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I know a guy who did porn a few times.

He said the STD testing is brutal. Is that true?

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I have an interest in taking part in services like this however (single and busy, like sex, no time for a wife/girlfriend), I am very shy about it. I look into it, but never actually make a call, mostly because of the legality issues, and I'm not sure what to say or not say and so on

Do I have anything to be nervous or shy about?

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aircraft maintenance guy here

Do you ever get people blaming you when we have to ground or delay an aircraft, and if so, do/how do you explain to them that it's for their safety and/or completely out of your or the pilot's or even sometimes the airlines control?

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Ah that's great.

I've had some experiences where we need to replace a seatbelt and people cuss us out. They don't really get that it's the law and it's not really our choice or fault lol

I've even had complaints from people where we had to ground an airplane to fix a cabin door. The metal was bent on it, so it wouldn't create the proper seal to allow for pressurization. I worked a 17 hour shift that day to get it back in service lol

People just don't seem to get the importance of this stuff, but glad you've had more pleasant experiences.

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Dude, why are you a Lee-head?