We AM A forgotten movie duo called JAY & SILENT BOB! We am also Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith! Ask (to Mouth) Us Anything!

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Kevin Smith is the fat guy who got thrown off the plane. He also made CLERKS once.

Jason Mewes plays Jay in the View Askew movies and stars in his own weekly podcast, JAY & SILENT BOB GET OLD.

@ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes

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CowardlyGamer1167 karma

Hey Kev and Mewes. Love the podcast, congratulations on staying strong and off drugs!

My question is for Jason, how long have you been clean and sober now?

KevinSmithJasonMewes2279 karma

882 days today,thank you for asking and for listening :)

KevinSmithJasonMewes620 karma


As soon as I twist this ticket to paradise closed, I'm gonna tell you anything you wanna know.

Meantime, feast your eyes on a 14 year old Kev Smith... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151114693251930&set=a.77596326929.88348.6985046929&type=1 Non-Facebook: http://silentbobspeaks.com/?p=439

Contemplate THAT shit and I'll be right back...

KevinSmithJasonMewes496 karma


So many questions unanswered, but after three hours, I gotta go! Thanks for Asking Me and Mewes Anything. And don't forget to watch the world premiere of JAY & SILENT BOB GO DOWN UNDER on Epix tonight!

Or watch it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW (there is no other place I'd rather be) with an EPIX FREE TRIAL: http://www.epixhd.com/jay-and-silent-bob-go-down-under/

This'll likely be the last reddit I do this year, so I'd like to offer my thanks to all you redditors for popping your heads in and asking questions during the 3 or 4 AMAs I've done in 2012.

And next time, please - let's keep it to RAMPART-only questions, okay?


Jesr216346 karma

Jay and Silent Bob vs. the Zombie Apocalypse. When?!?

KevinSmithJasonMewes1286 karma


In 2001, Bob Weinstein (the head of Dimension) suggested I make Jay & Silent Bob follow in the footsteps of cinematic history's greatest comedy duos and have them meet monsters - just like Abbot and Costello.

"We've got Pinhead from HELLRAISER," Bob said. "Michael Myers from HALLOWEEN. The creepy kids from CHILDREN IN THE CORN. These are the modern-day monsters. Next movie with Jay and Silent Bob, they gotta meet the monsters."

Opening scene: Jay and Bob are playing with the HELLRAISER puzzle box. They twist the box into position and a doorway opens, pulling them into a horrifying world beyond their comprehension: REHAB!


KevinSmithJasonMewes433 karma

JASON: Damn i Hope SOON

heylookitspoop278 karma

Hello Kevin and Jason! I'll try to keep this brief. I've met both of you, Jason at the monster mania con in cherry hill, NJ and Kevin I waited in line for 8 hours at the stash in 2006 and it was worth every minute. I had just beaten cancer and got artificial hips just a year prior and it was the first "big thing" I did after my recovery, and I really cherish the 2 minutes I got to chat with you. Part if the reason why I'm such a huge fan is because you're both so fan appreciative. so thank you for that. Anyway, let's get to my questions.

Jason: If you could relive one moment form your life over and over, what would it be?

Kevin: Same question as above. And out of every piece of work you've ever done, movies, comics, podcasts etc, which are you most proud of, and which would you consider the biggest highlight of your career?

I also want to add that my mom worked security on the set of Jersey Girl in paulsboro. She said it was the coolest thing she ever experienced, being part of your movie. She passed away 2 years ago. She lead a pretty turbulent life, so thanks for giving her something positive and something she was able to look back on fondly. Also, a train carrying some chemicals derailed in paulsboro this morning, they had to evacuate the town. Just sayin'.

KevinSmithJasonMewes519 karma

JASON: The moment i held my puppy Jersey. When i first got her and picked her up was un forgettable.

