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LuisMoncada143 karma

Hey Patrick, I Just wanted to say, That you did an Awesome Job! Congrats and i wish you much Success ;)

PatrickSane75 karma

Thank you! Very Much!

MntnDw35 karma

Thanks for the AMA, Patrick. What an honor it must have been to get a spot on Breaking Bad. What other projects are you currently working on?

PatrickSane48 karma

It was absolutely an honor. The guys treated me like a peer, they are fantastic people at Topanga

PatrickSane43 karma

I am working on about 6 projects right now. Triggerman, which was written for me among other films here in Texas

PatrickSane31 karma

Thanks a ton to the reddit crew for having me on for an AMA. I gotta bail for tonight time for some food. I greatly appreciate all the support from you guys. Reddit-Breaking Bad rocks! I will check beck when I can and answer more questions.

youcallthatacting28 karma

Keep an eye on Patrick. He's an amazing actor!

PatrickSane31 karma

Aww shucks. I apperciate that greatly!

edify23 karma

Hey Patrick thanks for joining us. Shout out to redditor jesse_street for making this happen.

PatrickSane29 karma

Word.. he's an old school band buddy from the Houston 90's music scene.

Crago19 karma

Dat beard.

PatrickSane29 karma

My girlfriend hated it :)

Alexanderr18 karma

Breaking bad is my favorite TV series (along with over half of Reddit's) that is so awesome that you got to work on it!

  • Mind describing your experience on the set? Like a walk-through of your day(s). Very curious about how they run things.
  • How did you get casted for your role?
  • Did you do anything special to prepare for your role?
  • How does it feel to be a part of such an awesome tv series?
  • Any advice for young actors?
  • How did you get started in acting?
  • Who were your favorite people to work with?

PatrickSane29 karma

I got started acting about 3 years ago. Something I had left behind long ago. I decided that was a mistake and made a decision to commit completely. No turning back since

PatrickSane23 karma

That's a lot alexander and I am shitty at typing but I will give it a go

PatrickSane20 karma

They all, and I mean ALL treated me with respect and profffesionalism. The studio is very well run by people who to me seemed absolutely happy to be there. I was well taken care of and not treated like a noob

PatrickSane22 karma

I was cast through my agent here in Houston via video taped audition

PatrickSane23 karma

I do a lot of prep for all of my roles. I created a story for the character, where he came from, how he joined the gang in prison, what he did to become one of the higher ranks etc. We call it backstory.

PatrickSane22 karma

My number one advice for young actors is to train with a qualified coach. I am a firm believer in training

Alexanderr12 karma

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Good luck with your career wish you all the best.

PatrickSane19 karma

You're Welcome, thank you very much!

aaaangiemarie16 karma

Thanks for joining us!

Any fun/wacky/memorable happenings on set while you were there?

As a "relatively new actor," what was it like appearing on a show that's so huge?

Where else can we see you in action?

PatrickSane21 karma

Trying to help Michael Bowen fiix a guitar string in the trailer with a pair of tweezers

PatrickSane19 karma

I have some films coming out soon. I did 17 last year and 11 so far this year. Most of them will go to festivals first and then most likely to dvd

youcallthatacting16 karma

Which actors do you study?

PatrickSane38 karma

Gary Oldman is one of my favorites, his role in Sid and Nancy is when I first really wanted to do this. I am a huge fan of Denzel. The big guys of course, Pacino, Brando, Nicholson, Daniel Day. Many others

youcallthatacting18 karma

Upvote for Gary Oldman. He's crazy good.

PatrickSane19 karma

Yeah,,,, Drexel in True Romance..sick character!

BackflipJohnson14 karma

Do we have enough guys in Valencia?

PatrickSane18 karma

Might have to hire out?

compsci8513 karma

Do you usually practice white supremacy or is that just your character on Breaking Bad?

PatrickSane14 karma

LOL! First question I actually laughed at. It's just a character... great question.

c0ldfyr312 karma

Hey Mr. Sane. So, was that hotel room a built set or a location shoot?

PatrickSane21 karma

They built that set on the sound stage at Albequerqe Studios..did I spell that right?

