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Risqué sponsors highway cleanup of mile 2 of US 95 at the Penn-Del border. They care about the community!

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Gord, love you man. Who are your rainy day people?

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These probiotics you see, the tablets and yogurts bragging about it. Are they actually of real benefit?

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I used to live in Wash Hts. and I always felt a little guilty about having a cab take me up there because it's far, and I'm sure not easy to get fares coming back down. But... it was where I lived. What does a driver think when someone gets in going to a place like that? Anger? Resignation? Enjoy the scenic drives up the river?

PS I'm not cellphone guy.

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I was watching the CBS coverage on the day of the Kennedy Assassination the other day, and Walter Cronkite cites you as saying you had confirmed Kennedy's death a few minutes before he gets what he considers the official word. I'm curious who you heard it from that gave you the confidence to report it, and was there any moment where you weren't sure about your sourcing? Thanks.