KevinSmithJasonMewes517 karma


The moment I'd relive over and over is the first time Jen Schwalbach sexed me up. The good news: I DO get to relive it over and over, because she still fucks like that frisky 20-something I first felt-up back in 1998. You know how you know that's an honest response? My ol' lady will never see this and I STILL wrote it. She's the Einstein of fucking my fat ass!

Loved the story about your Mom. Sorry she's not around anymore...

Redditor5StandingBy226 karma

Being Star Wars fans, how do you feel about Disney acquiring the rights and planning on releasing new movies? What would you do differently to the series after the negative feelings towards Ep. I-III?

-Any plans on returning to the Talking Dead? How does the process work on who the guests are? How can we make sure Sarah Silverman and Joel Madden never return?

KevinSmithJasonMewes259 karma


  • Here's what I thought about the Disney/Lucasfilm deal.


  • I think they didn't have me on TALKING DEAD this season because I was on twice last year. Also: I was already all over AMC as the host of AMC FearFest, so having me on TALKING DEAD as well might've been redundant enough for folks to turn off their sets.

This Sunday is the season finale of our post-DEAD show COMIC BOOK MEN, but we come back in February. Maybe they'll let me back on TALKING DEAD by then! Start bugging that adorable Nerdist boy about it...

Jabbatheslann191 karma

I've seen a bunch of stuff that you've posted on facebook about not giving up, and keeping at your dreams.

What's the hardest part about dealing with criticism or potential criticism?

Really though, I just wanted to say hi to the guys who made some of my absolute favorite movies (Red State is up there as well)

KevinSmithJasonMewes304 karma

JASON: Hello

bagofwater183 karma

Kevin, how do you regard Zach and Miri among your other work? While Clerks has a very personal connection with me, and will always be my favorite, I thought Z&M was by far your best effort. Everything was just really "on" in that movie. Mewes, you stole the show in that film, too. Pulled the character off really well, possibly your best acting work to date.

KevinSmithJasonMewes294 karma

JASON: Thank you, it was one of my favorites, had lots of fun making and pulling my prick out :)

112233445566778899133 karma

I'm going to split this into two sections. The first part is the questions. The second part is just me being grateful for the stuff you two have done.

  1. Mewes mentioned in his last IAmA that he's afraid of something really bad to happen in his life because he hasn't had to face anything really shitty since he truly got clean. Kevin, does that make you nervous seeing the reality that something bad could knock him back down to the starting point?

  2. Ever planning on bringing HollyWood Babble On to Portland, OR? I missed :Smodcast when it was here, but would love to see HBO live.

Gratitude and Gushing:

About a year and a half ago, I left my emotionally abusive, crazy controlling ex husband. I found myself a single mom totally on my own. I fell back into a lot of shitty addiction behaviors for awhile. It never interfered with being a mom, but I drank whenever I got the chance and went back to self harm. I started listening to Get Old a few months into the craziness. I hit a point where I just went "Fuck it, Mewes quit heroin, I can get over all this shit." Smodcast became a big part of my life. I cleaned my act back up and even started exercising. Smodcast was with me when I ran my first 5K. Y'all have made amazing differences in a lot of people's lives. Thank you for putting all of your shit out there so people know that it's all right to go through crap and they can make it out too.

KevinSmithJasonMewes175 karma


1) I try never to worry in general. As we learned in David Mamet's SPANISH PRISONER, "Worry is interest paid in advance on a debt that never comes due."

2) Expect OREGON BABBLE-ON in the early 2013, sir!

3) You're gonna make me cry...

BrockYourSocksOff113 karma

Hello guys, are you excited for the new season of Arrested Development?

KevinSmithJasonMewes591 karma


Oh, sure - the guy on reddit is asking the guy in the three thousand dollar pants if he's excited about ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT coming back!


Yes - I'm as hard as a Frozen Banana for the return of the Bluths.

ncm3t4l102 karma

I love you guys.

KevinSmithJasonMewes177 karma

KEVIN SAYS: We love you more.

