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When the OP failed before making it a transactional process.

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My question is this: Do you think there is a role for "simple" mindless games, and could you see creating one?

Context: You mention that 2048 is broken as a game. I'd counter that 2048 isn't a game -- it's a meditative activity.

I still have both threes and 2048 on my phone -- I play threes if I want a challenge, but 2048 is a nice meditative activity when I don't want to actually think.

Where, in games, do you think there is room for that 'mindless' behavior? Is that something that you consider when building a game, or is that something you eschew?

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  1. In the wedding picture, her eyes look... non-standard, but that could just be a function of the way that light is reflected for photography. Is that a function of the picture? What do her eyes look like in person?

  2. I'm a software developer. How often does a website give JAWS problems? Do you or her avoid particular sites because of how bad the experience is, or just muddle through it?

  3. How has describing everything changed how you view the world? And what kind of maltreatment have you seen her go through do to her lack of sight? Has it changed how you perceive people?

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I've heard there are rooms in certain defense companies that haven't been opened since World War 2 because of the possibility of explosives in there which could go off due to the change in pressure. How worried are you about that kind of thing in an old safe?