Hello Reddit! As the title says, I take my clothes off for money, but in a classy way. I have been doing this for about three years. I work for both Life Drawing classes and Life Sculpture, I have also worked for some local artists privately. I can hold a pose for anywhere from 5 seconds to a solid hour without breaks. Before I started doing this, I was a student of fine arts and I took Life Drawing for about three years. Feel free to ask away!

As for proof I have a couple of photos. First is a photo of me with some of the head sculptures done by students. http://i.imgur.com/Ku45b.jpg

And a photo of me actually up on stage. NSFW http://i.imgur.com/cFP74.jpg

Yes, I do let the students take photos if they are working on a piece they have not had enough time to finish. Sometimes I ask them to send me a shot if I think its a cool one.

Edit I am so sleepy Reddit! Its past 1:30 in the morning here so I am going to hit the hay. Its been a blast and you guys rock! If you want to keep asking I will be on again in the morning so Ill answer some more.

Edit Okay guys, i have some more shots for you since people have asked.

http://i.imgur.com/wPhg1.jpg The bust that was given to me as a gift by a student. It lives on my bookshelf.

http://i.imgur.com/WxoV1.jpg Front shot which also shows the staff that my husband made for me. Olive wood with a leather grip. Please excuse the redness, I had been standing for two hours. NSFW

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Frajer296 karma

Anyone creep on you?

EbonFeathers788 karma

I had one student that would breath REAL HEAVY every time he was working, sometimes throw some grunts in there. Some of the other students were getting a creep vibe, they would slowly start to move away from him when he would work. One day he parked next to me in the parking lot and that creeped me out big time. I know that I could have had security escort me to my car if I wanted or the professor, we are pretty good friends now. Instead though on one of my breaks I talked to him. Turns out he was actually a pretty decent person and that was just the way he worked, he didn't even know which car was mine, it was an accident.

lordkabab1284 karma

Well that de-escalated quickly. I mean, that really got back into hand.

EbonFeathers407 karma

I like the cut of your jib!

SunriseThunderboy183 karma

How in the world can you hold still for so long? Don't you have the urge to, itch, or anything?

EbonFeathers278 karma

ALL THE TIME. I use soooo much lotion before I got to work. I take a shower about an hour before I have to leave for work and put on a ton of lotion to keep my skin from getting dry and itchy. Still, no matter what, as soon as you settle into a pose you always have an itch, I've gotten skilled at ignoring them.

SunriseThunderboy125 karma

ignoring them

I couldn't do it. I'm too much of a fidget. I'd be all "Hold on, guys. Let me scratch, just for a sec."

EbonFeathers140 karma

Sometimes you have to! Luckily its actually pretty laid back and no one minds the occasional itch or foot wiggle when it falls asleep.

yoinkmasta107176 karma

How much do you get paid and do you get offended if someone does a really shitty job replicating your body in whatever medium they are working in?

EbonFeathers250 karma

I get paid well, at least I think. I make $17.50 an hour, that is the maximum for my school. There is a local school that goes up to $25 an hour but I work more than one job and it does not have compatible hours. I have considered doing this full time, it's a scary jump though.

No, I don't get offended. As someone who does a bit of artwork myself I understand how difficult it is to capture something in any medium. I try to be supportive if they approach me and they sometimes do.

RideBMX4life168 karma

Any funny/weird story while you were on the job?

EbonFeathers548 karma

I showed up to the first day of class, and the professor was arguing with a student to take her clothes off. She was getting pretty upset, I could tell by her voice and the way other people were looking at her. When I walked up to the scene I realized she looked EXACTLY like me. Seriously she could be my twin that my parents secretly gave away or something. Lots of laughing ensued. She was okay once I showed up and realized why he made the mistake.

I have had professors say things like "Now I get to tell another woman other than my wife to take her clothes off for me." Joking with the classes. Its always lighthearted and not creepy. They are respectful, they just joke.

[deleted]125 karma

Oh man those sculptures are the funniest thing I've seen today.

EbonFeathers127 karma

People make some really unique pieces of work in those classes. Some of them are very skilled. I have one of my heads (not from that shot) sitting on my bookshelf right now. A student gave it to me as a gift at the end of class.

