RJ Mitte co-stars on the Emmy-winning AMC drama, Breaking Bad, as the son of the cancer-stricken high school science teacher turned drug manufacturer played by Bryan Cranston. Just as his character on the show, Walter White Jr,, has cerebral palsy so does Mitte, although Mitte’s is a milder form of the disability. RJ will next be seen starring as Tim in the upcoming fantasy thriller feature film House of Last Things which screened at the first ever Paris Film Festival. RJ appears in the new documentary film “CinemAbility”. It is a detailed look at the evolution of disability in entertainment and features a who’s who of Hollywood: RJ, Ben Affleck, Jamie Foxx, Gary Sinise, and David Milch, among others. He recently had a guest-starring role on the CBS hit Vegas.


Thank you guys for the great questions- please follow me on twitter @RJMitte! I will do this again then the new season starts up.

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Cbakeractor2550 karma

RJ! Charles Baker, AKA "Skinny Pete" here. Long time no see! I was wondering if you are aware of how much of an inspiration you are to other young actors with disabilities? How does that affect you personally, and what advice would you give them?

rjmitte1646 karma

Hey dude! If I am an inspiration I am happy to be- the best advice I can give is stay strong and stay calm, and pursue your dreams.

LuisMoncada1514 karma

Welcome to Reddit Homie. Who's funnier :Brian or Dean?

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rjmitte1159 karma

But really you!

IPOOPonUCLA741 karma

Hey RJ huge Breaking Bad fan here!I have one question: I am best friends with a midget who used to live in the apartment next to you in Burbank, CA, I remember going swimming with you and just wondering if you remember us?

rjmitte1041 karma

Yes, he was my neighbor- I remember y'all

malus93655 karma

What's your favorite line of dialogue in Breaking Bad?

rjmitte2486 karma

Magnets bitch.

ElHeisenberg590 karma


Despite your character appearing in every episode, I felt that his role in the show has been toned down. Will Walter Jr. play more of a major role in the remaining episodes in the season?

What are some other projects you will be working on in the future after Breaking Bad ends?

Thanks for doing the AMA, and I am looking forward to the rest of Season 5.

rjmitte995 karma

Yes, my character has a major role this year- I am excited- it is going to be interesting.

I have some stuff here and there, I am really just concentrating on this last season, and hopefully picking up a new show.

rjmitte516 karma

Thank you guys for the great questions- please follow me on twitter @RJMitte!

I will do this again then the new season starts up.

bandarbush486 karma

Bryan Cranston told Howard Stern you are CRUSHING it with the ladies - admit it, you do Walt Jr, with the forearm crutches, to get their sympathy, don't you?

rjmitte1725 karma

Even before Walt Jr. I was always good with the ladies.

BadGameBoy483 karma

Seeing how your character doesn't know of Walt's illegal activity, how much of the plot do do you know about before the show airs? Do you get a full script or see a viewing before it is on TV?

rjmitte669 karma

They black out some parts of the script- but we get full scripts, and they are outstanding!

JEardley474 karma

RJ, It would actually make my evening if you just replied with a smiley face. :)

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krispykracker1377 karma

Is it common for people (fans) to refer to you as Flynn or Walt Jr in real life?Do you think you are shadowed by Walt Jr/Flynn more than you'd like?

rjmitte1049 karma

Yes and no- mostly people wonder how I am walking

mandalorianmercenary338 karma

Who is your favorite minor character on Breaking Bad?

rjmitte1414 karma

I don't mind Holly.

azzurri10325 karma

A lot of people have been speculating/speculated on how the story ends for Walt Jr, dying in a car accident or eventually trying his fathers meth have been some of the more popular ones (though I personally think these are a little out there)

Did/do you ever speculate or think about how it would/will all end for your character?

Thanks for doing this ama by the way!

rjmitte546 karma

I just hope a blaze of glory, but who knows, it is going to be a crazy ride

mr_mastodon_farm241 karma

Since we really only ever see you with your family, who on the show, dead or alive, would you [have] most like[d] to do a scene with?

rjmitte615 karma

Hopefully I will have a scene with Aaron and Bryan soon.

edify234 karma

Hey RJ. First of all, thanks for reaching out to reddit. The character you portray on Breaking Bad is extremely convincing and you're definitely a fan favorite around here.

I know that it was quite some time ago now, but what can you tell us about your audition(s) for the role of Walt Jr? The casting folks really scored big when they discovered you. I was also curious if you ever had the pleasure of meeting the late Shari Rhodes during or after that process.

