Jamie-Lynn Sigler

best known for her role as Meadow Soprano on the HBO television series The Sopranos.

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ha.. not creeped out at all?? thanks??

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talented. humble. generous. powerful. interesting.

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omg! That was the scariest/craziest thing ever. I was terrified the entire time that I was going to fall off, and i was convinced someone at Macy's didn't like me, because they made me ride that thing. My family makes fun of me to this day about it.

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an ACT! im not claiming to be a professional parker, however, i can say it is very hard to pretend to park poorly.

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OH!!! how can i forget CURB!!!

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I was initially supposed to do a one episode cameo when I meet Turtle on the plane.. and I can assure you that that was NOT an accurate portrayal of me ;). When I was asked to continue on in the show, it was more about playing someone that would work for the story and for Turtle's character than playing myself.. but I think they did try and keep in mind that I was doing some kind of representing, and so I think the writers were very respectful of that.

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i was blinded by love.

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HAHA. thats my question...