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Hey Lads! Mostly just wanted to come here and say I absolutely love all your work, and am so looking forward to seeing The World's End when it opens here.

Actually since I have you, it happens to be my birthday (need proof?) so my question is can I get a happy birthday?

Also, Mr. Wright, you have no idea how much joy it brings me to see my friend Christine as the demon hipster girl in Scott Pilgrim and know that I helped make it happen. Well, at least in my eyes... Yay Craigslist postings! We're birthday buddies too!

ps. Batman Soundtrack or Sade?

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This may be one of those questions you're not comfortable asking but what the hell:

I know from experience network notes are a giant pain in the butt, especially when they seem to be completely at odds with the whole ethos of a show.

What were the notes from Netflix like? Were they similar to networks you've worked with in the past, were they very hands on? Hand off?

I get the impression from interviews that they're all about creative freedom, I'm just curious as to how true that ended up being when all was said and done.

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Much like everyone else want to echo the sentiments of you being awesome. Question: do you think it's possible to become successful as a "comedy performer" these days or do you have to be able to able to write as well as deliver a line? I hate the stuff I write, but love performing comedy... so am I screwed? Metaphorically of course.

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Hi Olafur, firstly let me just say I'm an absolutely huge fan.

As an indie-filmmaker I'm always trying to keep my creative chops sharpened and try to make little shorts that I eventually post online. They tend to be rather personal in nature and don't live outside the realm of your Youtubes and Vimeos, and certainly have no real commercial or monetary value (not yet at least).

What are you opinions of fans using your music for these types of things? I know in the past fan-made videos have become official and you've touched on this subject in films like Presspauseplay, but with Youtube being such a stickler about copyright control with their auto-content flags how do you, as an artist yourself, feel about other artists creating works inspired from your originals? Do you see it as a loving tribute, or as a bunch of no-good cheapskates stealing your hard earned music? I'd love to get permission in every case but most artists are busy folks and not as quick to respond on Twitter as you are ; )

Also, any chance you'll be coming to Canada anytime soon to perform? I see the lucky ducks in New York get you soon…

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ps I recognise your username from Twitter :)

Uh-oh. You know you tweet your favourite artist too much when...

Unless of course it's the start of a budding friendship (what, a guy can dream!)