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My wife and I did a little nude modeling way back when. We would take turns for the class, and sometimes posed together. Nothing sexual, just male and female bodies juxtaposed. It was interesting being a male model, but never having been an artist myself I never quite grasped how to create interesting poses. [question: how do you think and go about creating interesting poses? Edit: I see you've addressed this elsewhere.]

Back to my story: IIRC she modeled once or twice while pregnant, then after the baby came, we all three modeled together. The class was quietly very intense, because it was such a rare experience on both sides. It was really easy for us to hold some longer poses - we all three just dozed off in a big pile.

Anyhow, if it wouldn't freak out you or your community, you might consider posing with your baby when that time comes. Our experience was positive and memorable.