KevinSmithJasonMewes138 karma


Frajer81 karma

What was your favorite Jay and Silent Bob moment?

KevinSmithJasonMewes281 karma

JASON: Chillin with the monkey :)

PA8L078 karma

My girlfriend just split up with me after 2 years and I felt like giving up on life, then I saw my hero Kevin Smith was doing an AMA. Thankyou Kevin and Jason.

KevinSmithJasonMewes234 karma

JASON: Thank you, please don't , it will pass believe me i have been there and it does pass, Don't give up.

Kvnroach72 karma


KevinSmithJasonMewes288 karma

JASON: Right now i would say the HOBBIT

papaswings70 karma

For Kevin: George Carlin has been the biggest inspiration of my life and I still find myself quoting and living the words he spoke so true for many years. I only was able to see him live once (He was promoting "Live is Worth Losing") and unfortunately never got to meet him. How do you find yourself feeling on those days when you could turn to George for answers to questions you had?

For Jason: As promised, I brought my fat ass here because you told me to! My question for you is: What is your outlet now that you are clean and sober? Also, how often do you feel like saying "FUCK IT!" and jumping back on the wagon, and what keeps you from doing such? Also, my twitter handle is @PapaSwings, ;-)

Keep up the amazing work!

KevinSmithJasonMewes130 karma

JASON:coffee,video games are a good outlet for me and no saying FUCK IT cuz it is way to bad on the other side. The Podcast is a big help for staying on the right path and family and friends who i dread disappointing and most def all the people who listen to the podcast and say and do all the awesome kind stuff they have for ME. Thank youse!!

Griffdude1366 karma

Jason, will you tell Kev that he would be a fool to give up directing? Red State was a great film!

KevinSmithJasonMewes69 karma


dcy12358 karma

Do you guys feel that you(Mews) getting clean had some sort of effect on Bryan Johnson going to rehab for his vice? Would like a perspective by both if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks,huge fan of all smod co shows. PS: Where the fuck is the bird or did I miss it during the last weekend?

KevinSmithJasonMewes100 karma


I think Bry's so-BRY-ety isn't the same as Jay's, really. Jason has serious addiction issues in general, whereas Bryan had a pill prescription that got the best of him. Jason fights an ongoing battle to stay away from all intoxicants but Bry needed rehab solely to get off the Roxys. But make no mistake: both of them worked hard to get the monkeys off their backs.

Bry's cutting weight now, too. Just saw him in Red Bank to shoot a new show for our YouTube channel ( http://youtube.com/seesmod ). The show's called WHY, BRY?! and features Bry telling me stories of his heinous misadventures that're so puzzling, you'll have to ask "Why, Bry?!"

kmcc9313 karma

I gotta ask, why do you keep creating new shows when you have existing shows that haven't been updated in months? I love the idea of more Bry, but isn't the same thing just gonna happen? 3 or 4 clips are put up in the first month and then it goes dormant like the others.

KevinSmithJasonMewes27 karma


Seasons, son. We're doing seasons.

In January, we start S.I.T. up again with some brand new shows - including WHY, BRY?! and WALT FLANAGAN DRAWS!

While you wait, subscribe to S.I.T. and watch our old shit! http://www.youtube.com/seesmod

KevinSmithJasonMewes72 karma

JASON: I feel that it made it a little easier for the fact that i could share with him my experience. mewes

11223344556677889923 karma

I think the bird's still clinging to life after an assassination attempt.

KevinSmithJasonMewes65 karma


There are whispers... Rumors, even... that the Jonathan Livingston SalesGull - the noble Bird of Salesmanship, still lives.

Pass it on...

liamoneill8655 karma

Big fans if both of you, first question why are you so awesome, and a quick follow up how can I be more like you?

KevinSmithJasonMewes231 karma

JASON:learn to breakdance and spank twice a day, Snootch!!

blinkjc55 karma

Sup guys! Was just wondering if you two are still good friends with Jason Lee? He's fantastic in all of Kevins films so I was wondering if you all still keep in touch? Thanks!