Edit: /u/bloodyfknmess My MAN! You did a great job setting this whole thing up.

rjmitte285 karma

I auditioned 5 times, 4 in LA, and 1 in New Mexico, and had the screen test immediately after. Same day I flew back to LA, packed up, and flew back to New Mexico to film.

Yes, i know Shari, she pushed for me for my role.

pandaprincess225 karma

Hey RJ, what do you like to do for fun, besides being awesome on BrBa?

rjmitte927 karma

Being awesome is a full time job

rjmitte765 karma

But I like to hike, paintball, fishing, surfing

bandarbush209 karma

Is it pronounced "Mitt" or "Mit-eee" I've heard your co-stars say it both ways?

rjmitte316 karma

Mitte' like the town in Germany

smeddit188 karma


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sch1490185 karma

Have you gotten any valuable advice from your fellow cast members about acting or life in general? If so would you care to share some of those titbits with us?

rjmitte610 karma

They all have an opinion about my dating life...

Vernes_Jewels177 karma

Who would win in a fight you or Erik Per Sullivan aka Dewy on Malcom in the Middle?

rjmitte352 karma

Taking bets...

brungy155 karma

Hey RJ!

Two questions:

  1. Will there be an extended series finale?
  2. What do you think of all the crazy fan theories? (IE all of the colors)

Thanks dude!

rjmitte336 karma

You will just have to wait and see..

And I love fan theories - there is some truth in all of them.

onetruepurple143 karma

What is the one scene you would have liked to shoot, but haven't?

rjmitte381 karma

A scene with Aaron and Bryan.

apkorol130 karma


What has been your favorite scene to film for Breaking Bad so far? Huge fan of you and the show!

rjmitte288 karma

The car with Bryan and I

othankevan126 karma


I am, as everyone else here, a huge fan of Breaking Bad and ALL of the cast. I have just a few questions, if you felt the need to answer them, I'd be insanely beside myself.

  • What is it like working with such an awesome cast?

  • Do you feel close to anyone in particular of the BB cast?

  • What is House of Last Things about?

  • How did it feel calling Skyler a bitch?

Thank you! And keep being insanely awesome.

rjmitte258 karma

It's amazing, because it makes me bring more to the table.

A super natural thriller that we will be releasing sometime this year.

It was hard, I really care about Anna, I really care about all the people I get to work with they are family to me.

AwkwardSegue100 karma

First of all, it’s so great to have you here. I’m a huge fan of the show (of course) and I love your performance. I’ve heard you speak out against bullying in interviews. What was it like to go through middle and high school with cerebral palsy? Also, what effect did it have on the difficulty of making a career for yourself in the acting world?

rjmitte226 karma

I was bullied in elementary and middle school - I had a lot of friend rallying around me for support.

In the acting- the same, I've always had people to support me. But my disability has not effected me as it has effected other people.

reganomics0886 karma

Did you choose the Challenger?

rjmitte167 karma

No, but I liked it!

BadGameBoy79 karma

Is using the crutches still difficult for you seeing how you do not use them in real life? Do you ever practice, or have you mastered them?

rjmitte182 karma

I used them when i was a kid and I know how to work them- it's not difficult or easy, it's just something I have to do for the character.

hheisenberg77 karma

do you watch the walking dead?

rjmitte210 karma

Yes, good show!

Bensonnn73 karma

Firstly, how did you feel about the ending of lost? And can you promise us that breaking bad won't flop in the same way?

Also, be my valentine. Seriously.

rjmitte245 karma

Trust me it is not going to be a flop.

BadGameBoy70 karma

Do you wish you had more screen time with characters like Jesse and Gus?

rjmitte142 karma

Yes, but I y'all will see soon enough

shadowofahelicopter66 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. How far are you into filming Season 5 Part 2, and has Vince finished writing the finale yet? Are the first six episodes of the last eight as exciting as you were expecting and hoped it to be?

rjmitte130 karma

Half way through- we never know what Vince is writing until a week before we film it, now sure how many episodes we have left. And Vince had written the last episodes but we have yet to see them.

chippatharippa56 karma

Cereal or pancakes?

rjmitte105 karma


tighemyshoe54 karma

First off thank you so much for doing this, You don't know just how awesome this is to us fans.

Now question time, What's it like offset? Do you all like to joke around or is it all serious all the time? Thanks again for doing this :)

rjmitte112 karma

We all joke around, it's like a family. It's a very comfortable and welcoming set.

