donaldglover734 karma

I'm not gonna be on here a ton. I gots work to do, homies. But I wanted to do a little...

imnottouchingyou277 karma

No question.. but thanks for caring about your fans.

It makes us feel awesome. ♥

donaldglover625 karma

aw. We're dating.

discoparty83 karma

What's good fam? Look forward to seeing you in seattle..again. Bring your red hoodie.

donaldglover143 karma


donaldglover536 karma

Bye. You guys were dope.

Se7en_Up348 karma

Did you enjoy working with LeVar Burton?

donaldglover499 karma


[deleted]306 karma


donaldglover630 karma

nope. Hot.

rivalius13295 karma

Does the bromance with Danny Pudi continue off screen?

Please say yes…

Also, I caused a disturbance in a small Spanish town doing the Spanish rap at 7.30am while drunk off my ass. Thanks for that.

donaldglover562 karma

Danny Pudi is my heartbeat. That's my dude. No one like him.

casual_lil_jon112 karma

Wow. Yeah.

donaldglover646 karma

Can't unsee that.

Still had my jacket on...we are fuckin on a steel slab so...

My cum looks really unhealthy.

[deleted]270 karma


donaldglover580 karma

Just taped an hour special. I hope you like it!

slapadabass268 karma

What's it like working with chevy?

donaldglover709 karma

Like working with your grandpa. You have to yell a lot, lot of stories about the good old days, but you love him in the end.

[deleted]268 karma

Can you elaborate on the influence Tina Fey had on your career?

donaldglover822 karma

Tina Fey had probably the biggest influence on me other than my parents. She's just not afraid. I loved watching her work cause she was so brave. I was really scared when I got to 30 Rock, she was like "I don't give a fuck. Be you. If it's funny, it's in the script." and And watching 30 Rock, there's so much Tina there that it made me see how I should start being me more too. Started putting out more music and started not being as afraid to be me. Tina is a true gangsta. She don't give a FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK. I put her against any chick in the game.

EDIT: "Against ANYONE in the game." She'd destory anything. If she started rapping, I'd quit. I don't want that.

Trenzor236 karma

OH FUCK YES! I hope you see this before this thread gets crazy.

  1. Do you ever plan on monetizing your music career (rap or DJ'ing)? With all the effort you put into it and the amazing results that come out I'm pretty surprised you haven't moved to selling your stuff for at least a few bucks yet.

  2. I know that some people around you were somewhat hesitant about the swap from 30 Rock to Community. I personally think you made a great decision. Do you still feel the same way?

  3. Did you hear about all the drama with getting into your SXSW show? Not the Esther's Follie's stuff but the show on Saturday night. I got screwed out of getting in and was super sad, but I have tickets for when you're back in Dallas. Follow up question, where's my blowjob?

  4. Can I buy you a drink after your set here?

Stay classy! You're my current addiction in the rap biz and Community has been the only reason I watch TV for quite awhile now.

donaldglover212 karma

  1. Figuring that out. Meeting with record companies...but it may not be for me...we'll see.

  2. I wouldn't change anything I've done so far. Community is my shit. Dopeness.

  3. Yeah. There's a much longer story with all of that, but I don't want to get into it. I just wanted my fans to know I love them and if that was enough to make you not a fan you probably didn't like me that much to begin with. But yeah...I'm sorry for anything that happened bad at SXSW with my shit.

  4. I probably won't be drinking on tour. I want to hold my voice and sleep and probably record on the bus. We'll see tho.

Thanks for the questions. They're good.

limonana225 karma

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of questions you've received in 7 minutes?

donaldglover503 karma

fuck yes.

signed_proposal190 karma

Can you tell us a bit about how Derrick Comedy came to be and how you guys made Mystery Team? Was there a lot of studio involvement or did you get to do it your own way? Thanks for taking the time to do this IAMA!

donaldglover300 karma

no studio. No money. Just love and 5 friends. It came out the best we can do. We're very proud!

readcommentbackwards188 karma

How did you come across this request on Reddit? Were you an active user before? And from all of us : Thank you for your work on Community and all the comic genius.

donaldglover261 karma


TheCaptain88182 karma

What is your favorite episode of Community and why?

