Luis Moncada

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is known for his work on Fast & Furious (2009), Collateral (2004) and K-11 (2012). He has been married to Michelle Moncada since July 24, 2004.

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What are your thoughts on those two infamous Cousins pulling off the Explosion in one take? (I never get tired of hearing from a 3 time Emmy winner ;)

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Thank you, Bryan (Can I call u Heisenberg...Ok) it was an Honor to have been directed by you :) Have fun with your AMA and you know how to contact me if this kids get out of hand (I've made many disappear , a couple more won't hurt anyone ;) 😈

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Welcome to Reddit Homie. Who's funnier :Brian or Dean?

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WHAT! Ooookay funny guy i just put a Hit on u!!! #SalamancaCartel

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Hey RJ Did u know your Dad is Running for Pope? #HeisenbergforPope ;-)

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Hey get the fuck off Reddit and make some food, I'm Hungry!!!

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Never while on set. We are really not twins. He's the ugly one I'm the good looking one ;)

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If you could kill someone from the main cast, who would it be? And Why? ;)

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Shhhhhh, Don't tell him he's about to DIE ;-)