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why would he do that!

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Mike rowe did this TED talk on dirty jobs, you'd get a kick out of it.- you are one of the people that supports our nation.

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I loved your ted talk about bob the pig farmer. That's one of my favorite ted talks of all time.

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What's up Scott, huge fan! Vegas is one of my favorite albums of all time, I even bought my dad the album 'cause he hears me play it so often. "Vapor Trail" / "Keep Hope Alive" are amazing.

I went to Identity Festival in 2011 at the Gorge in Washington- just to see you guys! I was super disappointed when you played electro house for hours, just the same trendy crap I was hearing from Nero, Rusko, Datsik etc. at the same festival. Do you always play sets like that? I hope you still destroy dancefloors with name of the game and weapons of mass distortion!

Next time you're in Washington, I'll be at your show hoping you break out this bad boy. Best of luck with your recovery and I can't wait foe your new album!