Hi, my name is Leah and I'm the creator of buffalo box, a digital download, set your own price, coloring book! I have been drawing in general for about ten years and also worked as instructor at my local elementary school art club. I just released my first coloring book which is available for free. Check it out here.

I am also getting ready to launch my second in a series of monthly, set your own price, coloring books on the first of November! You can order on my website here.

I'm taking your requests for quarter page mini coloring pictures for you or someone you know to color. I only ask that the requests contain no NSFW material, or copyrighted content like sports logos or video game characters, and I try not to do coloring pictures of actual people because when it doesn't look exactly as you expected people tend to get upset. Other then that, I'll draw pretty much anything!

Also, feel free to ask me anything about drawing technique, creating coloring books, or anything else!

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/aLsY97N.jpg

EDIT: For the purposes of speed, I'm not doing any digital clean up. So some of the images may look a little rougher then they would in the coloring books found on my site.

EDIT2: Wow, I didn't expect such a strong response! Thank you everyone! I'm just gonna throw a kettle on and take a short break. I plan on staying up and fulfilling as many of these requests as I can!

EDIT 3: I'm back

EDIT 4: I'm gonna grab some dinner. I'll be back soon. 7:45 PST

EDIT 5: I'm back

EDIT 6: okay that's it for me. It's 1 AM and I'm pooped. Thanks everyone !

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ferrariman99924 karma

I don't know about all of you folks, but I'm just excited to print these pics out and find my crayon set.

buffalobox17 karma

Then you'll have a joy-expotion to know that my October coloring book is in PDF format and free to download on my website.

ferrariman9998 karma

You are awesome! Saved to my desktop to print later. My inner child is very excited at the moment. I'll also have to locate some sidewalk chalk tomorrow.

buffalobox9 karma

I hope you share the results!

gazzawhite18 karma

What's your favourite dinosaur to draw? Also, could you please draw said dinosaur?

buffalobox44 karma

John Hammond: You may have us, but you'll never get off the island!

Raptor: [with a well spoken English accent] I beg to differ. You see, the other Raptors and I have constructed a crude suspension bridge to Venezuela. Once there, I shall lie low and assume odd jobs under the name "Mr Pilkington." But perhaps I've said too much...

[smokes a pipe]


snarkynerdgirl17 karma

How about a really badass (but kid-friendly) hammerhead shark?

scotty_beams2 karma

Would you mind if I post a .png of it?

buffalobox2 karma

No of course not, but I was planning on cleaning it up and reposting all the images if you wanted to save yourself the trouble. Either way, no worries.

buffalobox9 karma

Yeah, that sounds fun!

placedeclichy15 karma

Even as an adult, I LOVE coloring books and use them to de-stress, so thanks for the work you do!!

If possible, could you draw a unicorn opening a wine bottle with its horn?

buffalobox12 karma

That's why I woke up this morning. To do exactly that.

HaleyDara14 karma

This is fascinating!! I never thought about the fact that somebody has to draw all that stuff. Do you work from home or an office? And my request is a raven and an owl sitting together :)

buffalobox24 karma



buffalobox7 karma

I work from home but I'd like to move into an office one day and just draw 8-10 hours a day distracted. I think I could do great things with an environment like that.

And sure, let me whip that up for you.

MdShakesphere13 karma

Could you draw me a penguin? And if possible could it have a bowtie? If not thats cool and many thanks in advance

buffalobox6 karma

I'm sure that can be arranged!

adambkj11 karma

What is your favorite drawing that you have ever done? Not necessarily the best, just your favorite.

buffalobox33 karma

Slightly NSFW

I finished this one not too long ago and because I'm a girl threw some filters on it lol. I was really happy with the way it came out and it was lots of fun to draw.


ThatSteeve8 karma

Astounding talent! Especially when considering the speed you're pumping them out!

Oh right.. A question.. Do you realize how awesome you are?

buffalobox16 karma

Sometimes I forget... then I read your comment and I go... "Oh yeah!" ;D

zarie918 karma

How long on average does it take you to do a drawing?

buffalobox7 karma

It depends on how much detail is involved. For example, i try to draw for different skill levels. A drawing with less details for a novice coloring enthusiast might be something like a horse in the foreground with maybe a little bit of grass under him and some clouds and sun. Something like that would take me about an hour starting with sketching and ending with light digital clean up.

A more advanced picture like a battle scene with fighting and lots going on in the background might take me three to four hours. Six if it's something I've never attempted before which I love to do. And that again is starting with the pencil and ending with some light digital cleaning.

nimieties8 karma

Can I get a miniature dachshund doing.. well anything? You're awesome for offering this kind of thing. How did you get started in that industry? Is there a decent sized market for digital download coloring books?

buffalobox7 karma

I still don't know if there is a market. I guess I'm gonna find out. I haven't made any sales yet, but over 1600 people have downloaded my free October coloring book so that's a pretty good start I'd say!

And yes, let me work on that for you next!

tabbyh7 karma

Is there any particular animal or theme you enjoy drawing the most?

My boys would get a kick out of it if you could please draw two little monsters or puppies or puppy monsters trick or treating. :P

buffalobox5 karma

I've always been a cliche horse girl. I loved horses when I was a kid and I love them now. It's probably the thing I draw the fastest and rarely need any source material.

