Hey Reddit, I'm back with a second AMA! The first one got a lot of interest, so I figured I'd do another one. First AMA

Proof. Sorry, Imgur was being silly.

The bike: http://oi49.tinypic.com/14j56zb.jpg This image was taken after one of the rides.

Proof explained:

  • Patriot Guard Rider Hat

  • Long sleeve black Patriot Guard Rider shirt (my favorite on long, cold rides)

  • American flag to attach to the bike. Going to need to buy another soon.

  • Patriot Guard Rider flag, also attached to the bike.

There isn't an ending time for this AMA, as long as you guys keep asking, I'll keep answering.

Main PGR site: http://www.patriotguard.org/

I've been on close to 25 rides (including both funerals and escorts) and 4 special events. Not every ride has WBC protestors present. In fact, a lot of the time they threaten to come but never show. I've lost count of exactly how many times I've been on a ride with WBC in attendance, but if I had to guess it'd be around 7 times.

Anyway, I'm done with my wall of text. Ask me anything, Reddit!

Edit2: Going to bed soon - keep asking questions and I'll answer them in the morning! Wide awake now and answering questions!

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TheMagnificentJoe320 karma

No questions, just wanted to say thank you for doing these rides.

WNCaptain162 karma

Thank you for your support!

Overload88999 karma

PGR showed up at all of my friends funerals, as did wbc. I am eternally grateful to you and the rest.

WNCaptain84 karma

Thank you for your support. Your friends were heroes, my condolences.

iamaredditer228 karma

You guys do a great job for our military families that lose a loved one. There is a small town of about 400 and a kid that was a marine was killed in action. WBC said they were going to attend his funeral. WRONG The sheriff in my county is retired dps and has enough time to retire from the sheriffs dept. Said that he and his deputies would not allow them to even enter the town limits. Said he would prevent them even if force was required. Patriot guard escorted the soldier back to the small town and WBC didn't show up. Don't mess with Texas.

WNCaptain103 karma

That's awesome.

Thanks for your support.

CmdDomino170 karma

I domt really have a question, but if you see the wbc shit stains can you just pee on them for me? Ive never meet them being a canadian and they are banned from my country.

WNCaptain133 karma

I can try!

WNCaptain167 karma

Guys, do not pay any attention to the WBC guy.

Potato_Muncher132 karma

When I was in the Reserves, I did the funeral detail every now and then when an Illinois service-member was killed in action. You guys showed up to every single one, even if WBC didn't.

Then during my second deployment to Iraq, you guys sent a massive PGR banner to us. We hung that sucker in our hallway, just below our American flag.

You dudes are my heroes. Keep it up.

WNCaptain70 karma

Thank you for your service!

Potato_Muncher46 karma

Right back 'atcha, sir. If you ever stop by New Orleans, hit me up and I'll buy you a beer.

WNCaptain49 karma

Thanks! :D

All7hatRemains114 karma

Thank you, absolutely thank you. I am a service member and I have personally seen these guys protest at my fallen comrades memorials, outside our gates, etc. This really can fuck with the families feelings when they are already mourning the loss of their loved one. I love you guys. Keep doing what you are doing.

WNCaptain103 karma

On behalf of all of the PGR, thank you for your service.

nowonmai107 karma

Look, I'm not even American. I have no clue what it is to have this sort of scum disrespecting the deceased and just being overall cunts. I still want to say thank you. You, and those like you make up for all the nasty fuckers out there.

WNCaptain49 karma

Thanks for your support!

uber_party_crasher41 karma

Use of the word "cunts" leads me to believe you are likely English.

WNCaptain45 karma

Or Australian :)

WNCaptain105 karma

Guys, do not pay any attention to the WBC guy.

awelldressedscreamer98 karma

One of my very good friends was killed in Iraq, his funeral was protested by WBC and you good gentleman came to my small town in Iowa. i just wanted to say thank you to you and your group for helping keep those bastards in check.

WNCaptain86 karma

Thanks for your support. Your friend was a hero.

the_wafflehunter95 karma

What is the worst thing you have heard them say to somebody? Also thank you for doing this.

WNCaptain222 karma

Thanks for your support.

That's a good question. Their signs have a lot of bad things on them, but the worst thing I've heard them so to somebody verbally would probably be someone saying 'Your daddy died because of Americas toleration of faggots' to a little kid.

