My short bio: I have been in the porn business for the last 10 years. There isn't much I haven't done or won't do. I have seen pretty much everything in the business.

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Thanks for all the questions! This was my first day on reddit. I'll be back again. Follow me on twitter.

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_BigWill256 karma

Seriously do any of you actually like anal?

misstorylane311 karma

I love it. I was doing it long before I got in the business.

DoritosRed218 karma

What is the smallest dick you have ever taken? What is it enjoyable?

misstorylane1108 karma

Yours baby. I didn't feel a thing but the conversation was great.

yelland190 karma

If I flip a coin, what's the chance that I'll get head?

misstorylane321 karma

50 percent... I went to Harvard. actually my friend told me the answer

mjh84183 karma

Not a question, but this is pretty much the greatest .gif I've ever seen...and it's of YOU!

misstorylane204 karma

Skills baby. Lost my gag reflex years ago.

jagyouare158 karma

Hi Tory! Have you ever done any sex for money outside of films either as an escort or as a legal prostitute? Please be honest.

If so, what was the experience like?

misstorylane248 karma

I'd be lying if I said no. It's like shooting scene but with less lights and random people standing around.

jagyouare113 karma

Thanks for being honest Tory. May I ask how much he/she paid? :)

misstorylane299 karma

Less than a Cadillac but more than a Yugo.

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misstorylane46 karma


cheddar_fries153 karma

Any horror stories from on set you'd be willing to share?

misstorylane439 karma

I was in the kitchen getting my makeup done and Cytheria was doing an anal scene in the other room. She ended up shitting all over the guy. The house stunk up so bad that they had to cancel the rest of the day and re-shoot the next day. The location house owners were super fucking pissed.

andytkg98133 karma

No questions, just thank you.

misstorylane150 karma

You're welcome, baby. :-)

andytkg9894 karma

Because of this comment, my life is complete.

misstorylane166 karma

It touches my heart to touch others...

bigtice114 karma

Do you have any interesting stories from being recognized off set?

misstorylane572 karma

When I am walking through the airport, I think its funny when a husband does a double take and the wife has no idea who I am.

misstorylane113 karma

Thanks for your questions. I had fun!

geoflause88112 karma

Would you be interested in going on a podcast with 100,000 viewers?

misstorylane118 karma

Sure, PM me.

swaggger100 karma

Big fan here. Could you send me a picture of you naked? I would feel so special, thanks.

misstorylane616 karma

Sure baby. Here you go...

topshelf82199 karma

Has there ever been a guy that was so star struck by you that he embarrassed himself or ruined a shoot?

misstorylane215 karma

Yes, it happens sometimes. I was on a shoot the other day where the guy couldn't get it up because I was supposed to be a mean bitch to him. When that happens, I may break out the strap on and treat him like the bitch he is.

e_cybo_pooch97 karma

When you have sex off set are guys often dissapointed that your real orgasms don't seem as Earth shatteringly awesome as they supposedly are on film?

misstorylane207 karma

Do you know something I don't know? All my orgasms are Earth shatteringly awesome!

e_cybo_pooch57 karma

Ha, good point. I should have said are guys so used to seeing the exaggerated "porno style" orgasm that they're taken aback when you have a more normal reaction to it IRL?

misstorylane130 karma

Guys know the difference between shooting a scene and real life. If you make me cum in real life, you'll know it.

Swivleycock96 karma

Is there really a secret penis enlargement trick, or do you just pick the guys with naturally big dicks?

misstorylane201 karma

I have a good time with small and big. I'm not a size-ist.

chrisco8393 karma

Do you enjoy guacamole? This is a serious and must know question.

misstorylane110 karma

I love it. I'm from South Florida.

parkbench2288 karma

Not a question but... One of your first naughtyamerica scenes was the first internet porn scene I ever watched, so you hold a special place in my genitals (I was going to say heart but it didn't feel right). Thanks for being a pornstar, I guess!

misstorylane54 karma

Thanks baby.

fromthedice85 karma

Do you eat Mac & Cheese with a spoon or fork?

misstorylane298 karma

When I'm stoned, with my hand.

serenity7144 karma

Kraft Dinner or genetic? Edit: generic

misstorylane98 karma

Kraft all the way. Is there really another?

