signed my shirt and gave me a signed mousetrap. I just wanted to say thanks, and you were always by far my favorite member of the "Whose Line" cast. I can't wait for it to come back! Here is a link to the video, should you wish to reflect.

BradSherwood10013 karma

thanks. I'm so glad you had fun.

Galcynta9 karma


BradSherwood10041 karma


brvh9 karma

Are there games on Whose Line you didn't get to take part in that you wish you did? (Being the field reporter on newsflash, etc)

BradSherwood10012 karma


Clang9 karma

Hey Brad, I recently watched all of Improv-a-ganza, and absolutely loved it - it felt like it had a very different energy to WLIIA, almost like it was a little less safe, or something? Was it a different experience than the old show for you, or did it feel just like doing a stage show that someone had dropped a few cameras in front of?

Loved your improv on both shows, by the way, hope you get a shot in the new one too.

BradSherwood10016 karma

Ganza was looser.

I_Read_Your_Post7 karma

Just want to say love your work and good luck keeping up with the comments and questions!

BradSherwood1009 karma


BrianLikesTrains7 karma

Do you like trains?

BradSherwood10076 karma

i like tuhr-tles....

ro27 karma

What made you go into improv comedy? Is there anything you do (or you used to do) to prepare yourself for anything that comes at you onstage? Thanks for doing this IAMA!

BradSherwood10015 karma

i love making people laugh. improv is a comedy martial art. you have to be ready for whatever comes at you.

practice your craft.

jgpadgettpro5 karma

What is your favorite "game" on Whose Line Is It Anyway? ?

BradSherwood10023 karma


josiethefiend5 karma

Is that the same Mark Decarlo from "Studs" in the "This vs. That" trailers...?

BradSherwood1007 karma

he's much older and wiser now.

brainlessauthor5 karma

i discovered Whose line on youtube like 6 months ago and i loved it. I think i have seen all of it. I wanted to thank you for being part of it and hope for it to come back.

BradSherwood1009 karma


NateThomas19793 karma

How much time did you really have before you knew what style of song you and Wayne would be singing? I was always amazed at how good you guys were at not only singing in character but making it sound good together.

It always made you wonder if it was staged slightly. I do remember some sort of story about how the producers stopped you guys a couple of times because of the topic or some sort of 'offense'

Anyway, I can't wait and I wish you all teh best!

BradSherwood10013 karma

always flying by the seat of our pants.

tubacoopa3 karma

Ironically, I was just watching an episode of Whose Line this past night in which you were the fourth chair.

I suppose the logical question to follow would be what is your favorite recipe for banana bread?

BradSherwood1009 karma

i like my banana bread without nuts.

dont forget to spay or neuter you pet.

hdog20123 karma

What are your thoughts on Chicago long-form improv?

BradSherwood1009 karma

i like CHicago deep dish pizza.

i grew up doing long and short form.

one is bumper cars and one is cross-country skiing.

Brad_Wesley3 karma

Are you famous enough that you get a lot of tail?

BradSherwood10016 karma

i'm famous enough for my wife's tail.

Indigoal2 karma

What is your favorite drink?

BradSherwood1005 karma

Dirty Martini

Karn922 karma

What would you say the first rule of improv is? Who is one person that you want to perform with that you have not had the chance to yet? What type of music do you listen to?

BradSherwood1006 karma

Listen. Ricky Gervais. Metal, Folk, Hip Hop, Hair Band 80s

beginner9932 karma

Would you and your mates consider a tour in Europe(possibly in Italy)? :)

BradSherwood1006 karma

yes! Grazi!

Burial4TetThomYorke2 karma

Brad! What was your favourite moment from WLIIA? Who's your favourite other cast member? What is the most ridiculous scenes from a hat that you had to do?

BradSherwood1006 karma

Vague memories buried under 1000's of hours of performing live improv makes that truly impossible to answer.

jgpadgettpro2 karma

Besides yourself of course, who do you think the funniest member of Whose Line Is It Anyway? is?

I'm 17 and back when they used to run Whose Line re-runs on ABC Family, I literally stayed up every night it was on from 11pm to Midnight. It was totally worth it to experience y'all's comedic genius. And although Wayne Brady "won" the game (haha), I really thought you, Colin, Ryan, and Wayne were all incredible. So thank you again for creating some wonderful TV that seems to be missing now a days.