/Mystery Team was awesome.

donaldglover349 karma

Christmas and Troy Bday. I like darker stuff.

TheRealBuzzLightyear179 karma

Can you give us any hints on what kinds of badassery we can expect for the last few episodes of Community this season?

donaldglover681 karma

Paintball two is pretty fly...

donaldglover135 karma

I'm gonna do a couple more. Thanks for the questions.

DayStreet129 karma

Are you coming to San Diego for Comic-Con?

donaldglover636 karma

Do uncircumcised penises look like the monsters in "Tremors"?

Yes....yes they do.

nunegro128 karma

How did you get your gig on '30 Rock'?

donaldglover671 karma

blew Alec.

JezusGhoti113 karma

I have two questions for you. First, is your goal with the rap stuff to actually become a legitimate rap star, or are you content to carve out a niche as a rap star who hipsters and comedy nerds love? Second, you say in your songs that you tell the truth and rap about your real life, but you rap so much about all the sex you have with different women that there isn't much else to many of your songs (I love them, but the lyrics are really heavy on that stuff). Are you really having so much sex that it justifiably dominates the content of your music?

donaldglover195 karma

I guess the most detail I can go into with recounting my life would be, I'm having fun. I believe art is using shock and awe to give you a slice or microcosm of what life is. My albums are what life seems like to me:fair, unfair, whatever. I don't want to be a "rap star". I want people to be me for however long the album is when they listen to it. There are a lot of questions on the EP and Culdesac that you should be asking yourself/I ask myself. But....yeah.

mickfinn9000100 karma

You wrote a spec script for "The Simpsons" to get your career started as a comedy writer. Have you ever made this script available for fans to read online? If not, obvious follow-up: would you?

Thanks for doing this and for being awesome to your fans overall.

donaldglover191 karma

people been asking that lately...I don't even know where it is. Have to check...I don't know. I might read it again and be like "this is lame". Or "some of these jokes are still good! I can reuse them." I'll think about it...

arcturussage94 karma

I know you use to write for 30 Rock, do you do any writing for Community? Do you suggest ideas or do they actively seek your thoughts and advice?

donaldglover234 karma

no writing. The writers are REALLY REALLY good. We may joke about stuff, but they are so focused and good at it that I don't need/want to ask them or tell them anything. I mean did you see that documentary ep? Dopeness.

zrathustra93 karma


donaldglover191 karma

nothing. Let me do whatever. Plus they're geniuses, so I don't have any requests.

hearcomesyourman86 karma

What program do you use to produce your beats/remixes?

donaldglover191 karma


skoo84 karma

Are you coming to the UK any time soon?

donaldglover136 karma


YoungMoneyDemocrat74 karma


donaldglover202 karma

Chris Rock, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Eddie Murphy.

James Murphy, James Brown, Prince, The Neptunes.

FaatVass1972 karma

How much of an age difference is too much of an age difference when it comes to...courting?

donaldglover303 karma

Half your age +7. That's the formula I use.

ArfurTrollington64 karma

What hip-hop music do you listen to right now? What would I find if I looked at your 'Top 25 Played' on your iPod? How often do you come up with songs and how long does it take to release them?

Your most recent post (All Of The Lights) is dope, I love the Frank Ocean shout-out. How was the LCD show?

donaldglover128 karma

Right now? Black Keys, Crime Mob, Waka, Swing Out Sister

donaldglover102 karma

I write as they come. Some songs take months, some take hours. LCD was magic.

pradeepkanchan57 karma

Hi Donald,

When you auditioned for Community, did you and Danny audition together for Troy n Abed or did the writers make you a duo after the actors were cast?

donaldglover111 karma

we did not. We started hanging on set. Just clicked.

explodinginfreckles56 karma

Does your dick really remember everything?

donaldglover257 karma

my dick worked for NASA for about 13 years, but went through a nasty divorce and moved to Arizona and is, in my eyes, an alcoholic and not the dick I knew and loved. I pray for my dick and hope he finds himself

set12348 karma

What do you think of the caliber of comedy TV on the air today?

