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How would you end The Simpsons? I'm talking a series finale. What would your story be? What would your final scene be?

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What is your opinion of the mental challenges that Abed faces? Is it Aspergers (or some form of autism), as most have assumed? Have you done any research into autism and used it to inform your acting?

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What kind of Arab Spring coverage should we expect to see in the future?

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Also, it's going to be called Wetter Hotter Americaner Summerer, right? It has to be.

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I have two questions for you. First, is your goal with the rap stuff to actually become a legitimate rap star, or are you content to carve out a niche as a rap star who hipsters and comedy nerds love? Second, you say in your songs that you tell the truth and rap about your real life, but you rap so much about all the sex you have with different women that there isn't much else to many of your songs (I love them, but the lyrics are really heavy on that stuff). Are you really having so much sex that it justifiably dominates the content of your music?