CircleAddict51 karma

What have been your favorite and least favorite scenes to shoot & why?

rjmitte154 karma

There are no least favorites- but my new favorites ones are coming up y'all see why soon

Timtheezy47 karma

Hey RJ, two quick questions: Do you drive like Walt Jr. in real life? And how is your relationship with the other actors you don't get to work with, like Aaron and Giancarlo?

rjmitte78 karma

Yes I drive, but not like Jr. and we all have a great working relationship.

atrocities43 karma

Prepare for the Breakfast comments!

So someone else wanted to know anything you can tell us about the finale? - eg if it's going to be feature length/normal episode. Only answer if you can/allowed to etc.

To get the part of Walt Jr, did you respond to an offer knowing the part was cast as a teen with CP? Or was that worked around your own situation?

Do you find that you have to catch yourself out where you aren't overacting/underacting the CP component of the character, as I understand it your own case is milder. Does that present challenges in knowing if you pushed it too far/not enough?

Thanks heaps for doing the AMA by the way. We've only got a few characters more and most of the main cast will have done one!

rjmitte140 karma

The character was written with a disability, the character was written as an homage for a friend of Vinces- I find when I play Walt Jr. I don't have to underplay it or overplay it. My case is milder, but I've been playing my character for 6 years I know how his CP would behave as I know my CP would behave.

Bloodblitz612140 karma

Just an off the bat question: other than acting, what other activities/jobs do you wish to pursue other than acting? Like, maybe underwater basket weaving or something?

rjmitte84 karma

I want to get into real estate, I've always had admiration for SWAT and military.

Azngeorge34 karma

what do your parents think about you acting?

rjmitte75 karma

They support me, so does my little sister

HappyFootInNose34 karma

Will you be making any more cameos, like you did on Vegas? I would like to be looking forward to seeing you on other TV shows as well as Breaking Bad.

rjmitte70 karma

In the works!

shifty103223127 karma

Hey RJ. What is the best story from set involving you and Dean Norris?

BTW, I love Breaking Bad. One of my favorites.

rjmitte67 karma

It's always a trip working with Dean...

gr187326 karma

What has been the most surprising aspect that you've found working on a show like Breaking Bad?

rjmitte58 karma

Working on a show like Breaking Bad- it has been an amazing ride and it is sad to see it come to an end

MitchTheTerrible24 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA, how much of a parallel do you personally think there is between your character and Jesse?

rjmitte47 karma

Quite a bit

BadGameBoy24 karma

Seeing how Breaking Bad is what you are best known for, do you feel it has opened new acting opportunities for you? And do you feel that your disability has limited your possibilities for new roles?

rjmitte49 karma

Yes it has opened tremendous doors for me, and no I'm sure it does limit, but I don't let that effect it.

surrenderthenight20 karma

What was going through your character's mind when Walt called him Jesse? Did Walt Jr. just figure that his dad was tired/out of it?

rjmitte46 karma

It put a question in my mind, "Who is that?"

Azngeorge20 karma

Welcome RJ to Reddit! My first question is what was it like to work with Bryan Cranston, were you nervous to go with such an experienced actor?

rjmitte34 karma

Everyday- but it's an amazing experience. It's an honor to work with him.

doggiedoter18 karma

What was the hardest emotion to portray in the series, given the complex situations?

Such as portraying being the son of a dad with cancer, having a dad with his complex personality or the tough relationship with Skylar? How do you prepare to show these emotions that are hard to relate to in real life?

Thanks for doing the AMA, you were brilliant in the series and I cant wait for the final episodes!

rjmitte37 karma

When you are in the moment, and working with amazing actors, it makes you raise the bar

bmetzgie13 karma

Thanks for doing this!

  1. How do you like Albuquerque compared to other cities?
  2. What's your favorite site to film at?
  3. Do you know how Breaking Bad ends? You don't have to tell us how, I'm just wondering if you've seen the script for the last episode.

Thanks for reading! I hope you take the time to answer!

rjmitte21 karma

I enjoy Abq it's like a second home to me, and I enjoy filming in general.

Rorschach_Hurm10 karma

What is (besides Breaking Bad of course) your favorite scripted television drama of all time?

What is it like working under Vince Gilligan and what is one word you would use to describe him?

Besides acting, do you have any other creative interests or aspirations career wise?

How awesome is it being on the best show on television?

rjmitte23 karma

A big fan of Walking Dead- anything AMC makes really


Yes, but we'll see where they take me It's pretty awesome

apkorol9 karma

Are you doing this AMA from New Mexico?

rjmitte13 karma

No Los Angeles today