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Well, they are only around for a few months and then go back to being plain old nude models.

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Have you thought of doing it through a pregnancy? That would be a pretty awesome thing for the students I would think.

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Oh ye of little faith.

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I guess my store could use some fixin…

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I certainly get more folks blaming a record when it is most certainly their player, but I too have been fooled by an LP with no speed markings! Here's a funny story...

So, my buddy Nate comes in with his friend from Philly and we are by ourselves in the store. I had just gotten a Leviathan record and I thought I would play it while they were there. I put it on and a few minutes goes by. Nate looks at me and says "What is this?" I say "Leviathan" (thinking obviously he would know). Nate says "Hmmm. Sounds like that might be a little slow."

I was mortified. That was my 5th time listening to that record on the wrong speed.