Kid started crying. It took every ounce of will power to not snap and go apeshit. The ride captain at the time heard this and walked over to comfort the family.

the_wafflehunter122 karma

Who " in gods name" would say that to a kid. I would have punched them in the face.

wan0294 karma

Who " in gods name" would say that to a kid.

I didn't think I could loathe the WBC anymore than I could already. My goodness these are sick fucks.

WNCaptain116 karma

It's only a matter of time before someone snaps and opens up on a group of protestors.

This isn't the way to handle things, though. That would give the WBC lots of media attention which is what they crave.

Mr_Cumbox74 karma

They can't crave very much if they've just been gunned down en masse. I hate to say it, but I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later - they have a knack for pissing damned near everybody off.

WNCaptain58 karma

I'm sure it will happen too, there's no stopping it.

Exducer46 karma

And will anyone even investigate properly? The constitution might protect their act but that doesn't mean the investigation will go 'well'.

WNCaptain44 karma

I'm sure there is going to be a proper investigation, but you never know what happens.

d4ni3lg54 karma

Crazy how young this AMA is and a WBC member has shown up already. Props for what you do, makes me glad they're banned from my country.

WNCaptain35 karma

Where do you live?

Luuklilo23 karma

Eh, they are banned form Canada so maybe there?

WNCaptain43 karma

Only two countries I know of that they're banned from is Canada and the UK.

martusfine45 karma

Bikes are cool and stuff but wouldn't a 50' bus handle it, too?

WNCaptain72 karma

The PGR doesn't care if you ride or not. We call people who don't ride 'cagers'.

A 50' bus would be welcomed. Usually, we bring a lot of flags that take up a lot of space.

martusfine26 karma

I was thinking a wall like that would even block out some of the noise.

I'm for freedom of speech, but also freedom from speech. You are doing a much needed boost supporting the latter, thanks!

WNCaptain19 karma

Thanks for your support!

Madcatz71 karma

I've only ever seen cruisers in the guard. Does anyone have any sport bikes or dual sport?

WNCaptain1 karma

Yes they do, but as you said, most of us drive cruisers.

Madcatz71 karma

Thanks! I used to have a bike, and will gladly join whenever I have another. Its going to look kinda funny though, a little sport bike surrounded by big beefy cruisers.

WNCaptain1 karma

Actually, riding a bike isn't required. You're welcome to cage and be a support vehicle :D

NGeX45 karma

How is homosexuality viewed among the Patriot Guard? Also what is the religious make up of the Guard?

Hmm...and can non-US citizens join, perhaps waving their nation's flag in support of the Guard? Just curious. I'd love to wave the Maple Leaf next to you guys in support.

WNCaptain42 karma

We honestly don't care if your gay, lesbian, transgender, Jewish, Muslim, as long as you have respect for the nations men and women in the armed forces.

Religious makeup is probably mostly Christian, at least one Atheist(me..).

As long as you have respect for our nations military, hell yeah brother. I would guess that you could wave the Canadian flag as long as you're also displaying the American flag. You'll need to supply the Canadian flag, the PGR will give you an American flag to use. One in one hand, the other in the other hand.

BoomerKing44 karma

Has anyone ever snapped at a WBC member? Detail every example you remember! Are there usually police there? Does WBC film everything?

WNCaptain55 karma

People have many times, but I've only seen it once. A soldier in ACU's snapped and jumped over the barrier and took a swing at a protestor.

There are always police there. WBC gets police protection. Not sure about that last one. Usually, it's other people filming them though.

Barking_Giraffe43 karma

First of all, thank you for what you do. I do have one question about the WBC protests. How do you accomplish protecting mourning families at funerals? Also have you ever seen a fight break out between a protester and a funeral attendee?

WNCaptain80 karma

Thank you for your support!

Usually there are 25 - 100 Patriot Guard Riders in attendance. We'll make a line in front of them (backs toward them) and stand at close intervals (military term for shoulder to shoulder) while holding our flags up high so that you can't see the signs or the shitbags. What would you consider a fight? I saw one time where a soldier in his ACU's jumped over the barrier and took a swing at one of the protestors. That was the only time that I could remember where something like that happened.

