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first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, as well as the first to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Oh shit. This is the best novelty account i've ever seen :')

edit: and you waited two months?! god damn. This is like christmas

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Ni Ni Ni!

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This is so freaky. Realizing you've been on reddit so long that you've charted the cognitive development of a child. Ridiculous.

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I think you've actually made my day awesome. That's pretty hard to do with a comment.

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  • Making a new submission with all the Questions and Answers

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I've been nagging him for months to respond. I'm not comfortable asking more from him. He's provided more than we requested already.

Here are requisite screenshots of our messages: 1, 2. Apparently this will be banned if it isn't verified, because it's a celebrity, but I don't think his email is public, so I'm not comfortable sharing that info for verification. I'll let this post sit here without a gold star. And I really have no motive to wait 7 months to post a fake IAmA ;)

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(I've messaged a link to this to all the users who have a question that was answered here)

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No worries. I am a moderator here. We have a policy where we need verification from "celebrities", considering how many people come here and fake people's identities.

You could upload a picture to and link to it in the message

Here is a link to message me:

Thank you for posting!

edit: Guys, Don't be jealous... there's no pics :] different confirmation method

edit 2: Confirmed! Star added to the title.

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Vote in this thread on how you would like his responses presented: