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What is the most uncomfortable pose you have had to keep while modeling?

What inspired you to become a nude model?

Do you think this is something you will continue doing for a long time?

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Shew, I couldn't imagine standing that long like that.

That's really cool! I've done a couple of photoshoots for a photographer friend of mine in the nude, but I couldn't imagine doing it for an extended period of time. I hope you continue with it and that we hear more from you in the future! Good luck! :D

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Wow, you've been through a lot!

How has this affected your day to day life? Do you have any lasting difficulties from it?

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Thanks for the quick response. :) Glad to hear you're okay. Have the scars or anything else from your accident given you a rough time in relationships at any point?

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It's chock-full of fun times. _^