And yeah, of course I can.

hungrierdave7 karma

Can you draw a person surfing on a waffle on a wave of syrup?

buffalobox3 karma

No better way to start your day!

jtl946 karma

How did you get into making coloring books?

My request is simply a cat.

buffalobox6 karma

Well, I've been a freelance graphic designer for about a decade. I've worked on a lot of people's projects and did very little of what I love. What I love is to see people really enjoying coloring. Coloring is so basic and anybody can do it. You don't have to know how to draw or even be the best. You just have to love it. When I was a kid I used to color all the time and as grew older I gave it up until I started working in a call center. Then I picked it back up and realized, hey this is something I still love doing. I know other people must still love it to but when I searched online I couldn't really find a good quality source of original coloring book art. So I made this!

I'll get started on your cat, thank you for your question.

jtl944 karma

That's really cool. You actually make me want to do some coloring, which isn't something I have done in a long time.

Thanks in advance for the cat and thank you for answering.

buffalobox4 karma

You should color. Nothing is stopping you. And it's so much fun!

The_chordmaster6 karma

You should make a coloring book out of all of these reddit requests.

buffalobox11 karma

Haha. Actually I had an idea of doing a coloring contest for redditors tomorrow using these after I cleaned them up a bit.

OhMyMoogle4 karma

Did you practice a lot to get good at drawing things or do you just have natural talent? (or both)

And can you draw my dog and his best friend being pals.

buffalobox4 karma

I hope I do such little handsomes justice.

I had some talent as a kid which led to interest. But I draw a minimum of 15 minutes a day all the way up to 12 hours a day everyday for as long as I can remember.

Ultimate_Cocktease154 karma

Think you could draw a black kitty peeking out from behind a jack-olatern And how long've you been in the set your own price colouring books and what's the competition like in that business?

zarie912 karma

That is so unexpectedly cute. belongs on r/aww

buffalobox5 karma

Feel free to color it and share it there yourself :D

buffalobox7 karma

How long have I been in the set your own price colouring book business?

What day is it? Haha. I literally just launched the site. The original concept for the site was going to be a box of month shipping site similar to bark box. But when I looked into the prices of shipping and materials, each of the boxes was going to end up costing like 15 bucks. With the advice of fellow redditors, I abandoned that idea for something that everyone could enjoy no matter what their budget looked like.

As far as competition, I don't think I have any at the moment. And if I do, I welcome it. More coloring for everyone!

Let me get started on your picture.

zarie913 karma

Can you draw me a monkey? I love monkeys. Btw, you're awesome for these drawings.

buffalobox8 karma

Can I draw you a monkey? Let me check...


iron_sheep3 karma

Can you draw my parents being ashamed of me?

buffalobox23 karma

There so ashamed...


nonie5633 karma

the drawings look amazing! is there a chance you could draw me an owl?

buffalobox7 karma

Owl see what I can do!

nonie5633 karma

thank you so much!

buffalobox3 karma

My please :D

CoastalCulture3 karma

Could you draw me a caveman living in a modern world?

buffalobox29 karma


For the record, that's not an apple... it's an Asian pear. Please don't sue me.

buffalobox5 karma

Prrbly... Lets give it a try and see what happens.

lgnxhll3 karma

Can you draw me some sweet looking robots fighting?

buffalobox6 karma

You're my last one... Hope you like it


Billie-Ice2 karma

So great to see artist ama! I'd love to see an awkwardly adorable honey badger. :3

buffalobox9 karma

Hope this is awkward enough


Bat_turd2 karma

Genuine question for you. You are good at illustrating, so why graphic design as a career? :)

buffalobox7 karma

I just go where the money takes me. I need money to pay rent, bills, food so if I see a post or an ad saying that I can make a few bucks here and a few bucks there creating logos or t-shirt designs, or whatever, that's what I do. Honestly, my dream would be just being allowed to draw without hunting. For enough job offers to come to me where I could concentrate only on creating art rather then creating opportunities.

Also thank you for the question and compliment!

HolmesSherlockHolmes2 karma

You're still doing them? You're awesome!

Drawing: The cutest freaking thing you can draw.

Question: How hard is it to get into the "professional drawer" business?

(Note: answering the question may get you a new competitor.)

buffalobox4 karma

I forgot to post this...


buffalobox3 karma

It's as hard as any job where you have to find your own satisfaction for doing a job with little reward. People can be mean. People can be nice. But you just have to love doing it. Don't do it because you wanna be rich.

And yeah I'll try that.

HolmesSherlockHolmes2 karma

YAY! Thanks, you sound smart.

buffalobox3 karma

Bah... Gerrsh... Oh you.

HolmesSherlockHolmes2 karma

It's true.

buffalobox3 karma

Thanks :D

angeluray2 karma

Can you draw a little girl with curly hair doing science?

buffalobox8 karma

It's science!!!!

rumirama1 karma

Could you please draw a lion fighting a dragon? Thanks for doing this AMA!

ima_sickfuck1 karma

Just wanted to say this is one of the coolest & most inspirational AMAs I've seen/read. Best of luck to you in your career

buffalobox1 karma

That's kind of you to say. Thank you very much!

YoYoDingDongYo1 karma

Nice job on this AMA. Lots of fun drawings.

buffalobox3 karma

Thank you! It was a lot of fun.

JeremyIsSpecial-1 karma


buffalobox2 karma

Haha. Huh?