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You were incredible on "Whose Line." I especially loved your performances in "If you know what I mean." You were extremely funny in that. Do you hope to return to "Whose Line" when it comes back?

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Hi Dr. Law!

I recently underwent a stage 1 urethroplasty procedure for severe hypospadias. This is my second time going through this procedure, as the first time my buccal graft developed multiple strictures after about 9 years.

I'm also a Nurse Practitioner hoping to enter the field of urological surgery and I was wondering if you knew of any new research coming down the pipeline about other types of autografts or allografts that can be used for these types of procedures? Thanks!

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Hi Dave! Awesome AMA

My question: When you guys log on and are "acting normal" or just 'playing like everyone else,' what exactly are you doing? Observing? Monitoring? What?

Thanks so much!

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I think its awesome that you're doing this.

I am a male in nursing school in the united states. I know the roles of health care professionals differ from country to country, but how important to you is the role of nurses especially in the emergency room? I want to become a pediatric nurse someday (preferably urology) but I'd like to try different areas of the hospital first. What is the overall atmosphere in the ER?

I was born with many health issues and other birth defects (all internal) and thus, have been to the ER multiple times, and it just does not seem like a good place to be, both working and being a patient. I'm sure its different depending upon where you're from, but I'd just like to get your thoughts.

TL:DR I'm a male nursing student in the United States. 1. Are the roles of nurses important to you in the ER? 2. What is the overall atmosphere in the ER

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I'm so sorry you have CF. I can't even imagine what that's like. I'm 18 with a large amount of birth problems myself and I honestly don't know how long I have either. (I did an AMA too and you can read about what I have if it interests you). But I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope you feel as great as you can.