PatrickSane30 karma

ABQ yo!

c0ldfyr340 karma

Yo, yo, yo.. 1,4,8,3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9 representing the ABQ, what up biatch?! Leave at the tone..

PatrickSane32 karma

Word :)

youcallthatacting12 karma

Ever been killed by your girlfriend with a shovel?

PatrickSane20 karma

LOL! I have....very recently in fact

lesoup9012 karma

Have you ever been to prison?

PatrickSane21 karma

Luckily No.

youcallthatacting22 karma

Ever did anything you should be in prison for?

PatrickSane107 karma

Haven't we all?

saywhat18111 karma

Did you have any fake tattoos applied for that scene?

PatrickSane22 karma

I did, quite a few actually. It didn't play in the scene the way it was edited and lit but they put a swaztika on my face. my idea actually.

youcallthatacting11 karma

How many days were you on set for this?

PatrickSane22 karma

one, very long day. about 14 hours.

manolox708 karma

Wow. Really is shocking how a 5 minute scene can take so long to shoot.

PatrickSane7 karma

They put a ton of work into that show. That is what makes it great.

DrPencil77711 karma

hey to all :)

PatrickSane15 karma


champ125811 karma

What is Bryan Cranston like in between takes? Does he joke around or stay in character?

PatrickSane16 karma

He can joke around quite a bit. He is a great guy. But when it's action time he is all pro!

Destinyman5010 karma

How were you treated by the cast and crew?

Do you favorite memory from the set?

Who was your favorite person to work with?

PatrickSane20 karma

I was treated excellently. I flubbed a line when it was my shot and my co star Michael Bowen wited a beat and gave me my cue again and we kept on rolling, that is my favorite moment. To be so new at acting and have a veteran actor just get your back like that was an honor

navyvinny10 karma

How was the tension while recording the scene in the motel? Was the tension all on camera? Or was there some left over after the scene, like a dark feeling?

PatrickSane11 karma

With actors like that, the tension was palpable during the shoot. All those guys fed that scene on every single take. when it was done the tension fades pretty quickly.

CajunKickass10 karma

Are you rooting for Walt or do you want to see him pay for being such a cruel, evil bastard?

(Btw, I want him to come out on top :D)

PatrickSane21 karma

I can't help but root for him...

AllWineNoBeer9 karma

Hi Patrick, I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some of our fan boy questions. Is there a chance that you will be making an appearance in the final 8 episodes? I hope so since you were so great in the last. Thanks!

PatrickSane10 karma

There is a chance but I cannot say for sure. I certainly hope so. and you're welcome, Thanks for having me on the sight.

kotooni8 karma

What was your reaction to the prison murder scene? I thought it was grizzly as hell...

PatrickSane14 karma

Yeah it was, that las vegas crooner soundtrack was perfect

Glueless8 karma

What is your favorite show of all time (to watch) ?

PatrickSane15 karma

I really liked Lost untill the last season. I am digging Breaking Bad a lot but I am only half way through the third season. Truth is I don't have much time to watch TV anymore. Or movies for that matter.

Glueless5 karma

I'm guessing the lack of time is really a good thing huh? You should steal some props from the BB set , it'll be worth a lot in the coming decades :D

PatrickSane14 karma

The lack of time is a good thing. I wouldn't gangsta props from that show but a buddy of mine gave me a huge bag of blue rock candy.

krwck7 karma

I dont have any questions. I just wanna say I appreciate what you do man. Good job on Breaking Bad!

PatrickSane11 karma

Thanks Bro! I appreciate that!

bfisher917 karma

Any ideas if those characters will come back in season 5 part two?

PatrickSane7 karma

Hopin so, not sure though.

SeaBearPA6 karma

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

PatrickSane10 karma

I am half way through the third season so I amm way behind you guys. not much time for Tv these days

kopo276 karma

Hey Patrick! Great work and happy early birthday! Mine is toward the end of the month too. Who is this Garrison dude who comments on all of your profile pictures and why does he not have his own meme yet? Lets make this happen people!

PatrickSane7 karma

Thank you, Happy Birthday back at ya! He's actually my mentor. Hit him up and ask him!

tmbgisrealcool6 karma

Hi! I work in sales!

