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What's the most common thing you see people do wrong when they ask for a job?

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I studied marine biology at university and am pursuing a career in marine renewable energy and I don't eat seafood at all. I can't rant against plastic in our oceans or over fishing while contributing to it.

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Okay so which game do i have the best odds of winning and how would i go about doing it? I always get the feeling that there was an awesome sense of community between the carnies, is this the case? Thanks for the AMA!

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This is the first time I've heard of this organisation (I'm British) and I'm seriously impressed with what your organisation is doing. I have a few general questions about the patriot guard: How far do you ride to any particular funeral, are there different branches of the PG across the states? Do the families of the deceased contact the organisation once a threat has been made or do you ever offer your services to them? What's the general age range of riders on any one ride? Is riding a bike mandatory or could one make their way to the funeral by different means depending on their circumstances? How many riders usually take part in a single ride, do you ever have people come from the local areas to join the cause? Thanks for doing what you do and thanks for the AMA, good luck on future rides!

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Thanks for the response! Are there many children on the road? If so do many of them attend school or do they just stay with their family and the carnival?