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I hope this isn't too late. I was busy sharpening your axe, and polishing your armour. I have no fear of what may happen to you, but I worry for the demons who might foolishly crowd your way, nag at the back of your mind, tell you to give in to the dark swirling shadow that is the unpredictable and dangerous future. I worry only that you may become distracted with doubt or some unimportant detail and lose sight of your duty as lightbearer for the rest of us who follow you.

Know this: the rest of us have seen the future, and what happens in the next shadowed hours mean nothing. No man with honour can ever die. If you wake in Valhalla tomorrow, then keep the chair next to you empty for when I arrive.

Be brave, brother, like I know you are. When death comes, laugh and I will laugh with you. If it is your time, wait for the rest of us in Valhalla. No man lives forever, but the brave are eternal. Be the fire that lights the way, and hold your chin high so the rest of us can follow your fearless lead. Your courage is the raging tempest that give those weaker than you the momentary fire to stand tall in the hopes they can meet your shadow. Some time, some where, some one will will think of you when they are lost and alone and wish to give up. They will think of you and push on, and succeed and conquer their fears.

When sleep comes, know that you never end, but a new plane becomes. Worry not about the tendrils of slumbers haunt, but feel your grip on the handle of your weapon. Be brave like I know you are; be the man others look to as a symbol of courage.

In the hours that come you may wake from your battle here, or you may wake in Valhalla, with your brothers and mine. If you do, raise a glass and sing for your heroes. Know that you are immortal, because nothing can destroy courage. There is no force that can mute the flame that fearless men inspire in the rest of us.

I want to believe that although I know fear and doubt may rally against you, you will raise your chin, and stand beside me. You will be the one I look to when I need courage in the silent, lonely moments of my life. Going forward into the dark, know that you are never alone, and as my brother, you will always be immortal.

I do not know you, but I love you; brother. Be brave, like I know you are.

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Wow. We should like leave California and get married somewhere haha. Seriously thoe, thanks for the comment

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Had an open heart surgery (in Canada, fuck yeah) when I was 19.

If they offer you an Epidural, TAKE IT. If they don't offer it, ask for it.

My heart was stopped for aboot 6 hours and after two attempts to save my original mitral valve, my surgeon was forced to replace it with a mechanical valve (he has done over 1000 valve repairs or replacements in his career). I was the one case that proved him wrong (he was 99.999 percent sure he could save it).

You're going to feel pretty shitty for a few days. If your doctors/nursing staff tell you to get up and walk...do it. You'll feel like absolute hell, but do it anyway. Attitude is key in everything, so stay positive, and things will get better quickly. I had a lot of other health problems that were unrelated, but by two months after the surgery, I didn't even notice it (aside from a little bit of sternal tenderness).

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Excuse me, but I'm going to piggyback on this shit.

I also had open heart at a young age (18), and I have to say it's been an interesting experience. Looking back at the creative writing I did in my senior year of high school, immediately prior to the surgery, I can't help but notice a very strong tendency towards brutal fatalism; most of my stories were about the acceptance of death in the face of unlivable circumstances, or a striving for life that was proved futile by factors outside of the individual's control. I didn't know it at the time, and would only realize it during the nights prior to my surgery (it was delayed 3 times), but these were reflections of my heart's impact on my views regarding life and death. It is of my opinion that great wisdom can be gained through the experience and internalization of this philosophy, but in the time since I have realized that there is much more to it than I realized at the time. Keep thinking, for the turmoil you are feeling now will lead to peace in the future.

The moment you enter the hospital the day of the surgery, you will know what it feels like to be the baddest dude around. Appreciate these moments, you will never feel like this again in your life. Know that there is nothing you can do to fully calm your mother, or anyone else who loves you. Feel the love, realize how deep through these people it flows.

The surgery will be a bit odd. They will likely drug you up in preop if they notice any anxiety at all. I refused initially, as I didn't want the last minutes spent with my parents to be "contaminated" by being high, but whatever anxiolytic they gave me was great. I was able to express to my parents the things I wanted to, and most importantly to myself, try to comfort them a bit. It was probably a benzo.

You will wake up, and it will be beautiful. And you will be thirsty. The next few days will be a fine opportunity for learning extreme patience and willpower. You're at a children's hospital, so the nurses will be awesome. I've come to realize they are like compassion incarnate. Best of luck with your recovery, it will probably be rough.

Realize that this may or may not be the last of your heart's meddling with your life. My surgery involved a lot of slicing and rerouting, and unsurprisingly as a result I have complete heart block and require a pacemaker to, uh.. live. I need to take a suite of heart drugs each day to dissuade my heart from beating abnormally. Remember what you learn from your experience today, and just about everything you encounter from here on out will be cake.