PatrickSane9 karma

Hi! So do I.... sorta

Mudcrab_Merchant6 karma

Hey, Mr. Sane! Great job on the show! One of my favorite things about Breaking Bad is that the minor characters are just as believable as the major actors. The writing of the show helps, of course. But, it also has to do with the hard work of the great actors that they hire for the roles.

Most of the questions I had for you have already been answered. But, I live near Beaumont, TX and since you're from Houston, could you recommend a lesser-known restaurant/bar that I should go to next time I'm in Houston? I want to be able to say "Walt's prison contact sent me here" When I go.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

PatrickSane7 karma

What kind of bars do you like?

Mudcrab_Merchant5 karma

Usually Low key bars where i can usually get a bar stool and can hear conversations with other people instead of the DJ music. Preferably independently owned.

PatrickSane5 karma

Check out a place called Big Star and there's a european wine bar called Boheme.

nico42406 karma

I don't suppose you know the title of the painting Walt commented on in your big scene? By the way, you sis a great job! Thanks for popping in on Reddit!

PatrickSane6 karma

Your Welcome and I do not know the name. Seems like I was told it or read it somewhere. Must have forgot.

bloodyfknmess5 karma

Hello Mr. Sane, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I am wondering do you watch the show, and if so did you watch it before you got the gig? Also, who is your favorite character? Thanks again!

PatrickSane5 karma

I did watch some of it before I got the gig. So many great characters, I don't think I have a favorite.

ForeverARedditer5 karma

Did you feel overwhelmed on professional sets, or was it comfortable? Also, did you get to hang out with people on set, or did you just do your scene and leave? Great job!

PatrickSane5 karma

I was made to feel at home there. I have been on other proffesional sets and at this point feel pretty comfortable. Me and my fellow Nazis went and hung out at the bar at my hotel for a couple hours after. It was a good time, Thanks !

Carpathicus4 karma

Did you leave your makeup on? ;) .

PatrickSane2 karma

I did not. Michael did though alll the way back to LA. He was delayed at security for quite a while he tells me.

DiamondShoals4 karma

How did you get chosen to cast as this character? Have you done any simular roles? The scene was a very intersting one with neat charcters!

PatrickSane7 karma

I was chosen from an audition tape through my agent. I tend to play a lot of bad guys, no Nazi gang members until now.

DiamondShoals6 karma

Did you sport any black flag tats for the role? Haha

PatrickSane12 karma

No but it's a TV party Tonight!

youcallthatacting4 karma

How different is working on a tv set vs. independent movies?

PatrickSane7 karma

Well, the time spent on a scene is probably the major difference. The coverage on the breaking bad set was insane compared to the 2 or 3 takes done on an Indi. Luxurious actually.

ElHeisenberg3 karma

Do you know if you will recur in any other episodes next season?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

PatrickSane5 karma

I don't know yet. Your welcome.

AirBear7243 karma

What was it like working with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? You did an amazing job by the way!! :)

PatrickSane6 karma

It was an honor dude! Aaron wsan't on set that day but Brian was totally cool.

PatrickSane6 karma

And thank you man!

williambell133 karma

Hey Patrick, is there any chance of you coming back on for another episode?

PatrickSane5 karma

There is a chance, but I won't know til later in the year.

theragincaucasion3 karma

Hello Mr. Sane! How are you today? Who is the biggest "jokester" on the set? What are some funny stories about your on set experience? Who would you say you are closest to on the show? By the, you are awesome sir.

PatrickSane5 karma

I am gettin over being sick, but finally feeling better. thanks for asking. most of on set was focused on work. Brian was way cool and we made some Jokes about bad tattoos. Me and Michael Bowen talk on the phone pretty regular. I feel there is a lot I can learn from him.

SmallTownMinds3 karma

You mentioned in another comment that you had/have friends in the Texas music scene and somewhere else, Black Flag was mentioned.

What kind of music do you listen to and where in Texas has the best music scene in your opinion?

Any local Texas bands that you actively enjoy or support?

