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Your username... I... we need to be friends.

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They are. So really... I should say... ZERO copies sold to people I don't know...

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well, I am a bastard :/

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Hehe, nah I don't draw any of it. Some company in Melbourne is managing it. I don't know... But I will say, all artwork was done by the kids at St Dominic's school for hearing impaired kids... some cool art

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There's a character in it called Vanessa... In the book, she is a fart cloud... I named this character after one of my ACTUAL ex girlfriends :) You are the first (AND LAST) person I have told this too.

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holy shit! thanks. hey can... can you make a video of that happening? That would be maaad!

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corn on the rob knows all

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I wish I was that handsome motherfucker... sadly no... I'm rob