Fap-tastic76 karma

Tory, what would your dream job be?

misstorylane200 karma

When I was in school and took the career aptitude test it said I should be a prison guard. I guess porn is pretty similar. My dream job is to be a trophy wife. I guess Charlie Sheen is not an option anymore.

50sheckles75 karma

Why did you become a pornstar? Is it just for the easy money or do you feel you're providing a service for mankind?

misstorylane392 karma

Both. Plus I bought a lot of stock in Kleenex when I was younger. I am filthy rich.

[deleted]70 karma

NEVER. EVER. GO TO MEXICO...and do a donkey show. NEVER.


misstorylane120 karma

I'm actually going to Mexico this weekend. Thanks for the heads up! I will watch out for the donkeys.

iAMaRickaroni62 karma

Hey Tory. I like the way you work it. Thanks for doing this.

If you could have sex with any celebrity, male or female, who would it be and why?

misstorylane215 karma

John Cusack, so we could merge our IamA's.

[deleted]56 karma

Tory, what is the best way a guy can approach you? Like out of the blue

misstorylane177 karma

With a large... wad of cash, model release, and a bottle of Cristal. lol

_____Oo_____104 karma

Sorry you got downvoted They're just mad that you didn't say you wanted them to tip le fedora.

misstorylane213 karma

This is my first day on reddit. I don't know the secret knock.

jabroni_joints49 karma

Do you smoke blunts in between scenes?

misstorylane109 karma


Kknowsbest48 karma

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

misstorylane151 karma

Australia baby!

ugbar1347 karma

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

misstorylane82 karma

I would want to be able to read minds like Professor X.

kcirvam46 karma

did you choose your name to sound like Mystery Lane on purpose or was that just a happy accident?

misstorylane83 karma

My best friend in elementary school was named Tory. When I got into the industry my agent, Derek, said I needed a last name. We went with Freedland and I didn't like the name so I switched it to Lane. I never heard Mystery Lane before, I like that.

Cjgehrke41 karma

Where is your favorite place to vacation that no one would expect? Thanks from CT!

misstorylane95 karma

Noosa QLD

archie_waawaa32 karma


misstorylane27 karma

Why? What state are you from?

archie_waawaa24 karma


misstorylane33 karma

Can't argue with that. I have a good friend in Gawler.

archie_waawaa17 karma


misstorylane18 karma

No, is it a winery?

LC_Music41 karma

I wish you'd do something a little more vanilla. When I was younger, i remember you being in some standard naughty secretary thing and it was awesome. But you're way too dirty for my taste now! go back to normal stuff lol

misstorylane73 karma

I do what I am asked to do and what I am paid to do. The gonzo stuff is what they want me to do.

yanggmd40 karma

Thoughts on porn getting more personalized with technology? e.g. I Skype shows. Have you ever done one?

misstorylane103 karma

I do them all the time. Technology is killing mainstream porn but empowering the talent. It cuts out the middle man and let's almost anyone work from home.

yeahdude9339 karma

What’s your favorite part of your job? Does it have any perks?

misstorylane95 karma

Favorite part: making people happy

Perks: not waiting in line at the club

NotMyFirstAct38 karma

There isn't much I haven't done or won't do

What is something you wouldnt do?

misstorylane112 karma

Baby fetish creeps me out.

GimmeAGlassOfLiquor33 karma

Which novel is your favorite in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series?

misstorylane143 karma

I watch the show on HBO. Loved the Red Wedding episode.

Me do'nt reed buuks.

mjh8419 karma

What's the most mainstream (if any) thing you've ever done?

misstorylane31 karma

I've done some music videos.

popeboyQ16 karma

Care to do lunch sometime?

misstorylane147 karma

I do lunch every day.