I just got Mr. Ebert's permission to gather 10 questions to send to him, so I will be sending him the top 1st level (parent) questions, based on upvotes.

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RIP Roger Joseph Ebert (June 18, 1942 – April 4, 2013)

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For years the 'Two Thumbs Up!' slogan was seen as the litmus test for casual moviegoers who learned about upcoming movies from television ads, before the advent of the internet, and didn't want to bother hunting down a review from the local paper. How did it affect you, knowing that you and Gene Siskel wielded that kind of household-name recommendation which could easily make or break a theatrical release and the careers of those involved?

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How about in a movie!?

"In a world where bad movies run rampant, one man... has thumbs.











A little girl runs up to the camera in a dystopian cityscape. She has a tattered doll in her hand and tears streaming down her disheveled face, staring distantly beyond the camera's view. She cries: "DAAAADDDDDDDDDY!"






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If someone actually makes this in After Effects... I will piss myself in tears of awesome.

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I'll ask him, but don't get your hopes up.

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Currently, he talks using a computerized voice system. He initially chose to use a voice with a British accent that he named "Lawrence", but now primarily uses a high quality voice with an American accent included with Mac OS X named "Alex."

Wow, I really had no idea.

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