Hi Reddit! I'm Jamie-Lynn Sigler and I'm up in Maine right now working on a new movie called Anatomy of the Tide. I will be taking questions for the next couple of hours when I have time in between shoots. Greentide008 will be helping me out by watching things while I'm shooting scenes.

Here's a tweet and a photo verifying that it's me.


Edit: (From Greentide008) Jamie is shooting a scene right now with John Shea and Gabe Basso and will be back to answer questions as soon as they are done. Thanks!

Edit 2: (From Greentide008 at 8:00pm) Jamie is back shooting and will be back for one more round of answers. Thanks everyone!

Edit 3: (From Greentide008 at 9:20pm) It's looking like it's going to be a late night here on set. I'll do my best to grab Jamie for one more round of answers tonight but she's currently in the middle of a big scene. I'll encourage her to check back to answer more tomorrow if she runs out of time tonight. Some of her earlier answers are buried down the line, check out her profile to get the full set.

Edit 4: (From Greentide008 at 10:15pm) Jamie is done for the day and headed for some sleep. She will try to get back tomorrow to answer a few more questions. Thanks Reddit!

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TyrionLannister2012687 karma

I once dated a girl for the simple fact that she looked very much like you. How creeped out does that make you?

jamielynnsigler570 karma

ha.. not creeped out at all?? thanks??

Houseboat351 karma

When you were shooting Homie Spumoni were you ever concerned that it would be too good?

jamielynnsigler200 karma


Boldor237 karma

Cash or credit?

jamielynnsigler220 karma

HAHA. thats my question...

Codaflow224 karma

James Gandolfini in 5 words. Go!

resutidder775 karma

Mortadella sopressata pepperoni prosciutto gabagool

jamielynnsigler384 karma


jamielynnsigler386 karma

talented. humble. generous. powerful. interesting.

tjdziuba221 karma

The final scene of the Sopranos at Holsten's. I have to know, are you really a bad parallel parker, or was that an act?

jamielynnsigler311 karma

an ACT! im not claiming to be a professional parker, however, i can say it is very hard to pretend to park poorly.

HashRunningRapist181 karma

Will you marry me?

jamielynnsigler302 karma


Jackandahalfass178 karma

Say, I remember when you were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade some years ago and they had you riding atop the head of a giant caterpillar or something. Was it as uncomfortable as it looked?

jamielynnsigler359 karma

omg! That was the scariest/craziest thing ever. I was terrified the entire time that I was going to fall off, and i was convinced someone at Macy's didn't like me, because they made me ride that thing. My family makes fun of me to this day about it.

[deleted]178 karma


jamielynnsigler281 karma

I was initially supposed to do a one episode cameo when I meet Turtle on the plane.. and I can assure you that that was NOT an accurate portrayal of me ;). When I was asked to continue on in the show, it was more about playing someone that would work for the story and for Turtle's character than playing myself.. but I think they did try and keep in mind that I was doing some kind of representing, and so I think the writers were very respectful of that.

Tainted_gooch177 karma

Did you not see that Jackie jr was a jackass the whole time?? wtf?

jamielynnsigler239 karma

i was blinded by love.

TiredMold110 karma

How did you end up being a part of the Lonely Island's Jizz in my Pants music video?

jamielynnsigler214 karma

I have a mutual friend with Andy Samberg, I was in NY when they were shooting and they asked me. LUCKY break for me!! i LOOOOVE the Lonely Island. Have you seen Jack Sparrow?? Ive watched/listened to it a thousand times.

speedk0re90 karma

Best burger on long island? Can All American Burger in Massapequa be beat?

jamielynnsigler118 karma

ahh.. tough one. I have to be honest, I got all my burgers growing up at diners. saaaad. but best burger in NY? PJ Clarkes!

colonelclaypool86 karma

I hear the cast of the Sopranos parties pretty hard. Any fun stories?

jamielynnsigler115 karma

HA! who told you that one??

ScroogeMcduckets84 karma

Did you choose this current movie your working on, or did the movie choose you?

jamielynnsigler135 karma

we sort of found each other. my agent gave me the script and I Skyped with the director, Joel.. and the rest is history ;)

Herpbees75 karma

Will you give James Gandolfini my phone number?

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jameseyjamesey65 karma

What would you do if you wern't an actress?

jamielynnsigler136 karma

hmm.. thats always a hard question. if i COULDNT act, i think I'd be a teacher.

cptjmshook62 karma

You were in a community theater production of Anything Goes with my cousin on Long Island. It was like right after you got cast on the Sopranos, and I remember my parents explaining to me that a girl in the show had just gotten a part in a big TV show.

jamielynnsigler82 karma

ha! that was my high school production. Love that :)

GaryGeneric57 karma

Hey, welcome to Maine! There was an episode of Sopranos where your character visits Bates College. It wasn't really Bates, I don't think, but at the time the episode aired, I was living about two blocks from the Bates campus in Lewiston.

Anyways...pros and cons to filming in Maine? How are the people? Quite a few movies have been filmed here in the last five or ten years, and some of us would like to see that trend continue.

jamielynnsigler125 karma

the people here in Maine have been SO nice and welcoming. It is so beautiful here, and such a perfect time of year to be filming. I am excited that I get to shoot a scene tomorrow where I eat some lobster (FINALLY!!) :)

Avien89 karma

When I see this movie I will scrutinize the heck outta that lobsta' scene.

From a man who's eaten a couple lobstas over the years, I will nominate you for an academy award if you can shell that badboy proper.