Community is one of the best/funniest shows on TV, but that seems to be the exception. There are a handful of other good shows out there, but do you think, overall, comedy TV is getting better? Worse? Staying the same?

donaldglover196 karma

TV's better than it's ever been. It's like Youtube though. There's a ton of shit. You gotta wade through it and hang with people who like the stuff you like so you can find it.

LainIwakura44 karma


donaldglover173 karma


Blue_5ive40 karma

So do you have more fun acting or rapping?

donaldglover106 karma

all fun

BobsYourUncy36 karma

No question, but having read your blog I must commend you on your exemplary taste in women.

donaldglover130 karma

Thank you. But more importantly, thank you ladies for being magnificent.

bigattack27 karma

I went to Chamblee High School in DeKalb County, GA. My dad taught at Briarcliff for 33 years before it closed. There is a good chance my kids will go through DeKalb public schools. So, pretty strong connection to the county, so I would really love to see the legacy continue with my kids but we would consider private schools as well.

Question: How good was DSA at preparing you for a future in show business? I am asking for my daughter, because she is really looking to get into show business although she is still quite young.

donaldglover54 karma

It let me realize what I liked doing, which is more important. She'll figure out business stuff in college. She should go to LA or NYC though. Business is there.

Jhonnystonehenge27 karma

can i have your number so we can chill whenever your in brooklyn? :D

donaldglover102 karma


donaldglover90 karma


WhatALush25 karma

How did you develop you scream-cry-freakout? Comedy GOLD!! Give us more of that!!!

donaldglover75 karma

I 6 brother and sisters. You get attention how you can.

repeat2k22 karma

When you rap you talk about how you want to be a role model for all those nerds that get made fun of, but you will occasionally rap about drug usage. What are your thoughts on drugs, specifically marijuana?

donaldglover161 karma

I don't think I ever said wanted to be a role model for nerds. I've talked about how people have called me a role model, which is scary cause I don't think I've have everything figured out at all.

Drugs can be bad. But some people can do them and be fine. If you don't know what kind of person you are, I'd really stay away from them. I'll never do coke cause I know I'll love it and probably die. Something that makes you stay up and love everything? Cmon son...

I really even shouldn't be we are.

I live in Cali. Marijuana is like toothpaste there.

bowbow69621 karma

I don't have a question but I just wanted to say that I am a big fan and love Community, one of the best written shows on T.V.

donaldglover33 karma


flashtheready20 karma

My girlfriend and I saw you at willcall at the LCD Soundsystem show. I think that seeing you was her favorite part of the whole night, actually. Would you have been bothered if she'd gone over and said she was a fan? Also, how'd you like the concert?

donaldglover48 karma

ha. Of course not. I'm sorry I missed you. LCD was amazing. I cried, honestly.

[deleted]18 karma

You rap a lot about break ups in your songs, but is it one specific break up you rap about most or many different ones?

donaldglover53 karma

both. Love is the worst/best. Niggas know. Plus my parents are still together and met on the subway, so I have this fucked up romance thing Im into. yugh.

adamschoales15 karma

Much like everyone else want to echo the sentiments of you being awesome. Question: do you think it's possible to become successful as a "comedy performer" these days or do you have to be able to able to write as well as deliver a line? I hate the stuff I write, but love performing comedy... so am I screwed? Metaphorically of course.

donaldglover29 karma

The more you can do the better. Always write your own stuff. Most people aren't interested in writing for you. Beeleedat.

my_personal_army13 karma

Are you still close with the people you made mystery team with? The guy that played Leroy (Peter Saati) is a bartender in NYC that I've become pretty good friends with. He told me you were hilarious to work with.

donaldglover23 karma

dude is the man

satiate12 karma

Have you ever introduced yourself as Donald G. Lover?

donaldglover38 karma

Naw. But my baby bro got a G Lover tattoo. Dummy/awesome