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OH FUCK YES! I hope you see this before this thread gets crazy.

  1. Do you ever plan on monetizing your music career (rap or DJ'ing)? With all the effort you put into it and the amazing results that come out I'm pretty surprised you haven't moved to selling your stuff for at least a few bucks yet.

  2. I know that some people around you were somewhat hesitant about the swap from 30 Rock to Community. I personally think you made a great decision. Do you still feel the same way?

  3. Did you hear about all the drama with getting into your SXSW show? Not the Esther's Follie's stuff but the show on Saturday night. I got screwed out of getting in and was super sad, but I have tickets for when you're back in Dallas. Follow up question, where's my blowjob?

  4. Can I buy you a drink after your set here?

Stay classy! You're my current addiction in the rap biz and Community has been the only reason I watch TV for quite awhile now.

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I believe this guy would like a word with you.