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Look, I'm just like the rest of Reddit! I hate [Justin Bieber], I love [marijuana] and I [have serious unresolved anger towards women].

That said--you just can't beat [a meal at the Olive Garden]!!

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How did you end up being a part of the Lonely Island's Jizz in my Pants music video?

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First off, thanks for making Pete and Pete awesome, and thanks for doing this AMA. My wife and I are big fans.

So, what was it like working with Bill Clinton? (About 3:00 into this awesome video those of you that haven't seen it.)

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Season 2 of China, IL seems way different than season one.

I really enjoyed the first season, but it feels like you've hit your stride now. It's turning into one of my all-time favorite shows. What's changed?

EDIT - Other than the obvious transition from an 11-minute format to 30-minutes. Anything else?

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Hey Mike, you were on the Second City mainstage performing America: All Better back when I was going through classes there, so I saw you do improv about once a week back then. You were always incredibly kind to me and my classmates--I think you even let us tag along for your birthday outing at one point. It's been so great to see your career take off! You were fantastic on SNL and the new album is incredibly funny.

Do you have your next project lined up now that the album is out? Do you think you'll focus on writing, performing or a combination of the two?

No matter what you end up doing, Chicago's rooting for you.

(Unless you end up doing a racist minstrel show or bumfights or something.)