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I once got mono from an asian stripper with huge tits while she was giving me a tug-job. this was in Memphis though. I know this doesnt have much to do with anything, I just love sharing this anecdote any chance I get.

dont put your mouth on the strippers!

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did you choose your name to sound like Mystery Lane on purpose or was that just a happy accident?

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Platinum Plus.

I think it closed several years ago though, sadly. that place was nuts. I watched two girls go down on each other on the center stage.

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serious question -

in Wizardry V (SNES) I used the hacksaw on lvl 2 to get through the chained door. after I went through the door I dropped the saw to make room in my inventory. however, the chains appear to sill be on the door (even though I cut them off) and now I cant get the door open again, nor can I find another saw.

any help is appreciated

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banning books is what nazis do. plain and simple.