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Hi Brent!

Not a question here. Just wanted to say TNG was my favorite show during my mid teens, and you were my favorite actor on the show.

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Who " in gods name" would say that to a kid.

I didn't think I could loathe the WBC anymore than I could already. My goodness these are sick fucks.

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Hi DrMick

I'm currently going through a rough patch in my family. One of the topics being argued about is video games. My wife thinks I'm addicted, whereas I am not. I know that this might not be the best place to inquire, but to be honest, I just need a little bit of insight.

So I don't get much time to game. Given the family situation, work, etc, I get "me" nights two days of the week, in which I have two hours. I usually take advantage of these two hours. Other times if my wife isn't feeling well, and has me sleep in a separate room, I'll stay up few hours and game. Other than that, I don't get much of a chance to. I've maintained a job for 20 years, and I keep up with my responsibilities. Gaming has been a hobby/passion of mine, and I'd be unhappy to not be able to, but I'm feeling resentment over the fact that I'm being called out on something I don't see as a problem.

I don't know what I'm getting at, and I know the information I've presented is limited, but do you have any thoughts on what I've commented?