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Thanks for having me on here and I hope I answered all your questions. Even you, guy who asked me if I fucked my sister. Even you. I'm off to bed, but thanks again.

threethousandgt191 karma

So... does your dad really say that shit?

mrbubby253 karma

He does. He's a really outspoken guy, as you can tell. Plus, I spend about eight hours a day around him, since he usually hangs out about ten feet from where I work in the house, so, he says a ton of stuff. I just try to pick the best thing he said that day.

bdfortin131 karma

You can post more than once a day. It's okay.

mrbubby209 karma

Eh, people get so bombarded with tweets, I figure I don't want to bother people more than once a day. Plus, sometimes I'm not around him very much that day, so I don't have anything to post.

corvus_corax79 karma

I signed up for twitter just to read yours. You are 1/3 of my twitter friends... the other two are Bob Saget and Mike Tyson. Make of that what you will.

mrbubby110 karma

That is some choice company.

despideme186 karma

Does it freak you out to know nearly 450,000 cell phones are going to buzz as soon as you click "submit"?

mrbubby284 karma

Whoa. Yes. I hadn't really thought of it like that. I feel like that's the first scene to a Jerry Bruckheimer movie or something.

kiplinght156 karma

So, your dad knows you post his random outbursts to half a million people?

mrbubby284 karma

He knows, yeah, but he doesn't really get the scope of it. He also doesn't care. I've tried to get him to look at the page, to make sure he doesn't feel like I'm misquoting him. He took one look a few weeks back and just said "Yeah, I said that stuff." Then never looked again.

[deleted]33 karma

I just have this image of your dad in my head as a complete badass in everything he does.

His breakfasts consist of two raw eggs with salt and pepper in a drinking glass, don't they?

mrbubby58 karma

He eats a ton of bacon. Ungodly amounts.

capzoots128 karma

Nice twats

mrbubby147 karma

That just feels weird. But thank you.

electrobutter125 karma

so, why LeVar Burton?

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You know, when I first signed up to twitter, I accidentally clicked something that signed me up to follow like 20 people I didn't give a shit about. So after I figured out how to unfollow people, I just unfollowed them all until I got to Levar. Then I thought..."What if I only followed Levar Burton." And it's been everything I thought it could be and more.

sesh87 karma

Do you think your dad would be willing to post an "I am the dad from the shitmydadsays" AMA?

mrbubby296 karma

It's pretty hard to get him near the internet. He has a huge fear of it, not joking, because of that fucking Sandra Bullock movie the Net, and some weird report on CNN about identity theft he saw.

[deleted]85 karma

How do you feel about being one of the very few who actually contribute entertaining material on Twitter?

You and hellobigfoot are the two places I read most often.

mrbubby333 karma

I'm flattered that people think that. I can't really take that much credit because it is just, shit my dad says. In fact, I can't really take ANY credit if we're being completely honest here. Let's not be completely honest though, let's give me some credit.

anarchyz79 karma

if you could paint one room in your house....what is your favorite day?

mrbubby248 karma


hawt75 karma

"A scar ain't 13 god damned stitches. I'll introduce you to men with REAL scars, then we'll all laugh at your fucking 13 stitches together."

What was your scar from? Does he have any bad ass scars from Vietnam?

mrbubby134 karma

We were talking about a scar that I got when I fell head first into a table. Not a shining moment for me.

beautify318 karma

Fucking tables, always popping up where you least expect them. Tables are the ninjas of furniture.

mrbubby111 karma

That just made me laugh pretty hard. Well done.

PoliceAcademy455 karma

You are the only good thing about Twitter. I want you and your dad to know that.

mrbubby43 karma

I appreciate that. Having been on twitter for a couple months now, I do think there are a few people that are pretty awesome. @paulfeig, and @fireland are both exceptional I think.

hawt54 karma

How's the book coming along?

mrbubby122 karma

I'm actually writing it right now as we speak. it's going to be mostly quotes, with stories here and there from my childhood to now, where my dad has done some crazy shit.

bvanmidd88 karma

When your book makes it big, are you going to move out, thus ending 'Shit my dad says'?