InvisibleInk2441 karma

How long have you been riding? How old are you? How did you get into the Patriot Guard? How would one join the PG? Thanks.

WNCaptain78 karma

How long have you been riding?

I've been riding motorcycles for 7 years.

How old are you?


How did you get into the Patriot Guard?

A friend told me about them.

How would one join the PG?

Where do you live? There is a Patriot Guard organization for each state. You don't really 'need' to join. All you need to do is find out when you want to ride with them, find their website (I can help you with that), post on the forums saying you'll be there, and then just show up. Let me know if I can be any more specific!

InvisibleInk2423 karma

Thanks man. You guys are awesome!

WNCaptain28 karma

Thanks for your support! We appreciate it!

Besthandshake30 karma

Holy shit you are 23?! I'm 22 and I cannot imagine the bravery you have at such a young age. So many props man.

WNCaptain52 karma

I went on my first ride with my father when I was 17.

Inflamed_toe41 karma

Hey former Marine here with a quick question. You guys were at Camp Lejeune for a WBC protest a few years ago as I was getting out. I noticed then an overwhelming Harley trend (as is usual with the military motorcycle clubs). Are you guys Harley's only? Also, which branch are your ranks most dominant in (I'd assume Army)? Thanks for satisfying the curiosity, keep up the good work

WNCaptain48 karma

First of all, thank you for your service.

We don't have any requirements on what you ride. Hell, you don't even have to ride.

We aren't separated by branch. Army is the biggest branch of the armed services, so most rides will have something to do with the Army. However, we ride for all branches of the military, firemen, paramedics, and other first responders.

ForeverAloneExplorer38 karma

Do you think the WBC will ever stop?

WNCaptain199 karma

Honestly not. They may get kicked out of the country, but they'll just leave and go to Israel or Jackfuckistan or somewhere.

MamaEvans36 karma

My husband is also a member of PGR. He's a soon to be medically retired soldier due to a recent bout with cancer. I watch him get so excited to go out on rides and have a sense of community again. Thank you for being part of such a wondrous group. And thank you for knowing that fighting ignorance with ignorance is useless. We all have to remain strong and united to ensure that the people apart of WBC wont impact our lives forever. They're stuck with a certain way of thinking but the rest of us don't have to be.

WNCaptain30 karma

I hope your husband gets well.

Thanks for your support, tell your husband that some random internet guy said thanks for his service and that I hope he gets well!

SheerFe4r35 karma

Can you shoot them next time?

Lol jk, just wanted to say I appreciate the service you do and I hope you have a great day and week and month and overall year.

WNCaptain35 karma

Shooting them would just bring them more attention :)

Thanks for your support!

SheerFe4r8 karma

Haha! Thanks for responding, and ty for doing an AMA

WNCaptain12 karma

Thank you :D

jaelholroyd-47 karma

You're not kidding. That's the only honest thing you've said.

WNCaptain13 karma

He isn't the OP, silly buns ;)

txgi35534 karma

how does it feel to be awesome? how hateful are the westboro people?

WNCaptain106 karma

How does it feel to be awesome?

Warm and fuzzy.

how hateful are the Westboro people?

Really hateful. When we're shielding the funeral attendees from them, they like to start singing loud, hateful knock-offs of songs (The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless the USA, etc) so that even if the funeral attendees can't see the signs, they can still hear the songs. This is when we start singing louder (have you ever heard a chorus of bikers singing? It's beautiful, and loud!) or we start up our motorcycles to drown out their songs and chants.

Schroedingers_gif15 karma

I can't help but be curious about the lyrics of their versions.

Do they have studio albums out somewhere?

WNCaptain26 karma

Yeah, they have some on their site.

Godhatesfags.com under 'Parodies'

Fultrose32 karma

Greetings from the UK! All I can say is that you are doing a great thing here. I can't even imagine how grieving families must feel if they were to be confronted by members of this so called 'church.'

I've seen a few documentaries about the WBC like Louis Theourx's most hated family in America. My question is have you ever seen Fred Phelps personally participating in protests?

Also a lot of the members seem to be children. Are they just as into it as into it as the adults? I'm assuming they have been thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated.

WNCaptain32 karma

Thanks for your support!

I've never seen Fred Phelps, I'm not even sure if he goes along.

