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As a new parent (and postpartum mess of hormones) this made me cry!

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Aww that makes me sad! I'm legally blind in my right eye (with out glasses) so I'd want it for my left eye! Although I bet that will become an option- or I'll have to get corrective surgery to have the coolest gadgets.

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Coming from a seemingly rigid, religious background how does your mother feel about you being a lesbian?

Also this sounds like paid babysitting for you to "home school" yourself. Weird.

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I have a friend to son has half left heart syndrome and he's having his third open heart surgery this year at three years old. It is pretty amazing to see how when faced with difficulty so many amazing parents rise to the challenge!

Thanks for bringing some awareness to this condition - I had never heard of it before!

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Can you draw a little girl with curly hair doing science?