By the way, my entire family loves the updates. My uncle has decided that he knows your dad.

mrbubby182 karma

Yeah, I think I'd have to move out at that point. Otherwise that just makes me a gigantic asshole. Right now I'm hovering around being a sizeable asshole. I'd like to keep that there.

cartola222 karma

"But remember, it's not the size of the asshole you worry about, it's how much shit comes out of it."

mrbubby248 karma

I walked in to that.

bvanmidd458 karma

Like a fucking table.

mrbubby253 karma

Well fucking played.

[deleted]26 karma

When can I preorder? When? When?!

mrbubby101 karma

I think may of next year. It's going to come out for Father's day.

dummy_acct52 karma

Could you video/audio record the next shityourdadsays so I can picture the rest of them in the correct voice and accurately laugh my ass off?

mrbubby121 karma

He would murder me. Also, I never know when exactly he's going to say something. A lot of stuff he says isn't formed enough to put on twitter, so you'd probably get some meandering rant about Clorox bleach or something. Not sure how entertaining that'd be.

spartag00se51 karma

How did the publishing company approach you about the book deal? Did you have any other offers?

mrbubby132 karma

An agent approached me. Then I wrote a proposal of what the book would be, and then some publishers bid on it. Then I picked the one I thought would be the best to work with that also had a good bid. I mean, I was basically in disbelief, and still am, that anyone wants to pay me anything. So, after the first bid, I was like "tell them I'll take it!" and my book agent had to tell me to simmer down.

hawt50 karma

Last question from me...

Any really awesome quotes from your dad that you love but are just too long for twitter?

mrbubby143 karma

Yes. There are, and most of those are the ones going in the book. Quotes from my past. I think my favorite one was when I was sixteen and he and he gave me the talk about doing something you love:

“You have to do something you love….Bullshit, you clearly haven’t heard this speech before because you’re working at Mervyn’s.”

[deleted]45 karma


mrbubby303 karma

I offered him as much of the book deal money as he wanted. He told me, and, well, I quote "Keep the fucking money. I have my own money. I don't need yours."

foooodude47 karma

Can you prove you're him? (by changing the twitter bio or background maybe)

mrbubby154 karma

I just changed it to the cloud background thingy, so, there you go.

cartola42 karma

Does he have a lawn?

mrbubby141 karma

Yes, and actually, he would tell you to get off of it.

sublimationhour39 karma

"The worst thing you can be is a liar....Okay fine, yes, the worst thing you can be is a Nazi, but THEN, number two is liar. Nazi 1, Liar 2"

What is number 3?

mrbubby132 karma

I'm not sure. I'd guess for him, number three would be news anchors. He fucking hates news anchors.

bvanmidd57 karma

Meatball thief.

mrbubby78 karma

Fuck, yes, that's DEFINITELY number three.

[deleted]37 karma

What does your dad think of your twittering?

mrbubby149 karma

He thinks it's, I believe the word he used was "fucking ridiculous." I'm not sure I get the purpose of twitter, so there's no way in hell he does.

OomplexBOompound35 karma

so was it the baby that shit, or do you have a big fucking problem?

mrbubby86 karma

It actually turned out to be just baby farts.

[deleted]35 karma

Is your dad aware that he's being hilarious when he's being hilarious? Fuck, your dad is hilarious. And awesome. Congrats on the book deal and best to you both.

mrbubby81 karma

He doesn't think any of this is funny.

[deleted]29 karma

Couple more questions: Do you keep your brother's baby's name off the Twitter page for privacy reasons, or does your dad actually say "the baby" or "his baby" in the baby-related quotes? Is he a good grandfather? Does he like being a grandfather?

mrbubby66 karma

No, he says "the baby."

TheFlyingAlbino25 karma

Does he call you "The boy"?

mrbubby45 karma

No. My brothers do though. I'm the youngest.

[deleted]33 karma

How much does he drink?

How much of the shit he says is said while drunk?

Does he tell war stories?

mrbubby87 karma

He drinks three fingers of makers mark a night. Never seems drunk. NEVER EVER talks about the war.

[deleted]9 karma

re: war.

Have you ever asked/ has he ever said anything about why he won't say anything.

Also: I use twitter for some b.s. self-promotion and to follow similar people and you're the only tweet I enjoy. Keep it up sir.

mrbubby36 karma

I've asked, he doesn't want to talk about it. Surprisingly, he doesn't like talking that much, period. It probably seems like he does from the twitter, but he's not a guy who just talks and talks.

zeezee2k13 karma

Unless you ask him about a story that happened when he was living in the South. Am I right?

mrbubby31 karma

Oh, god, yes, he will talk about that all day long.

aubreylee31 karma

Damn you for making me get a twitter account... originally it was just to get your "tweets" or whatever they're called on my phone and now my mother added me...

mrbubby71 karma

I sincerely, truly, apologize for that.