The only thing the children really do is hold the signs. They blindly follow their parents because they can't do anything else.

elewe4968528 karma

thank you

WNCaptain25 karma

Thanks for your support.

pixelmeow27 karma

I went on 4 rides in DC, at Arlington cemetery. It was an incredibly moving experience. Riding (caging) with the riders from the Pentagon to the church, holding the flag for the family outside the church, being part of the line of people guarding the family, motorcycles rumbling so the bigots couldn't be heard..... and then there was the ride into DC in July 2006 for the Patriot Guard Riders Resolution. We were right there in front when the senators spoke about it. What a day! I'm so glad you do this, I know how good it feels to be there for these people.

WNCaptain28 karma

Before I die, I want to ride with you guys. A ride in Arlington would be life changing.

Floatzels27 karma

I don't really have a question, but I would love to hear you tell stories about your experiences.

As a thirteen-year-old it's nice to have someone to look up to when so many inspirational people like Mr.Rodgers and Steve Irwin are gone. Especially when I don't even know your name.

WNCaptain28 karma

Well, my first ride was when I was 17. My dad took me on a mission. Then, when I turned 19, I was with my friend who told me about the PGR and thought I'd get back into it.

I've been on roughly 25 runs (escort and funeral) and 4 special events (parades, send-offs). I got in because of my un-wavering respect for the servicemen of this country.

sparkles058924 karma

I'm not even American but I'm so proud of what you guys do. I down voted everything that bitch has ever said on reddit.

WNCaptain15 karma

Thanks for your support! :D

CedarWolf23 karma

Do you have to be a rider to join the Patriot Guard?

I remember when my unit was sharing a building with two other units; the local Patriot Guard came out to give them a send-off when they were being deployed. I really appreciate the fact that someone cared enough to do that.

WNCaptain33 karma

Do you have to be a rider to join the Patriot Guard?

Nope, only requirement is that you be a patriotic citizen!

craigboyce20 karma

Thank you and all of the Patriot Guards for doing this.

By blocking these asshats I'm sure you have saved someone from killing or injuring some of these hate mongers and ending up in jail.

WNCaptain26 karma

Not to mention the emotional trauma that would result from the family seeing the signs or hearing the chants/songs.

Thanks for your support.

jhartwell20 karma

Do you ever feel like what you do just encourages the WBC since they it makes them feel like they are being heard whereas if we just ignore them they will eventually go away?

WNCaptain45 karma

That's exactly what we're doing, we're ignoring them.

We don't say anything. We just stand in front of them to make sure that nobody knows their there.

misinformed6619 karma

No questions. Just a , thank you for riding at my dads funeral on such short notice in the rain. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

WNCaptain8 karma

Your dad was a hero.

Thanks for your support.

Williph18 karma

Ok question one what is patriot guard rider?

WNCaptain45 karma

Here's the mission statement, which I think answers your question quite well.

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join us.

We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.

Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:

Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedoms of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you. We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all.

C_Obvious16 karma

Not surprised one of the WBC yokels reared their inbred head up in here. Thanks for what you do, WNCaptain. You guys have an active duty members in your ranks? Might be getting a bike once I get to my next duty station...after I build a car. Hell, might just build a bike while I'm at it.

WNCaptain15 karma

Thank you for your service!

Most of the PGR members are veterans themselves. You guys are all welcome :D

Good luck building your bike and/or car!

draw4kicks15 karma

This is the first time I've heard of this organisation (I'm British) and I'm seriously impressed with what your organisation is doing. I have a few general questions about the patriot guard: How far do you ride to any particular funeral, are there different branches of the PG across the states? Do the families of the deceased contact the organisation once a threat has been made or do you ever offer your services to them? What's the general age range of riders on any one ride? Is riding a bike mandatory or could one make their way to the funeral by different means depending on their circumstances? How many riders usually take part in a single ride, do you ever have people come from the local areas to join the cause? Thanks for doing what you do and thanks for the AMA, good luck on future rides!

WNCaptain26 karma

Thanks for your support!

How far do you ride to any particular funeral

Shortest ride was 16 miles away. Longest was probably 300 miles both way.

Are there different branches of the PG across the states

Yeah, we're organized by states.

Do the families of the deceased contact the organisation once a threat has been made or do you ever offer your services to them?

