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Kemintiri558 karma

What is your educational background?

Do you really drive a 1999 Toyota Corolla still?

Who cooks the most, you or your wife?

Do you often get recognized in public?

Can you tell me a joke, please? A dirty one.

How do you feel about the strike in Wisconsin?

What would you give a Ted talk on?

In your next Jeopardy appearance, would you consider just drawing a giant penis where your name would be? Do they check for that?

Thank you for the IamA.

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Yes, my tummy too.

Kemintiri106 karma

What are some of the more memorable things you've witnessed?

Did you meet any celebrities during your tenure?

Are you being harassed by them currently?

How dead on was the South Park episode for Scientology?

What kind of food was on the Sea Org?

What did you think of the Breaking Bad finale?

Thanks for the IamA.

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How did you order? Nothing is clickable on their website. The internet is cookieblocking me.

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Hello! You're one of my favorite performers!

This is the funniest song styles I've ever seen (the one where you rhyme Neroshi).

Which type of game was your favorite and least favorite?

Was there ever any recognition for being announced the winner at the end of Whose Line, maybe after the show?

Did you guys ever know about the celebrity guest beforehand or was it always a surprise?

Which were your favorite performers to work with?

When will your show come through Georgia?

Which shows do you watch online/tv?

Thank you for your IamA!