[deleted]26 karma

How is your dad's health? What did he do?

mrbubby98 karma

He's pretty healthy I'd say. I'm pretty sure he can still kick my ass, although, that's not saying a whole lot. He was a doctor of Nuclear Medicine, which is basically cancer research.

falsabaiana24 karma

What does your mum say about it all? I imagine she'd be a pretty cool lady too. I'm a big fan of your twitter :)

mrbubby86 karma

My mom is awesome. She's super bad ass and she's basically the only one who can give my dad shit. She thinks its funny, she's got a great sense of humor.

SkullFuck23 karma

"Don't listen to the pussy side of you when you make a decision. People gravitate towards being a pussy. Remove the pussy, son" I was crying! Your dad reminds me of my dad with the dog ones. Question: Does he give you a lot of shit for still living at home?

mrbubby45 karma

He busts my balls, but he's not too bad.

SkullFuck25 karma

You and your dad are great people. Keep up the good shit!

mrbubby130 karma

Thank you, SkullFuck. Thank you.

antpuncher23 karma

Does he sound like Frank Costanza? Because he does in my head.

mrbubby36 karma

He does not, but a lot of people think that.

wingzeromkii22 karma

What do you do for a living?

mrbubby108 karma

I write on the web. I co-founded the site and now currently am trying to undouche-ify as their senior editor.

bvanmidd33 karma

You don't like frosted tips and muscle milk?

mrbubby80 karma

That was a question on my application.

[deleted]10 karma


mrbubby14 karma

That's still my favorite piece I've ever written on the internet. There was actually a ton of stuff we legally couldn't put in that article, that happened to Noah. Weird stuff. AFF is a strange place.

charlatan21 karma

How do you keep a straight-face? How do you not lose it when he speaks?

mrbubby132 karma

Sometimes I laugh, and the few times that's happened he'll say something to the effect of "great, you're going to put that on your little fucking page, aren't you?"

duode20 karma

What is he like in person to strangers? Can he seem a little bit rude? Is he the type of person who would easily chat with the cashier about something?

mrbubby64 karma

People actually think he's pretty charming. He gets along really well with waiters and waitresses. Probably due to the fact that he tips about 35% every time.

Fallout91120 karma

What car does your old man drive?

mrbubby38 karma

I think it's a 1987 Lincoln town car. It might be an 88 or an 86, not sure.

[deleted]20 karma

Your dad talks and kinda looks like Charles Bukowski. Have you read him? Has your dad read him?

mrbubby25 karma

I have, and he has. Although I've never really talked to him about it.

PulpAffliction17 karma

I think a great deal of your success stems from your brilliantly simple and self-explanatory username (which is not to denigrate your AWESOME content in any way.)

Was there a long thought process that went into picking the account name or was it the first thing you tried? What were some others you may have thought of?

mrbubby37 karma

Thanks, but that was literally the first thing I wrote. I wasn't thinking anyone would read this, so I just shit out the first thing my fingers typed.

PulpAffliction9 karma

I'm assuming they're having you keep the title for the book deal? I mean, honestly, it markets itself. No need for copy. :)

Thanks for answering!

mrbubby31 karma

That was one of the only sort of demands I had. I just wanted it to still be called "Shit My Dad Says."

Interphase14 karma

How did you get the idea to put this on Twitter?

mrbubby61 karma

I used to have them as my gchat status, then a couple of my friends thought I should put them on twitter, just to keep a record of them. I thought maybe I'd use them for something later. Gchat doesn't keep a record of your statuses. And then, well, this shit happened.

Mugendai9 karma

How often does your dad get together with drinking buddies? Because I imagine that would produce a shitload of quotables right there.

mrbubby40 karma

He has one friend, and his one friend is easily as grizzled as he is.

Porknog8 karma

Could you please describe your Dad's voice? I want to make sure I'm reading things in my head with the proper inflections.

mrbubby27 karma

He's got a deep, pretty gravely(sp?) voice, with a slight southern twang. He's from kentucky.