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aMANescape37 karma

why... why did I click? o.o

geoflause8843 karma

Official transcript of what I said when I clicked it:

HUhehuheuhuehueHolyShithuehue Does he pick it? Wtf hue

dagomindtricks58 karma


kid-karma21 karma

does masturbating cause you to bust a nut?

dagomindtricks26 karma

only in the same way that you do.

Slim_Boner16 karma

Do you have to be extra careful with your balls now?

dagomindtricks32 karma

Kind of. I don't really like when girls play with them anymore. And I can't wear tight underwear, not that I would but even just a little tight kills me. My pants need ample sack space.

hans4n616 karma

Did the stitches ever bust and is everything in there that is supposed to be? Also that dick and balls is just mm mm mm mm.

dagomindtricks17 karma

Nope never had a problem with the stitches but they did accidentally sew some hair from my leg into the wound so I had to cut it with some scissors when I was home. Not very comfortable. Everything is where it's supposed to be.

makemegolden9 karma

Hmm, I think you could do with some manscaping.

dagomindtricks11 karma

meh i do it from time to time but i dont keep with it religiously. before my accident i happened to have just not given a fuck because the girl i was "seeing" at the time didnt care.

karma_train_passnger5 karma

man talk about bustin a nut.

dagomindtricks8 karma

Yeah I've heard that one once or twice aha

snowagainst4 karma

My friend was big motorcycle fan until he got into accident. He went into coma for 3 months but now he is okay. He never drived motorcycle after that day. But everytime he sees bunch of motorcyclers he feels really happy for them, says hello, talks about motorcycles with them. So my main question is :

Do you still like motorcycles and they seem interesting to You or You feel like motorcycles are worst thing ever, they shouldn't be driven etc?

dagomindtricks9 karma

I worked at a Harley-Davidson dealership before my accident and was a full time motorcycle detailer. Motorcycles were kind of my life before my accident. I still find them interesting but get a little jumpy at the thought of riding in traffic. I would definitely recommend staying out of traffic and sticking to country rides, you just never know with people in cars. And it's hard to blame them, motorcycles are pretty miniscule on the road compared to cars. Lately I haven't been very into bikes but its just because I'm not riding them so I get really envious looking at them/reading about them/talking about them. One day I would like to ride again but I want to ride a big ass Harley so I can at least do some damage to the next mother fucker who hits me.