[deleted]632 karma


EbonFeathers20 karma

I am saving this forever and ever. I laughed so damn hard.

complex_reduction38 karma

Somebody gave you a sculpture of yourself? That is fucking amazing.

You should ask for one sculpture every semester and line your apartment/house/etc with them. Talking point much?

EbonFeathers46 karma

I wish! That would be awesome.

tw547115 karma

Ever saw a student with boner?

EbonFeathers261 karma

No students but when I was a student myself there were male models that had erections.

FleshyMeatCreature147 karma

Were the erections on purpose? And were they expected to hold it for the entire class?

EbonFeathers209 karma

No they were not on purpose, but I did have a male model who came to class one day with a cock ring on! The kind that tucks behind the balls. When all the girls started to giggle he said "Well, I figure this is where the most people are going to see it!" We all had a good laugh.

oldbodypit59 karma

why would he do that!

EbonFeathers132 karma

I'm kind of with SocksForCocks on this one. It really is the best place to show it off.

Hoops22101 karma

What would you do if you had a strong, sudden urge to pee?

EbonFeathers163 karma

Say, "Sorry guys, I have to take a break! Ill be right back!" and then rush and put your clothes on or run down the hall in your towel and robe. These things happen and it is really hard to hold still when you have to pee. I try and go before the class though just to make sure.

Dr_Medic34579 karma

Has anyone ever asked for oyur number?

EbonFeathers280 karma

Nope, but I did have one kid joke with me. I didn't tell the class I was getting married, but they found out a few days later and one of the guys stood up and shouted "You got married?! I never even got a chance to ask you out!" It was very cute.

AccountCreated4This78 karma

Are you ever concerned you may lose the gig if your body type changes? Like if you gain weight or get super ripped?

EbonFeathers123 karma

Not really, the school likes having a very varied set of models. I was the youngest for quite some time. They had models in their 40's or older when I came along, many heavyset. I am very requested for, not just for my age but I am able to hold poses longer because of my health and fitness. So I suppose getting older would be my only worry but I don't plan on doing this after I have kids.

NeatX3Records75 karma

Have you thought of doing it through a pregnancy? That would be a pretty awesome thing for the students I would think.

EbonFeathers126 karma

I would love to! I plan on quitting any other jobs I have at the time and doing modeling full time then. I know pregnant models are in very high demand because they are so rare.

mswabs73 karma

What is the most uncomfortable pose you have had to keep while modeling?

What inspired you to become a nude model?

Do you think this is something you will continue doing for a long time?

EbonFeathers110 karma

Anything with too much weight on the arms. I have some good strength in my legs but not arms. I have had several 20 min poses being 5 min in and only being able to think "This was a huge mistake".

I had always been interested. After I left college I kept in contact with a professor, we were speaking on the phone and he mentioned he needed a model. I told him I had always been interested and that got the ball rolling.

I plan on doing this through my first pregnancy, but not after childbirth. I figure another year or two. We will see how well my body holds up, if I am happy with myself I might go back in later years.

mswabs36 karma

Shew, I couldn't imagine standing that long like that.

That's really cool! I've done a couple of photoshoots for a photographer friend of mine in the nude, but I couldn't imagine doing it for an extended period of time. I hope you continue with it and that we hear more from you in the future! Good luck! :D

EbonFeathers41 karma

That's awesome! I've wanted to do some photo shoots but the opportunities haven't come up for me yet. Hopefully someday.

IAmNotALemur32 karma

My wife and I did a little nude modeling way back when. We would take turns for the class, and sometimes posed together. Nothing sexual, just male and female bodies juxtaposed. It was interesting being a male model, but never having been an artist myself I never quite grasped how to create interesting poses. [question: how do you think and go about creating interesting poses? Edit: I see you've addressed this elsewhere.]

Back to my story: IIRC she modeled once or twice while pregnant, then after the baby came, we all three modeled together. The class was quietly very intense, because it was such a rare experience on both sides. It was really easy for us to hold some longer poses - we all three just dozed off in a big pile.

Anyhow, if it wouldn't freak out you or your community, you might consider posing with your baby when that time comes. Our experience was positive and memorable.

andytuba11 karma

When I modeled in school, I occasionally got bored and trolled the class with "YMCA" poses during the short gesture times (< 3 min). I might've ruined it with trying to keep the shit-eating grin off my face.