PatrickSane4 karma

My participation in the music scene in Texas is almost non existent these days. There are a few here in town that I support mostly because I know the people in the band. Southern Backtones, The last place you look, Pale, Blue October to name a few. My Texas music scene days was in the 90's

SmallTownMinds3 karma

Right on brother! I'm in a Folk/Punk Rock band primarily based in the DFW area.

Thanks for responding, and congrats on being involved with the greatest television show of all time, best of luck to you in the future.

PatrickSane2 karma

Much appreciated dude!

Tyle3253 karma

Would you rather suck 100 dick sized horses or, 1 horse sized dick?

PatrickSane23 karma

Trick question dude.

PatrickSane3 karma

Thanks again guys. Gonna go chill with my girl. I will pop in and catch up on questions over the next few days.

Pragmaticus3 karma

Will you be appearing in any of the final eight episodes?

PatrickSane3 karma

Not sure yet. Hopin so.

PistonBroke3 karma

Thanks for the AMA. How much of your time is spent auditioning for roles? And what kind of ratio is it for auditions to landing an actual screen role?

PatrickSane4 karma

Lately I have not spent as much time as I should be on auditioning. I have been lucky enough to be able to put some projects together with some people out here without that process. I feel like I have been very fortunate on my audition ratio. I have definitely lost more than I have gotten. That reminds me I need to get my ass back to the auditioning grind!

CatoAsAPun2 karma

I just checked your IMDB page and it got me thinking...what's it like having an IMDB page?

PatrickSane3 karma

I suppose it is part of the actor thing. I'm glad it isn't empty..

Tuco_bell2 karma

When you guys talked about killing bin laden even though the year was supposed to be 2009-2010. How long was it before you realized your guys little error? But on a different note I loved you in breaking bad and keep up the acting!

PatrickSane2 karma

I have heard this before. I'm not aware of the timeline, that stuff is up to the writer.

Filmitforme2 karma

Hi Mr. Sane, you did a great job and I wanted to thank you for the AMA.

You mentioned that you gave your character a backstory, could you tell us a bit more about it ?

PatrickSane2 karma

I have seen a few documentaries on arian gangs. I try to generate a fsmily situation that leads to someone living a life that ends them up in prison. Excellent writing, which is the case with Breaking Bad helps alot. There is an obvious dynamic layed out in the script of who those 3 guys are. So I try to take my story foundation and the script and through imagination connect the dots in a plausible way until they meet in the middle.

Sven__Hoek2 karma

Was your character and the others in the motel room a one time thing, or are you guys going to make another appearance?

Also would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

PatrickSane6 karma

I don't know. They haven't told us yet and when they do I will not be able to say anything about it. Thay keep the story under wraps until it airs. I hope so though.

PatrickSane15 karma

Ducks can't fight worth a shit and neither can stumpy horses

jlight1192 karma

I thought you were awesome in Breaking Bad! Hopefully we see some more of you! Sorry, I don't know what to ask, haha! Anyways, best of luck with your acting career! :)

PatrickSane4 karma

Thank You!! You guys are as cool as I was told you were on this sight!

PatrickSane3 karma

Cool, Thanks man!

Su_Hua2 karma

Where in Houston are you from?

PatrickSane3 karma

I'm in a part of town called The Heights

Su_Hua2 karma

Thats awesome! I love to see Houstonians getting some time in front of the camera. We got the next Patrick Swayze on our hands. Im from Clear Lake.

PatrickSane2 karma

Word! Shout ot to CL!

playaplayadog1 karma

your twitter avi is creepy. keep up the good work though. *watches my back

PatrickSane1 karma

Yeah, I'm stuck in creeperville with characters these days.

derekferguson9421 karma

Are there any actors in particular you would love to work with? Also, you did a smashing job in that episode!

PatrickSane1 karma

That is a huge list, not something I actually contemplate specifically and Thank you!

Twisted_Haze1 karma

Would you say Breaking Bad has really given you a break in acting and can we expect to see you in anything else any time? (:

PatrickSane2 karma

It is a big help to be on that show. So far it hasn't turned into anything directly connected to the role on a national level. It has helped me get auditions to bigger films though. we shall see.

