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Bikes are cool and stuff but wouldn't a 50' bus handle it, too?

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Nothing really to say other than I love your work and you are the best!

I bet you won't really respond, or anything, but can you sign a boob, any boob really, and send it me?

Lastly, I have found that the pink unicorns are better than the white ones or, like, whatever. It's all good with rainbows.

Thanks. :-) xxoo!

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I was thinking a wall like that would even block out some of the noise.

I'm for freedom of speech, but also freedom from speech. You are doing a much needed boost supporting the latter, thanks!

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Says all russian pussies....lol

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What are his thoughts on Putin, favorite Vodka, and lastly, how mundane was his career during the Cold War? Meaning, were there more moments of downtime and "paper shuffling" interrupted by high tense and high energy moments?