KevinSmithJasonMewes81 karma

JASON:we still talk, he definitely is awesome in all his movies. we dont talk A LOT he is pretty busy but we do speak and hang.

jollyholliday52 karma

Jason, what's the story behind the sexy tramp stamp?

KevinSmithJasonMewes157 karma

JASON: i was in denver and thought to get a tattoo for my moms passing. her initials. Didn't realize that what i thought was sexy on a lady wouldn't be as appealing on a man. in other words didn't think that one through so much.

Snickers2430 karma

Hey Jason! Now that you got a house do you think a baby mewes is next? And hello kev..will we ever hear you on the smoring show again? Loved hearing you guys while at work...@snickz1224

KevinSmithJasonMewes52 karma

JASON: FOr sure, trying to make that happen. So yes hopefully in the next year and a half.

Winker200927 karma

Jason, Which Movie Directed by Kevin Smith was your favorite to be a part of?

Kevin, Which Film was a Favorite of Yours to Direct?

Any Chance of getting the old gang back together for another round in the View Askewniverse?

Any Advice for an wannabe director??

*Ninja Edit: Twitter Handle @BWinkdizzel #FF

KevinSmithJasonMewes123 karma

JASON: MALLRATS, i will never forget that whole experience. first movie with a full crew and STAN LEE, it was amazing and surreal .. And i had my first THREESOME :)

emilyatoday24 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for continuously putting out new material and for always being your funny selves. Your movies and pods have gotten me through some hard times, so I'm beyond thankful that you two love to make others laugh.

Jay, what is one thing in your life that you have achieved that you're most proud of?

Kevin, do you have any advice for a young aspiring director?

Thanks for doing things like this where you interact with your fans! Never give up on making people laugh; you guys are way too good to ever stop.


KevinSmithJasonMewes59 karma

JASON: Buying a house.it is something i didn't ever see happening with the path i was on.Also getting married is right up their with that same feeling.

GreyjoyKilljoy23 karma

SELFISH SUPER POWER: If you could have one super power that you could only use for personal benefit/gain, what would it be and how would you use it?

KevinSmithJasonMewes57 karma

JASON: FLIGHT so i could fly my self all over the world for more podcasting and to get electronics that might come out over seas before it comes to the states.

petenigma23 karma

Kev: I will be honest, you're one of my biggest inspirations as a writer. For that, I thank you. Now my question: as someone who wants to get into the comic book industry as a writer, what are some words of advice? Mewes: what did you think of the fact your Silence of the Lambs dance in Clerks II made it to the big screen?

Edit: Also, @PeterMelnick on the Twitter Machine.

KevinSmithJasonMewes68 karma

JASON: Was very excited. was excited to see my ManGina on the big screen.

spaceportalpha19 karma

What has been your favorite cameo to do in any movie/tv show?

KevinSmithJasonMewes40 karma


mfsnoogins19 karma

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are in the mothafucking house! Booooong! Where did the two of you meet and how did the great Jay and Silent Bob friendship come into fruition? And please tell me that there will be a sequel to JASBSB!

And props for the word snoogins, its a true pleasure to have it in my daily vocabulary!

KevinSmithJasonMewes65 karma

JASON: We met at a Community Center in NJ , we went to same school as well but he was a senior and i just a freshman. so we never spome but when i started going to the CC and so did he we had COMICS and HOCKEY in Common, SO it BEGAN. Hetro LifeMate

KevinSmithJasonMewes7 karma

JASON: Community Center in our home town,Comics and hockey brought our friendship together... thanks SNOOGINS for LIFE

jolecore20419 karma

Jay, how would one snootch their nootch? @jolecore204

KevinSmithJasonMewes77 karma

JASON: Well first you would pull out your Snootch then you would take it and one would nootch their snootch to it spit out something remarkable!

katakoon17 karma

Hey Kev! I saw you in Boston last month at the Wilbur Theater, it was a great time! You're the reason I'm getting back into filmmaking (well, let's really call it video-making for me right now), your Comic-Con Q&A and countless other Smodcasts really inspired me to get back out and create.

