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I travel often for work. I've stopped taking my toiletries (hair gel, toothpaste, other "liquids") out of my carry-on, and I don't put them in a plastic ziplock, and they're not all under 3 ounces. And I've never been stopped or hassled for it. Why is that?

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I used to work with Sheriff Mack (outside of law enforcement, but in a professional setting) and I can assure you he is as sincere and honest as they come.

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What do you think of the caliber of comedy TV on the air today?

Community is one of the best/funniest shows on TV, but that seems to be the exception. There are a handful of other good shows out there, but do you think, overall, comedy TV is getting better? Worse? Staying the same?

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I have moderate apnea, and I just got a CPAP machine two weeks ago. When I did the sleep study with it for the first time at the facility, I woke up feeling mildly refreshed for the first time in years. But haven't been able to replicate that at home. Any guesses? Suggestions?