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Hi, congrats on the release of Insatiable! I plan on reading it at some point.

In the NPR article about the book, it said your positive experience in the pornography industry isn't representative of those of many other women and that the culture is one of emotional, financial and physical exploitation of desperate young women. Do you ever feel bad supporting an industry with a culture like this? Is it possible to change the culture to a positive one?

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If 15 large container ship emit more pollution than all of the cars in the world, how could someone like me, an average American, possibly hope to make a difference when it comes to saving the environment? I guess a better question would be, what is an effective method for people to hold their elected representatives accountable — to make sure they’re fighting to curb climate change?

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How do you view the legacy of Beauty and the Beast?

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Favorite pizza toppings? Best professional/career related decision you've made?

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very true, thanks Ben