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You had me at Out of Time Man. What a ride! Thank you so much!

I read somewhere that you tried to talk Vince out of the Badfinger piece in the finale. Is that true? If so, what did you want? I think the way it turned out is fine but I have to admit it feels very different from the other season finales. But then, the whole episode is very different.


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I'd love to hear some stories--what's it like being recognized from the show?

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It's hard to picture Victor singing hymns. God bless you brother.

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So much for the bad guys. Who are the good guys?

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Listened to WWGF a few months ago and am now down 20 lbs. Woo hoo! Thanks!

I stumbled across Sugar Busters the other day. Did those guys influence you at all? Were they mostly right?