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I had one student that would breath REAL HEAVY every time he was working, sometimes throw some grunts in there. Some of the other students were getting a creep vibe, they would slowly start to move away from him when he would work. One day he parked next to me in the parking lot and that creeped me out big time. I know that I could have had security escort me to my car if I wanted or the professor, we are pretty good friends now. Instead though on one of my breaks I talked to him. Turns out he was actually a pretty decent person and that was just the way he worked, he didn't even know which car was mine, it was an accident.

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I showed up to the first day of class, and the professor was arguing with a student to take her clothes off. She was getting pretty upset, I could tell by her voice and the way other people were looking at her. When I walked up to the scene I realized she looked EXACTLY like me. Seriously she could be my twin that my parents secretly gave away or something. Lots of laughing ensued. She was okay once I showed up and realized why he made the mistake.

I have had professors say things like "Now I get to tell another woman other than my wife to take her clothes off for me." Joking with the classes. Its always lighthearted and not creepy. They are respectful, they just joke.

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I like the cut of your jib!

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Nope, but I did have one kid joke with me. I didn't tell the class I was getting married, but they found out a few days later and one of the guys stood up and shouted "You got married?! I never even got a chance to ask you out!" It was very cute.

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ALL THE TIME. I use soooo much lotion before I got to work. I take a shower about an hour before I have to leave for work and put on a ton of lotion to keep my skin from getting dry and itchy. Still, no matter what, as soon as you settle into a pose you always have an itch, I've gotten skilled at ignoring them.