I don't want to make millions or become famous from film, I just want to be able to create and show off the stories I want to tell(some stories which will need money that I don't have). What advice could you give someone who just has a passion to create, and hopefully have a lot of people enjoy that creation?

Basically, you're inspiring as fuck to me and I just want you to drop off a big ol' knowledge bomb. Or, as you may say, a "big ol' juicy, knowledge-y, wisdom-y load on my hairy tits".

P.S. Also, you should totally come to a Hershey Bears game in Hershey, PA (you could MC the game!) and then do a Get Old show at the Hershey Theater. I will trade sexual favors for such an event.

KevinSmithJasonMewes85 karma


Great to hear you're getting back into art, man! Art's just plain ol' FUN.

Okay, advice for those who wanna be creative...


Our culture is bursting with so much spin, hype and sell that all it takes to be revolutionary is to simply tell the truth. Most people try to come off as best as they can to the point of artificiality. Don't project; just BE. In a world of plastic, flesh will always stand out. Don't be afraid to bring the real. You will be rewarded with an audience that will follow you forever.

Also: spelling counts. Grammar not so much (though good grammar IS a turn-on).

mcgreg31117 karma

Kevin and Jay, I really enjoyed your Hulu Spoilers show is that going to be coming back or is there a new show you guys and Ralph are working on?

KevinSmithJasonMewes25 karma

JASON: i hope so...

petenigma16 karma

Both of you: least favorite comic either of you have ever read? Also favorite from the Marvel 2099 line?

KevinSmithJasonMewes38 karma

JASON: i dont have any , I LOVE COMICCCSS!!!!

drkknight543415 karma

The Podcasts, love what you do with the smodco, how would you recommend marketing a fledgling podcast to build a bigger audience without the access to any influential connections?

KevinSmithJasonMewes29 karma


Wish I had advice for you on this, sir (or madam). But when I started SModcast over at QuickStopEnt.com 6 years ago, I already had an audience from the movies - so I started with the advantage of listeners. I didn't have to build from scratch.

But how we grew to what we are now had everything to do with spreading it around and whoring it like crazy. It's shocking how difficult it can be to make someone try something that's free. I used to get blasted by followers for Tweeting about the podcasts too much, but it's what I had to do to build the audience.

katnkc15 karma

How old were you guys when you met, and did you ever think you'd come this far? What's life like for the friends Kevin and Jay, when the cameras are off?

KevinSmithJasonMewes49 karma


I met Jay through Bry and Walt (from COMIC BOOK MEN) when I was 18 and he was 14, but I'd seen him around town long before that. Walter and Bryan hung out with him first while working at the Highlands Recreation Center and they'd tell me all about this weird kid at the Recreation Center who'd say crazy shit about sex and comic books. I kind of inherited Jason from those guys back in '89/90.

As for what we're like when the cameras aren't rolling - you can hear all about that FOR FREE on our weekly podcast, JAY & SILENT BOB GET OLD! http://smodcast.com/channels/jay-silent-bob-get-old/

Or watch us RIGHT NOW in our brand new Epix Special, JAY & SILENT BOB GO DOWN UNDER! http://www.epixhd.com/jay-and-silent-bob-go-down-under/


ilikeotters14 karma

Are you generally happy with how your careers have turned out? Or do you ever wish they would've gone a little more Affleck/Hollywood?

KevinSmithJasonMewes53 karma


I LOVE how my life turned out. I'm happy all the same folks who shit on Affleck for years after GIGLI are now kissing his ass for ARGO, but I'd rather be me than Ben - even with the weight.