BradSherwood1004 karma

you"re asking me to pick my favorite brother/friend/co-worker in a business where people lie, backstab, and hold grudges?

Okay, Stephen Frost.

kuhndog52 karma

Me and my buddies are having a poker game in Jersey on Thursday. You down to come?

BradSherwood1004 karma

deeal me in.

heumann2 karma

Any plans to come to the west coast?

BradSherwood1004 karma

i'm there now. Mission accomplished.

duhbell2 karma

What's your favourite city to perform in / where have you had the best time doing improv?

BradSherwood1004 karma

my favorite town is your city, USA.

(cheesy grin)

smokey252 karma

I'm so excited for "This Vs. That"! Finally a show that is both entertaining and informative.

BradSherwood1004 karma

This vs. That PREMIERES on the Web MONDAY March 18th 2.

For details & preview clips from This Vs.That: like us: 3.

ElectricOctopus1 karma

About often did you have to refilm a scene on Whose Line because of unairable content?

BradSherwood1004 karma

we never refilmed. they would just cut out a game if it was too "unairable".

adambomb1471 karma

About a year and a half ago a buddy of mine got to do sound effects for you and Colin at one of your shows in Illinois. And afterwards you guys signed his shirt and a mousetrap for him. I'm just wondering if you remember him. And here's a video of him in the show, but I'm not sure if it will work for privacy reasons.

BradSherwood1004 karma

i don't remember him. wait, was he the guy that did fart noises? oh that was everybody.....

jrs03101 karma

Brad! You were one of the best on Whose Line, what was your favorite game on the show? Most memorable/fun moment?

BradSherwood1004 karma

thanks! love so many games. new CHoice, SFX,

outontheborder1 karma

Hey Brad! My sister, my friend and I met you and Colin in Milwaukee last year. I was the one who had the I'm With Brad nail polish. No question here, just wanted to say thanks for being awesome and taking the time to talk with us. :)

BradSherwood1003 karma


RamsesThePigeon1 karma

Hey, Brad!

I had the honor of "performing" with you at the Napa Valley Opera house, although I fear that my contributions to the sketch fell somewhat flat when compared to your mastery of improvised comedy. I have to say, I was in absolute stitches the entire evening, and I'm incredibly excited to see that you're returning to television, particularly with an emphasis on science.

Now, a few questions:

  1. Do you have any plans to rejoin the cast of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" now that the series is coming back?

  2. If so - or even if not - will you please give everyone another opportunity to see the blind mousetrap game?

  3. Did you ever get around to reading my free novel?

  4. Since nobody has asked you yet: Would you rather pretend to be a horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

BradSherwood1003 karma

4 i've done both....

hobohunter131 karma

Brad! Thanks for doing this. I just recently started watching reruns of Whose Line and you're very funny. Besides the main three (Colin, Ryan, and Wayne), who was your favorite person to work with one Whose Line?

BradSherwood1006 karma

i love both chip & greg!

A7XA7X1 karma

Brad.... I love you. That is all.

BradSherwood1003 karma

thank you. take your meds....

1stepklosr1 karma

If the spot for the 4th chair came down to it, who would win in a fight, you or Greg?

BradSherwood1008 karma

a "talent fight" or an actual fight? I watch a lot of UFC. i think i could arm-bar Greg pretty quick.....

brainlessauthor1 karma

Hello Brad!
1-) Will you be on new series of Whose line?
2-)will you or whose line crew will ever come Turkey?(i know its a long shot)

BradSherwood1006 karma

colin and I have been to india

ryanschube1 karma

Will you be making reappearances on the new Whose Line is I Anyways?

BradSherwood1004 karma

see above

flipmepver1 karma

Hi Brad! love your work! Me and a friend are going to perform the game Whose line/sentences in two days for an audience. Do you have any wise words to share with us? Also if it goes well, we will do a hoedown on a later occasion. Could you reveal some of your technique in this game?

BradSherwood1002 karma

Hoedown: always rhyme with "ass".

ProfPangloss1 karma

Going by the outtakes from WLIIA, it seemed like everyone really hated the Hoedowns. Any insight on that? About how many times a taping did you guys end up having to retry a hoedown?

BradSherwood1003 karma

i didnt hate them as much as others. rhyming was easy for me.