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This one?

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Nah, that works as long as you call your second one "Fred."

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Okay, seriously? Fuck that guy.

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I'd like to say that you're awesome and I appreciate the way you're helping to make things a little smoother for non-traditionally-gender-conforming individuals.

Sometimes, change is about starting on the little things and simply rolling with it when they suddenly grow and become bigger things. You're proof that everyone can create positive change by simply finding a problem and starting somewhere. Thank you!

Good job! =^.^=

~CedarWolf, /r/genderqueer mod

P.S. Also, I'm sure the bronies and pegasisters on /r/mylittlepony would be interested to know if you got a glimpse of anything pony-related while you were chilling at Hasbro's offices.

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Do you have to be a rider to join the Patriot Guard?

I remember when my unit was sharing a building with two other units; the local Patriot Guard came out to give them a send-off when they were being deployed. I really appreciate the fact that someone cared enough to do that.