Edit: Figured I'd throw a little New Englander accent on the lobsta' to emphasize my devotion to lobsta'

jamielynnsigler82 karma

shoot. pressure is on. will do my best!

TheOreo53 karma

You fully had my hopes up that the whole Entourage crew was flying to Auckland, New Zealand (where I live) at the end of season 6. No body ever comes here. That would've been awesome.

Not really a question, just an expression of a broken heart.

jamielynnsigler64 karma

that WOULD have been awesome. :(

ScaryMonsters51 karma

Tell us about your new movie!

jamielynnsigler78 karma

its an indie called Anatomy of the Tide. a coming of age story that takes place here in Maine. the cast is SO talented. I'm very proud to be a part of it. I am currently watching the multi-talented Gabe Basso drop some serious beats in between our scenes this evening.

[deleted]51 karma

What was your favorite part about doing Entourage?

jamielynnsigler92 karma

I was a fan of the show from day 1 so getting to be on that set is exactly how you think it would be!! It was a blast. I got to work with my friends, in amazing locations.. that set was so fun. Everyone was having a great time, and I am very grateful for the time I got on that show.

davemeowthews46 karma

Do you still fly commercial? It would probably be really awkward sitting next to some Entourage fan on a flight!

jamielynnsigler97 karma

hahaha. um yes, i fly commercial always. unless i find a fancy friend or something..!

misterhastedt45 karma

The Sopranos was one of the best shows on TV. Do you watch any other HBO shows? Boardwalk Empire?

jamielynnsigler160 karma

LOVE Boardwalk Empire. Huge Entourage fan (obviously) from the beginning Sex and the City Hung True Blood

just bought the Wire to watch !

jamielynnsigler283 karma

OH!!! how can i forget CURB!!!

jslcapital7839 karma

What were your relationships with your fictional parents and sibling like in real life? And do you guys still keep in touch?

jamielynnsigler87 karma

robert iler is still one of my best friends. he is like my brother. and yes, we all keep tabs on eachother. :)

HGpennypacker38 karma

You basically grew up on camera on the Sopranos, what things about your adolescent years do you wish you had a "normal" go at?

jamielynnsigler83 karma

i think i had a very normal adolescence. i was very very lucky. got to graduate school (jericho high!!) with all of my friends.. very fortunate.

yattyc36 karma

What qualities do you look for in a man? What are qualities that would turn you off indefinitely?

jamielynnsigler102 karma

complaining and complacency are HUGE turn offs.

agnotastic33 karma

What was it like being on the set of How I Met Your Mother for an episode? Is Josh Radnor at all like the hopeless romantic that Ted is?

jamielynnsigler55 karma

i LOVE LOVE that show, and had a great time. That cast is ridiculously funny and talented. I'd do craft service on that set.

tabaska90730 karma

What is your favorite type of lunch meat?

jamielynnsigler58 karma

hmmm... smoked turkey??

remgibson25 karma

Based on your pic it looks like you're rocking some pretty bangin' bangs. Is that the way your hair is throughout the movie? If so, I'm totes watching it. Love those bangs.

jamielynnsigler37 karma

yes! a more "serious" look. taking some getting used to though, lemme tell ya! but thanks :)

keeservonp20 karma

What so far has been the highlight of your career? What's been the biggest "fuck me" sort of moment?

jamielynnsigler40 karma

tough oneeeee.. i get a lot of those "moments" still :). I know how lucky i am every day I get to work.
But I'd say being on Broadway was a HUGE moment for me.. and when they did the Sopranos tribute at the Emmys. When Robert and I ascended those stairs and saw all these amazing people in the audience.. it was very cool.

Philosopher197620 karma

How did you get your job on the Sopranos? What was the initial interview / casting session like, and what do you think made you stand out from the other candidates?

jamielynnsigler22 karma

nope.. it was like any other audition process. then had some call backs and a screen test. my first time doing that! I was so young, and unaware..which probably worked for me at the time.

razorsheldon20 karma

Please describe your character in the movie, "Gina Harper," and how she differs from your normal personality.

jamielynnsigler28 karma

Gina (short for Virginia) Harper is a wall street "maven".. she runs a hedgefund in NYC and is a bit out of her element here in Maine. She makes a visit for a close friend, and finds herself involved with one of the locals when he uncovers a story that could change a lot of peoples lives.

Mr_Unknown18 karma

What's one of your favorite fall 2011 t.v. series?

jamielynnsigler27 karma

i really liked Maria Bello's show.

bigwhitebird17 karma

I love you, and love The Sopranos. But here is the question: Do you still have any contact with the other actors? And what is your favorite episode? Good luck with your new movie!

jamielynnsigler37 karma

yes! i speak to them of course! my favorite episode was the "College" episode.

[deleted]11 karma

NOWAY! I just started finally watching through The Sopranos (I'm in the UK and they only just started airing through the entire show regularly) and I'm more than blown away by it...

I just realized I don't have a question..

EDIT: To clarify, obviously I just wasn't aware that it aired straight away.. And I would've been 8 at the time, not sure I would've understood it.

jamielynnsigler20 karma

shame.. but i like the UK! :)

madeintheuk11 karma

What is the most important characteristic of yourself that you would consider is vital to your acting career?

jamielynnsigler35 karma

stubborn. (which means I dont give up easily)

shook_one9 karma

My Grandmother's maiden name is Sigler, what is your ethnic/racial heritage? I'm pretty sure she told me that we are distantly related

jamielynnsigler23 karma

fantastic cousin!! I believe the Sigler part of me is Romanian.