BillWeld1 karma

I would think it's hard to learn much about the kind of guy you were playing but he seemed to have some depth. How did you keep him from being a stock villain?

PatrickSane2 karma

I don't find it hard to learn about a character like that. I watch a lot of documentaries about these kinds of subjects and google has info on everything. It's just a matter of working at it and training.

RobinReborn1 karma

Are you going to be in the next season?

PatrickSane2 karma

Don't know yet. Hopin so.

PatrickSane1 karma

Again, Thanks for havin me on the site! I think I answered everyone. I will check back when I can and see if I missed anyone. If I missed somone, repost the question and I'll do my best to answer it.

CruiseDude1 karma

All of those guys looked so awesome! Keep up the good work!

PatrickSane2 karma

Thanks man!

mattisaverage1 karma

What did you do to "get into character" on a daily basis?

PatrickSane1 karma

Depends on the character and the day. Some days I don't at all. When I am working (on a shoot) I have different methods. A lot of the methods I have used are described in some of my other answers here.

bhath011 karma

Hey loved the scene in BrBa with you and the guy who played devil on justified. What was it like working with Michelle MacLaren? What did she do differently and/or better than other directors you've worked with? Did you get a chance to see Michael Slovis, the DP, at work? If so what was he like to work with? Thanks a lot man and hope to see you in the next 8 episodes.

PatrickSane1 karma

She was fantastic to work with and I believe Michael was shooting our scene. They were both (if I have the Dp correct) fantastic to work with and I could see right away a crazy high attention to detail from Michelle. That is something I haven't seen much of so far. She was extremely pleasant to work with and be re-directed by.

lawlshane1 karma

fantastic job! What's on your agenda next?

PatrickSane1 karma

I am working on a few film projects right now. planning on getting involved in the Louisianna film market.

righteoustaco1 karma

How does it feel knowing that you were in the best TV show of all time?

PatrickSane2 karma


[deleted]1 karma


PatrickSane2 karma

Back Story work mostly. I have a few other things I do, but I keep those to myself. trade secret.

Jessefrombreakingbad1 karma

How did it feel to kill all those people at once?

PatrickSane2 karma

Ahh, just a days work...

jordangracey1 karma

Hey man!

No question here, but a couple of weeks ago I was at an open mic here in Houston and talking to a friend of a friend. He said that one of his friends (you) were on a recent episode of Breaking Bad, but wasn't sure what scene you were in. He described you and I went through and rewatched it and was guessing it was you. Small world! Unfortunately I don't remember the guys name though haha.

PatrickSane1 karma

Interesting, I will see if I can find out.

andrewapicture1 karma

Any words of advice for a fellow aspiring Texan actor?

PatrickSane3 karma

Keep at it! Grind, grind, grind

second_ary1 karma

what part of houston? i'm from alief. nice to see cool things coming from houston.

PatrickSane3 karma

The Heights, Shout out to Alief!

captaincrunk821 karma

One of my good friends here (and a regular of mine) in Houston told me to watch out for you on the episode. I want to say that it's Chris Wilson. Does this ring a bell? When you come back, I'd love to buy you a beer, great job!

PatrickSane1 karma

Chris Wilson does not ring a bell but a beer sounds good!

Smike051 karma

What do you think is going to happen during the second half of season 5?

PatrickSane2 karma

I have no idea, I'm not even half way through season 3 myself.

livinglikec1 karma

Yo, just wanted to say what up and u did a good job on BB. Peace:)

PatrickSane2 karma

Thank you and what up!

sunscooter1 karma

Random question here, Patrick. Who is the other extra in that scene? I think he was sitting on the bed, iirc. It bugs me that I recognize him from another TV show or movie, but I can't figure out which one.

PatrickSane1 karma

The other Actor is Kevin Rankin, he has been in a ton of stuff, you may have seen him on lost. The term extra implies people in the background that have no lines or real character.

Iforgotmyother_name1 karma

You looked really sad when the other nazi turned down your suggestion on using other gangs. That was actually the one time I looked at a breaking bad side situation and said, "what the hell was that all about?"

PatrickSane1 karma

Interesting....I wonder what the hell that was about?