The only time I ever envied Ben was when I saw his house in the Hollywood Hills for the first time. But then Ben sold me that house a decade ago (for his cost).

True story: I used to think of our place Ben's house for years after it wasn't his anymore. But I've lived in it eight years longer than Ben ever did, so now I call it MY house.

KevinSmithJasonMewes37 karma

JASON: i am happy and still feel it is surreal. no not Affleck, but i do wish i didnt have the hiccups with the drug use. i feel that if not the long stints of falling out,i would have done a few more projects then i have.but again i love what i have done and doing :)

andybbtt1111 karma

Will you PLEASE come to Chicago again for a Get Old show?!

KevinSmithJasonMewes18 karma

JASON: i am down to come back. i dig it there so we shall see what happens..

carloss5111 karma

If you were mexican wrestlers what will be your name?

KevinSmithJasonMewes19 karma


andybbtt1110 karma

I became a fan about 6 months ago, just wanted to say thanks for getting me through my commute every day!

Follow back: @andybbtt11

KevinSmithJasonMewes16 karma

JASON: Commutes can be a bitch so glad to hear!!!

Dark_ph0enix10 karma

Hey man,

Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA. What advice would you give to a potential filmmaker wanting to start out today? I know it's easier than it was in the 1990s - almost everyone walks around with a HD camera attached to their phones for instance, but how would you say folks need to go about getting their projects seen by folks.

In other words - how'd you make a film stand out, when everyone can shoot a film using a phone?

Cheers again for taking the time to answer these questions.

GARMY Strong!!

KevinSmithJasonMewes29 karma


How do you make a film stand out when everyone can shoot a film using a phone? Excellent question - and one I intentionally destroyed my film career to answer.

Marketing money is how everyone else does it. But with RED STATE, I wanted to get my movie noticed WITHOUT spending any ad money. So I made a bit of a spectacle. I recorded lots of podcasts. I bickered with hate groups. I criticized critics. I banged pots together. I did everything I could to raise awareness without raising any money to do so. It was like that Bugs and Daffy cartoon where Daffy kills himself as a massive show-closer, then laments he can only do it once.

And I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Doing RED STATE with no marketing money taught me humility and hunger again, as well as training and triumph. By taking the path that wasn't the path of least resistance, I became a better artist and entertainer. The Red State USA Tour was a rebirth of sorts, and what came in its wake was a NY Times Best Seller called TOUGH SHIT, a show on AMC called COMIC BOOK MEN, a show on Hulu called SPOILERS, a live touring business, S.I.R., S.I.T and all the shit that's about to break in 2013 that you DON'T know about yet.

In an overcrowded, expensive marketplace, I spared NOTHING and NOBODY in order to make RED STATE stand out... But I spent next to nada to do so.

TheCincinnatiKid9 karma

Hey Kevin and Jay, love you guys! Just a few small questions.

I know you have talked about wanting to do Clerks 3 as a Broadway show. You guys will also film that right...at least the stage adaptation? Would love to finally see what's up with those characters once and for all.

Also, what other projects (besides Hit Something!) do you have in the pipeline?

And lastly, what is the most quoted line that either of you get from fans you encounter in your daily quests?

Love your work, sirs.

KevinSmithJasonMewes12 karma

JASON: mine would probably Dutch Rudder or to sing the Fuck Song, And Thank you. http://www.epixhd.com/freetrial

Armonasch6 karma

I'm a huge fan, loved all your movies and podcasts, thanks for being so damn funny. My question for you is this: What do you think your lives would be like without podcasting? Because it seems to be massively important to both of you.

Thanks for doing all you do.

Snoochie boochies

KevinSmithJasonMewes11 karma

JASON:i think it would be filled with less kevin and less interaction with all the lovely people i get to see and talk with. The podcast has brought kevin and i closer and we get to spend lots of time together because of it. Also my wife who is part of smodcast. she gets to travel all over with us.and again i get to meet all the interesting awesome folks who come to the show. Thank You