Families will contact us regardless of if the WBC will be there or not.

What's the general age range of riders on any one ride?

I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but I would guess 14 - 70

Is riding a bike mandatory or could one make their way to the funeral by different means depending on their circumstances?

Riding a motorcycle is not mandatory. As long as it will take you there, it will do :D

How many riders usually take part in a single ride

With parades, anywhere from 4 - 25.

With funerals, 25 - 100.

With escorts, 20-50

Do you ever have people come from the local areas to join the cause?

All the time. On escorts especially, people will line the roads to greet the PGR and the fallen soldier.

thenewnum214 karma

Not really a WBC related topic, but can you explain why Motorcycles and rides are significant? I have always wondered why they were used in these cerimonies I figured walking would show more "respect" I still find it very interesting though! Thanks for sharing man you rock!

WNCaptain25 karma

Thanks for your support!

This is a great question and I'm not really sure why we have primarily used motorcycles. A lot of the time, walking isn't a very good way to lead a procession because the distance from the place of the funeral ceremony to the cemetery is a long way.

The only reason why I can think of using motorcycles is because they 1) Make a lot of noise and 2) look really good in a long funeral procession.

There are some rides where we walk. While laying a soldier to rest in La Junta, Colorado, most walked from the funeral at the high school to the cemetery. There was a cop car in front, two cops on a horse, two PGR members on motorcycles, 4 patriot guard riders walking, and the hearse powered by a horse with the family walking behind. The rest of the PGR members were at the cemetery forming a flag line.

MrPepper714 karma

1st of Thank you, My only question is do the WBC ever try to stop you from getting in front of them?

WNCaptain28 karma

Legally, they can't.

The_guy_belowmesucks13 karma

How do you find the self restraint within yourself to not just kick the shit out of WBC? And thank you for what you do.

WNCaptain19 karma

I just remember that if I do that, I'll be on the news for doing it and so will the WBC, which gives them publicity, which is what they crave.

Marylandman10112 karma

keep up the good works sir, and give the best to all of your fellow riders

WNCaptain11 karma

Thanks for your support!

PineappleResearchEnt11 karma

What are some of the rougher groups that ride with you? What interactions have you had with them during rides and what have they done that PGR can't do?

WNCaptain18 karma

Good question.

Hells Angels rode with us once that I could remember. They acted just like us, they just wore attire with 'Hells Angels' on it.

I wasn't there, but the KKK was also helping the PGR and counter protesting the WBC. We can't counter protest or say anything to the WBC.

PineappleResearchEnt10 karma

Awesome, glad to know even the 1%ers and even other hate groups (KKK) can put all that aside to honor fallen heroes.

WNCaptain40 karma

You know you're batshit insane when the KKK counter-protests you, haha.

ER6nEric10 karma

Fellow PGR member here, even though I haven't been able to go on a mission yet due to distance or work schedule. I have an uncle that is a Vietnam vet, a cousin who is ex military due to medical, and another who just finished basic.

I have actually had the honor to witness the beginning of a few missions when I was working at an airport during the Iraq war, and the level of respect the PGR had for the family is what inspired me to join. To all the military, first responders, and PGR, thank you.

WNCaptain11 karma

Thank you! Your first mission will be like nothing you have ever experienced. The feeling you get when family members walk around and shake your hand with tears rolling down their face is absolutely life changing. I will never forget the feeling I got when I looked into this gentlemans eyes on my first ride.

360walkaway10 karma

Do you think these people really believe in all their religious fervor, or are they merely legal trolls who sue everyone who tries to mess with them?

WNCaptain13 karma

I think most of them believe it to be honest.

Anal_Explorer10 karma

What's the absolute closest you've come to beating one of those fucks? Do you regret not doing so if you didn't?

WNCaptain25 karma

When one told a kid that his dad died because of the countries tolerance of homosexuals.

I don't regret anything, if I snapped and beat the piss out of some it would just give them more media coverage.

tokyofightsback9 karma

God bless the Patriot Guards for the service you provide. I drive a 45 foot long tour bus out of the San Jose Ca area, and if you ever need a big rolling WBC block in this area, just pm me, and I will bring it!

