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Did you ever meet wild bill Donovan?

How did you get into the oss?

Did you ever work with the devils brigade?

And if you would want, we'd love to host you over on r/military.

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A ton of weapons came back from overseas. Plenty of people brought back lugers, or ariskas.

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I plan on picking your book up. I finished my time in the military in 1st group. The direct line from the devils brigade. So I've always been fascinated with units like the oss and devils brigade.

Did you ever get to work with Col Aaron Bank?

Did you go through the typical jump school, or the accelerated program they used for people like doctors and Chaplin's?

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You actually got your knife from fairburn? That's insane.

What was it like training under him?

Do you still have the knife?

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I couldn't imagine storming the beach at Normandy. My war was easy compared to yours.

Did you ever get to interact with German pow's?