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Fucking tables, always popping up where you least expect them. Tables are the ninjas of furniture.

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Can you talk more about creating a non profit? How do you select your charities? Also where, and how can we contribute?

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Thanks! I really love the designs you and the community do a Great job.

As a person who has helped a number of charities and non profits over the years this resonates with me a lot

we're not a registered nonprofit, firstly because it is a process that also takes more time than we wanted to wait to get this started

It’s a bit easier in the US but still hard. One thing I would recommend is a public ledger since this is not really a mandate until you fully register as a non profit, it can be hard to “trust” with so many scam charities. Anything you can do to show you’re above and beyond, will go a long way to earn trust.

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Now tell me about this bottle! Why is it ideal for hydration and what features will it have!

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He haunts us all. I see ookla when ever I close my eyes