WNCaptain7 karma

I'm actually in the Colorado area, but I'm sure the California PGR will appreciate a long bus! :D

50CAL5NIP3R9 karma

I always wanted to ride with the patriot gaurd here. We have a local chapter. But i was told sportbikes are not allowed. Whats up with that?

WNCaptain12 karma

Who told you that? Any bike is allowed. Hell, you don't even have to ride a bike.

voodoo_curse9 karma

I signed up with PGR several months ago, but so far, there have not been any events close enough for me to take part in.

How do you mount your flags to your bike? Also, what's the average age of the guys you ride with?

WNCaptain16 karma

Average age I would guess is around 55.

I use a jury rigged system of

  • Strings

  • Duct Tape

Working on a better mounting system!

bertie3439 karma

You are a great person. Thank you.

WNCaptain7 karma

Thanks for your support

Shady8tkers9 karma

Fellow PGR Member here (MS)...WBC came here awhile back and had a really bad time. We call them The Uglies and use flags, bikes and people to block them out and make them irrelevant. Thanks for what you do to honor our heroes.

WNCaptain9 karma

Thank you as well ;) Colorado here.

karl128k9 karma

TIL what the Patriot Guard is. Sounds like a pretty cool organization!

WNCaptain11 karma

Thanks! It is.

Gofalloffacliff9 karma

1) You're awesome :) 2) was there ever something in one of these rides that really moved you?

WNCaptain19 karma


Every single ride emotionally effects me in different ways.

My first ride was one where there was an Army medic. That was the most moving. It was my first ride and he saved many lives but risked his own.

Marylandman1017 karma

have you ever seen anyone physically harm the WBC? I'm always surprised that someone hasn't just riden them over in their car yet

WNCaptain13 karma

Yep, soldier in his ACU's jumped a barrier and took a swing at a protestor.

I too am surprised, but the best way to say 'fuck you' to them is to simply ignore them. They crave attention.

Scoonz6 karma

Do you think the WBC will ever go away?

WNCaptain38 karma

Honestly, no. If they get kicked out of the US, they'll move to Israel or Jackfuckistan or somewhere.

johnydick20256 karma

What type of bond do you have with the other riders? (Are you guys similair to a brotherhood? )

WNCaptain4 karma

Great question.

I'm good friends with a few and we all like each other. I wouldn't call it a brotherhood (like a biker gang brotherhood) but we definitely get along.

mike946565 karma

You guys are doing amazing work for a lot of families. I applaud your efforts in keeping those savages that claim to do work on behalf of their religion at bay when you can. I suppose my question is this.

Do you think that the combined efforts of you, your group and groups like yours have caused them to think twice about going to protest at various events? Also, how does it feel to know you are doing amazing work to help keep the dignity and pride of fallen soldiers in tact upon their final resting day?

WNCaptain11 karma

Do you think that the combined efforts of you, your group and groups like yours have caused them to think twice about going to protest at various events?

With the PGR, not so much. However, we also have other groups that help us out that are a little more... erm... violent? These might make them think twice.

Also, how does it feel to know you are doing amazing work to help keep the dignity and pride of fallen soldiers in tact upon their final resting day?

It feels absolutely amazing. The feeling you get when you're standing in the flag line while family members come around to shake your hand with tears rolling down their face. Damn, it's an amazing feeling and I take pride in knowing that I helped the mourning relatives through this very rough patch in their lives.

neilson2415 karma

You rock.

WNCaptain5 karma

Thank you!

Spare3Parts5 karma

As someone who was at a funeral they picketed, thank you so much for what you do. You have my respect. Keep it up and let us know If there is anything we can do to help.

WNCaptain8 karma

Thanks for your support!

Boaz_MacPhereson4 karma

Without getting too personal, were you at a funeral for an Army Cpl. in a small Illinois town in June/July of 2006? If so, thank you for being there and showing your support. If not, I'd still like to thank you for being there for the people that need the support that you so graciously provide.

WNCaptain4 karma

I wasn't. I am in Colorado and typically only do Colorado missions.

Thanks for your support!

irishwaterbug4 karma

I give you a lot of credit. Just from reading this thread and skimming over the hateful negativity of the WBC guy, I give you props on being able to restrain yourself in their stench.

WNCaptain9 karma

Thanks for the support.