EbonFeathers5 karma

Going to try this in one of my classes. Thanks for the idea!

jonthemonn57 karma

So you've got the "standing naked" thing down. How are you on public speaking?

EbonFeathers89 karma

Terrible. My chest get all tight and I blush horribly.

EbonFeathers68 karma

Oh my gosh! No, I haven't! I want to but it's not even close to winter where I am! Do you get snowflakes? If you do will you eat one for me this year?

_vargas_93 karma

Upstate NY. Yeah, I'll eat a damn snowflake.

EbonFeathers40 karma

Thank you kind internet stranger!

NeatX3Records17 karma

Where are you from that you haven't seen snow or fireflies? I'm from Indiana, so we get plenty of both here.

EbonFeathers27 karma

Southern California. Its hot and dry out here so I am deprived of both. :(

mrbriancomputer46 karma

What do you think about when you are standing for hours?

EbonFeathers78 karma

Sometimes they play music which makes the time go by so much faster, sometimes I listen to the students talk amongst themselves. Most of the time I daydream about the current books I am reading.

mrbriancomputer35 karma

Do you dread the boredom? I know I get bored just sitting in class and having to think. If you could surf reddit while you stood with your eyes, would you?

EbonFeathers49 karma

Yes I would, but the random bouts of laughter and crying might get awkward. I don't get too bored most of the time, the radio is a lifesaver in regards to that and most of the time I am too focused on how uncomfortable I am. Like my leg falling asleep or the muscle in my arm screaming from being held up too long.

mrbriancomputer28 karma

That's sort of like torture. What kind of music do you like?

EbonFeathers63 karma

Classic rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Counting Crows, Prince, Eagles, Queen, things of that nature. What kind of music do you like?

mrbriancomputer36 karma

I like basic rock type stuff. I dig Classic Rock though. My band has done a few classic rock covers. My favorite bands are probably Brand New, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and The Strokes.

EbonFeathers39 karma

I love Brand New! I can't wait for them to come out with another album. Its a personal dream to see them in concert someday.

mrbriancomputer15 karma

Haha, They're my favorite band! I second that notion. They had studio time in April but nothing came of it. Jesse said that they are writing, just they are not sure when they will release. They just left their label to go back to being independent.

EbonFeathers13 karma

That is so cool to hear! Do you know them or do you just keep up with what the band has been up to lately?

MrRonizzy34 karma

When you first started did you have anxiety attacks? I took an art class once and our model passed out naked because she had a panic attack.

EbonFeathers50 karma

No, I am pretty comfortable with myself as a human being. I have passed out once but it was because I locked my knees. Lucky for me we had a tattoo artist in the class and he rushed over and helped me.

Protectyahneck1931 karma

Have you ever had sex for money?

EbonFeathers77 karma

Nope. Though its tempting to think some people would pay for something like that, and pay well in some cases. I am happily married though so I don't plan on it any time soon.

AccountCreated4This67 karma

How does your husband or wife feel about your nude modeling?

EbonFeathers79 karma

He digs it! He thought it may cause problems at first, but luckily it did not. Doing this gives me a lot of confidence (plus I never have any of those going to work/school/the store naked dreams anymore!) and has made me a much more rounded person I think. He sees this reflection and really seems to enjoy it. Plus he gets to tell his friends his wife is a model.

MrWilc0x137 karma

Have they been replaced by dreams where you forget to take your clothes off before going to work?

EbonFeathers126 karma

"Oh my gosh I can't get these clothes off!!!" That would be amazing.

pathending26 karma

eliza thornberry.

EbonFeathers26 karma

Alright, now you have to give me a clue.

mcsane26 karma

How do you get yourself ready?

EbonFeathers39 karma

I take a shower about an hour before work and put on a lot of lotion. You do not want dry, itchy, skin while you are up there. That's about it physically, I try to stretch a bit before work too. Mentally at this point it's no big deal, the first time was a bit freaky but its kind of like jumping into a pool. Once you do it its not as bad as you thought it might be.

thedistractor23 karma

I had an offer to do some nude model for a fairly well known figure artist. I want to do it, but I don't know if I have the strength or wherewithal to do it. What do you suggest to someone like me? I like being naked, but how do you prep yourself for it besides lotions and stretching? Any suggestions for poses?

