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SunriseThunderboy629 karma

A gal I knew had the same job. She told me "Thunderboy, I've seen so many boobs. Not the boobs anybody should ever see."

SunriseThunderboy501 karma

What country do you see now as being the closest to how the USSR used to be?

SunriseThunderboy183 karma

How in the world can you hold still for so long? Don't you have the urge to, itch, or anything?

SunriseThunderboy125 karma

ignoring them

I couldn't do it. I'm too much of a fidget. I'd be all "Hold on, guys. Let me scratch, just for a sec."

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"Folds" is a bad word.

I'm guessing for you it is like going to a nude beach. The people you never want to see on the beach are the ones that go there.