The WBC person is female, she will have a temper tantrum if you call her a guy :)

waiting_for_rain4 karma

First, I'd like to thank you for what you do. If you ever get the chance, double smack one of those WBC guys for me. I was in JROTC and we helped at funerals, and those buttholes were always threatening to ruin things.

Slightly related, but what advice would you give to someone who wants to start riding motorcycles? I figure they are easier on gas, better for traffic, and overall more fun and awesome in general.

WNCaptain6 karma

Drive as if everyone is out to kill you. Seriously.

A lot of assholes are texting while driving and don't see motorcycles.

ALWAYS drive with your headlight on, no matter what time of day. It's the law here, but it may not be in some other states.

If you get a sport bike, please don't ride like a douche (weaving through traffic etc).

Always wear helmets.

Be ready for anything.

Never follow too close to another vehicle. What a little Toyota Corolla can run over on the road will make you drop your bike (milk cartons, cardboard boxes, even large rocks).

aleigh804 karma

As an American serviceman, thank you for doing this. I know how much this means to not only the families and friends, but if our fallen were around they'd appreciated it too.

WNCaptain4 karma

Thank you for your service.

HotelIndiaFoxtrot3 karma

Thanks for what you do! Are all the WBC protestors as seriously nuts as the Phelps? Or are a lot of them just joining in with the crowd?

WNCaptain10 karma

They're all batshit insane.

I recommend watching the Louis Theroux documentaries :)

a_guy_chillin3 karma

I'm sure you've heard it all through this AMA, but thank you so much for what you guys do. Anyway my question is how do you keep yourself so under control in the eyes of people like that? I would think if I was in front of people like that, I might end up throwing a punch at someone who talks like that at a funeral.

WNCaptain7 karma

I just think that if I try something, the media will focus on the story which will give the WBC the attention which is what they crave.

Thanks for the support!

Snarfler3 karma

have you seen any violence at one of the rides and if so, what is the most violent thing to happen?

WNCaptain3 karma

Just the incident where a soldier dressed in ACU's jumped over a barricade and took a swing at a protestor. Usually, they're uneventful.

Stickpin12 karma

First I just want to thank you for what you do! Second, I know if I was at one of my friends/family's funeral and the WBC was protesting it I know I would snap and start beating some ass. Have you ever seen any family members or friends act out in a violent way towards the protesters?

WNCaptain5 karma

Not family members, because we're usually standing in front of them and they might not even know their there.

Thanks for your support!

Luuklilo2 karma

I support.

WNCaptain1 karma

Thanks :D

Exducer1 karma

How long do you think it's going to be before something bad finally happens to them?

What I mean is...are the tensions getting higher and higher each time? How long before the tension snaps?

One more question, what's the closest it's ever come to getting violent?

WNCaptain1 karma

How long do you think it's going to be before something bad finally happens to them?

Well, Fred Phelps is going to croak within 2 years. Somebody is going to shoot a few within the next 3 years.

Closest it's ever come was probably when a soldier jumped the barricade and threw some swings at a protestor.

antarcticgecko1 karma

Love the VTX!

What would happen if the WBC disbanded tomorrow? Would your group still stick around and find another cause?

Have there ever been any incidents on your rides?

WNCaptain5 karma

If the WBC disbanded tomorrow, we would still be around. Protecting families from the WBC is only one thing we do. We also stick around to pay our respects to a fallen hero.

Not in any of my rides personally, but last week in the procession for Chris Kyle in Waco, Texas, a Patriot Guard Rider wrecked his bike. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/02/12/patriot-guard-rider-crashes-motorcycle-during-ex-navy-seal-chris-kyles-funeral-procession/

antarcticgecko1 karma

I was driving up from Austin that day and saw the procession. That rain was nasty, hope the guys are ok. Ride safe!

WNCaptain1 karma

Last I heard, both walked away.

carcrazy02141 karma

No questions for you, just wanted to say thank you!!! I recently heard about a funeral that WBC threatened to protest, and even though they didn't show, it was fantastic to see all the Patriot Guard riders there to show their support for the grieving family.

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

fieryfish421 karma

I know I am late, but thank you so much for what you do- you reinforce the idea that people are good& decent.

WNCaptain1 karma

Thanks for your support!

Wild_Doogy_Plumm1 karma

Thanks for what you do. I've always been curious is a jury of my peers would send me to jail if I went up there and lit that place up.