EbonFeathers25 karma

Look at old masters paintings and try to mimic some of the poses, ask some of your artsy friends if they would like to practice drawing with you as the model. Yoga. Seriously, it helps a lot. Do not lock your knees, Ive passed out on stage from doing this.

thedistractor7 karma

I've been looking at those paintings and they are beautiful. I'm just worried about what would happen if he asks for something different. I'm probably over-thinking it. Luckily, I'm naturally flexible, and I have good muscle behind my fat layer, which he seems to love.

What about eye-contact? When one-on-one?

EbonFeathers17 karma

When posing I avoid eye contact. Before hand while talking I am happy to give it but when actually up on the stage I find an item in my field of vision and I focus on that. It is considered rude in the community to watch people when they work. If they want to chat a little that's cool and Ill chat but I still keep looking at my object. Make sure to bring a towel or robe to cover yourself on breaks. Every twenty minuets or so I suggest taking a short break just to stretch and move around a bit.

thedistractor13 karma

Thank you so much for this. I've been doubting posing, but hearing another person's side of it make me feel better. It's not the nudity that scares me but the intimacy, if that makes any sort of sense.

EbonFeathers13 karma

It does. I think I had it a bit easier because I worked for schools before I worked for any private artists, it's much more difficult on that level one on one. I think as long as you feel safe you should go for it though, its a lot of fun and a great life experience.

facedefacer22 karma

is this your main source of income?

how many hours a week do you do this for?

how many people are usually in a class?

is it just you or do you sometimes pose holding objects?

EbonFeathers45 karma

No, I have three jobs currently. This is however my favorite one.

5-10 hours a week depending on when they need me. This is the reason it is not my main job, just not enough hours.

Between 20 and 35 students per class.

My husband actually made me a staff that I bring to work with me. It's olive wood with a leather grip. I use it on very long poses to help keep me stable.

Master2u16 karma

Do you get to take any of the sculptures home?

EbonFeathers41 karma

Sometimes the students give me gifts. I have a bust of myself at home on my bookshelf. One of my professors has done some bronzing's of me and I would love one of those but I could never ask. Oh! Lol, I just remembered someone cast me in chocolate! That was really awesome!

HakeemAbdullah14 karma

How did you get the job?

EbonFeathers24 karma

I took Life Drawing for a few years, my professor and I kept in touch, we even hung out a few times. We were speaking on the phone and he said he needed a model, I said that I always wanted to try that. Two weeks later I was naked in front of 30 people. I currently work for two of the professors I took classes from.

tannerk3711 karma

Do you have any funny stories from people noticing you outside of the class? Just from personal experience as an art major, seeing the nude model from the other day across a crowded room at a party or around campus is one of the funniest/most awkward situations I've ever been in.

EbonFeathers14 karma

Ive had students accidentally find me in other jobs or public and they will joke around and strike poses being all serious and it always takes me a few moments to catch on. Its awkward when they find me in real life, lol.

3sgtejeff10 karma

I just want more naked pictures.

EbonFeathers20 karma

Then obligatory cam-whore shot for you... http://i.imgur.com/icWJI.jpg

MrMelty10 karma

Rebel alliance tattoo?

EbonFeathers27 karma

Nope! Quite the opposite. http://i.imgur.com/XEMKl.jpg But black, best friend has a matching one.

AppleBlossom639 karma

May I paint you?

EbonFeathers65 karma

Paint me like one of your french girls.

AppleBlossom638 karma

Yes madame. I will so as you ask. Any particular requests as to what I shall paint?

EbonFeathers11 karma

I actually love surprises, if you do something please send me a link someday so I can see it!

pepite5 karma

How do you decide the kinds of poses you do? Do you ever worry that your poses aren't interesting for the students? (I'll soon be doing the same thing and this is my biggest worry.)

EbonFeathers6 karma

I do worry sometimes. I worry I am being repetitive when there are lots of 5 min poses. I have done some yoga and some belly dancing so I try to pull from those experiences since they both offer some really visually appealing movements.