Brad Sherwood

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is an American actor and comedian. He has worked in entertainment as an actor, comedian, singer, writer, and producer.

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richard simmons jet ski. you tube it. i wasnt in it, but i dont care. funniest thing ever!

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i blame several concussions

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Colin lives in Toronto...

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it is not certain whether I will be back on WLIIA. the CW is looking for new improvisers for the fourth chair. If the show gets picked up for more episodes, i'm sure Greg and I will return.

All is good.

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Cool. (get some counseling)

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you're welcome! there is no bigger ciivil rights issue at hand in America. if any American was denied an equal right based on their religious belief, there would be protests & fury.

Someday, we will all have equal rights and people will have to come to terms with their homophobia in their own minds, not in courts and voting booths.

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his generosity toward the people he works with is unmatched and rare in this business. one time he took the cast and crew of the Drew Show & WLIIA on a weeklong private carribean cruise.

take that Seinfeld!

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Doritos was the sponsor, and we began mocking them, because we are all childish. we didnt get any bonus for saying it over and over

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