WNCaptain1 karma

Thanks for your support!

NightmareZilla1 karma

Thank you so much, I just recently learned about you guys when my uncle told me he did this.

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

torontobatman1 karma

I'm not sure if this has been asked, but how long have you been in service? Were you or any of your comrades at the Matthew Sheppard service?

WNCaptain3 karma

What do you mean by 'in service'?

I'm not a veteran, but I've been riding with the PGR for 5 or so years. Been riding motorcycles for 7 years.

Matthew Sheppard doesn't ring any bells. What state?

yooder1 karma

We're you by chance in Chicago for a Medic's funeral in February 2008? No WBC but that seems like around the time you started

WNCaptain2 karma

Unfortunately, no. I'm Colorado based.

Dr_Nightmares1 karma

Have you heard of the WBC trying to do their stuff at a deaf funeral? I bet it would be funny seeing them screaming at people who can't hear them.

WNCaptain2 karma

That would be funny, but I've never heard of that happening before :3

jady19711 karma

I have always said that nothing can open up clear and honest dialog like a group of big hairy bikers :-)

I commend you people!!!!!!

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

edit: Also, I'm not that hairy ;) I wear glasses and have long-ish curled hair. I'm the last person you would expect that would ride a motorcycle ;)

yourworstdream1 karma

Thanks for what you do! I'm from the UK so don't ever see the WBC, but I'm still quite intrigued as to how so many people can be such thickwits? Have you ever seen a member I the WBC do something so ridiculous it was outrageously funny?

WNCaptain5 karma

Thanks for your support!

Unfortunately, I haven't. They're all equally stupid.

s00pern00b1 karma

First of all thank you for what you do. With WBC what is one of the worst things you have heard one of the kids say? They indoctrinate them into saying some pretty messed up things.

WNCaptain6 karma

Thanks for your support!

I don't think I've ever heard a child talk, but then again I never really pay much attention. The kids are so quiet.

BHG-CITY1 karma

Much respect

WNCaptain1 karma

Thank you!

waewib1 karma

I work with a PGR, have thanked him for time and effort, and want to thank you for the same. Thanks!

WNCaptain1 karma

Thanks for your support!

Anxious_midwesterner1 karma

No question, just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do.

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

WhiskeyMockingbird1 karma

You have my undying respect for being a barrier between the poor emotional families and those litigious shitbags.

Personally. If the WBC showed up at my funeral I'd feel like I did something right.

WNCaptain1 karma

Thanks for your support!

28sanfrisco1 karma

No question. Just thank you for what you do.

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

1911dan1 karma

Thank you!

WNCaptain2 karma

Thanks for your support!

iamaredditer-6 karma

The PG should really be more strict about who they let ride. My ex gf's uncle rode with PG and there was really something wrong with him. Like he's 45 years old lives with his parents and plays video games all day. And when he dies playing Battlefield 3 he will explode and be why does God hate me.
He wears a cut with a ton of navy patches that makes him look like a member of a biker gang. It's humerous. But that dude is a walking time bomb.

WNCaptain17 karma

As long as he is a patriotic citizen, I see nothing wrong with it unless he's actually mentally unstable.

iamaredditer1 karma

He's very patriotic. Got kicked out of navy for smokin pot and denied using saying retest me they retested him and he got a dishonorable discharge. His entire family is mentally unstable.
I know a guy that was his boss when he actually worked. He was a mall cop and some lady had cut him off. He walked into the office ranting and raving then drew his pistol and pointed towards the wall and says something or another. Needless to say he got shit canned right then and there and now no one is allowed to carry a pistol at that company.

WNCaptain8 karma

Holy shit.

Does he still ride? If so, I would contact one of the ride captains for his states PGR group and tell him about that.

jaelholroyd-92 karma

I'm a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. I don't have a question, but I do want to thank you PGR guys for drawing so much attention to our message - and making people think of our God Hates Fags & Thank God For Dead Soldiers signs even when we can't make it to a funeral picket protest! ;-)

BetterWhenImDrunk10 karma

You guys better hope there isn't a hell, or you are gonna be really fucked when you get there. Edit: Just making sure, by "you guys" I mean WBC.

WNCaptain22 karma

It's going to be hilarious when Fred Phelps tries to stroll into heaven....