Before my surgery, I was able to contact a guy who had undergone a similar procedure and exchange some emails. I'll leave you with the parting words he gave me: it's true, man, chicks dig scars. Best of luck :)

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Hell yes I already got two chicks calling me non stop. And I think imma take the pre op meds bc I just wanna sleep through it. Hopefully ill just wake up to some smiling nurses haha

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I myself also had open heart surgery at a young age. I was 18 and had just graduated high school. Needless to say I was scared. Ive also had a pacemaker defibrillator since I was 13. Its always tough going into a serious surgery, even after youve been through many. I was afraid I wouldnt make it when I first was told I needed open heart, but in the end it had to be done. The recovery for me was not bad at all, but that could be because I have been in and out of the surgery room since I was a baby. I was up and walking around with the chest tubes still in and pacer wires hanging from me 3 or so days after.

I guess all in all the worste part was waiting in the hospital to go into the surgery room. I was sitting with my family and closest friend and we were watching ron white on comedy central. We were all waiting in there for a good hour because 2 of his comedy central presents had played on the tv. Then the nurse walks in and abruptly says lets go its time. Thats when it hit me. This could be the last time I get to look my friend and my family in the eyes. The last moments I had with them watching comedy central were played over and over in my head as I walked through the long sterile hallways. It was all I could do to be a man and fight back the tears as I lay on the table and they strip me of my gown.

End of my sad story.


I had open heart surgery at 18 and was up and walking in less than a week. Todays surgeons are amazing and a young people heal quickly.

Good luck OP

edit: condition is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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Great story dude . I feel like I'm going to feel the same way. And hopefully ill have the same outcome

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Bro, Write your mum a letter... telling her how you feel, if you are worried. You may have already done this. Something like "I love you, and want you to be able to find joy in life past these dark times - and don't want you to miss out on that joy on account of me" (I'm sure there are redditors with better advice on what to say that what I could, but be yourself and be real).

Having said that - ALL THE BEST. I really hope there is no need for your mum to have that letter, and that things go all according to plan.

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This needs more upvotes.
The kid's got enough to worry about as it is, and I know it would be really unnerving to see my mom running around talking about how worried she is if I was undergoing a surgery like this.
To OP: Make sure you let your mom know that everything will ok, cause it's gonna be! (yay optimism!)
Also, if you can find it in you, try to get a hold of her sisters, and make sure they are there to comfort her, especially on the off chance something goes wrong.
It'll help her feel better, which will help you feel better. It's a positive feedback loop of happiness!

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She's been talking to her sisters day and night. I'm pretty sure at least one is gonna be with her at the waiting room to comfort her. Thanks for the idea though

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I cant be the only person who thinks that OPs mom is at the least just a bit out of line for apparently making it clear she's going to off herself if he doesn't make it. As if the kid doesn't have enough to worry about.

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She's out of line for making it clear. However, if put into a similar situation I think I might take her route too. You spent 12 years in a foreign country, basically alone, raising your only source of happiness to be one of the first in the family to go to college, and then this shit gets dropped on you. She's way beyond qualified to freak the hell out

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Hey, good luck bro. Be sure to post when you get out and let us all know how it went! You'll be fine, there have been loads of successful open heart surgeries done. Plus, you seem like a strong kid. Us at Reddit will always love you back. Go get 'em!

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Thanks dude I will. Might not make to much sense since I will be doped up on hella meds but at least ull know I'm okay haha

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Heres a thought from a 63 y/o General Surgeon near Philadelphia,PA. Back when I started in Surgery,Cargiac surgery was in its Infancy,Nowadays,nino,Its done everywhere by very good Surgeons.

I've got a feeling that your family has you set up just right,with great surgical people around you;and,that you will do JUST FINE. So....esta bien ......you are God's child and the Angels will protect ! john L

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Always nice to bear from other surgeons. Thanks dude, much appreciated

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You will be alright brother. I just spoke to my father about this (he is a cardiothoracic surgeon) and he said you should come out fine. :)

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Thanks that takes a load off my shoulders. Although two other cardiologists said the same thing, I feel like they tend to lie when staring you in the face. Im sure ur dad was being brutally honest since lying won't help the situation

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Don't worry dude, you're going to live a very long time. :P Just learn from this experience, and don't take up smoking cigarettes when all your other friends do in college! Although I won't tell you to keep off the ganja, that shit's fun.

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I don't fux with cigs. Weed on the other hand, is best reserved for a r/trees post

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Smoking weed is the problem with weed... Now, consumption without blackening your lungs.. I cannot fault. Normally wouldn't pipe up here on Reddit about it, but you in particular need to keep healthy! Good luck in surgery and recovery; I'll be thinking of you.

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oh fasho i dont like smoking. it's just not a natural process. eating on the other hand, is pretty damn natural

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wait are you in the east bay? I have no class tomorrow and I wouldn't mind visiting a fellow redditor in a time of need :)

YourUsernameSucks14 karma

Haha I dunno how my mom would feel about that, but if I was older definitely. Either way, imma be at children's in Oakland. Ask the front door dude to see YourUsernameSucks. He's a fellow redditor so he'll understand

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I was 17 when I had open heart surgery. Lots to laugh about after it was all said and done. Ninja slash, and a ticking time bomb. My aortic wall was expanding because of the rush of blood through my valve. Turns out my valve had a hole in it. So I had my aortic wall replaced along with one of the flaps in my valve (Bental Procedure). All metal of course. Heres the best part. I now tick, and its loud. Good luck out there.

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