Hello Breaking Bad Redditors! We are the Production/Writing staff on the television show Breaking Bad, and we recently wrote and produced an exclusive scene for the Blu-ray and DVD release of the Fifth Season, which was just released today. The scene is called “Chicks n’ Guns” and stars Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk & Charles Baker. Here is a further look into “Chicks n’ Guns” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeMZqcXImoc

In attendance: -Michelle MacLaren--Executive Producer/Director of Chicks and Guns -Gordon Smith--Writers' Assistant/Writer of Chicks and Guns -Jenn Carroll--Script Coordinator/Writer of Chicks and Guns -Trevor Baker--Post Coordinator/Editor of Chicks and Guns

We are very excited to chat with you guys and we will start to answer your questions at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST!

Hey, guys! We're here. Here's proof: http://i.imgur.com/vEkwjjP.jpg?1

[EDIT] You guys are awesome, and we're answering as fast as we can! Keep those questions coming...

[EDIT] Michelle's heading back to the editing room, but Gordon, Trevor, and Jenn are going to stick around for another few minutes!

Michelle: Thanks for watching and hope you like the final 8!

[EDIT] Alright, we gotta get back to work. Thanks so much for having us!! Check out The Fifth Season on Blu-Ray and DVD today, and tune in August 11 for the Final 8! xoxoxo, Jenn, Gordon, and Trevor.

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LuisMoncada346 karma

Hello Michelle, Welcome to Reddit! Just wanted to let you know that You're the BEST Director/Producer I have ever had the pleasure to work with :) My Question: What were your thoughts when you had to come and tell us that our characters were going to die?

BreakingBadStaff175 karma

Michelle: I was scared. Just kidding. You and Daniel are such sweethearts. We were sad to see your characters go, but I was excited that you guys were going to have such great send offs. I always say it's great to die on Breaking Bad because you're likely going to go out in a memorable way.

Surfingmonkeyshow229 karma

Hey guys, It's David Ury (I played Spooge in season two). Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the show. Thanks for all your great work. I can't wait to see Chicks n' Guns.

BreakingBadStaff62 karma

Jenn: Awesome!! We love you.

edify157 karma

Hey folks. Big fan of the show. I'm a moderator of /r/breakingbad where reddit did a fundraiser last year on behalf of BrBa actors /u/LuisMoncada, /u/cbakeractor, and /u/RodneyRush that raised over $3,000 for a community center in South Central LA. Without the popularity of Breaking Bad we could not have done that. So... Thanks!

No question! I just hope that you enjoy your reddit AMA interview. Take care!

BreakingBadStaff79 karma

Jenn: Thanks so much for running such a kickass thread. You rock!!

ChexLemeneux42116 karma

How different would the show have been if Jesse was killed off in the first season as Vince said he had planned?

BreakingBadStaff116 karma

Gordon: Very.

Jenn: Almost unimaginably so.

ToxicMichael68 karma

Will you make another amazing show or will there never be another show like Breaking Bad?

BreakingBadStaff292 karma


butt_chem58 karma

A lot of the show revolves around obtaining methylamine. What I find perplexing is that methylamine can be easily synthesized from chemicals that are readily available. I made a bit myself recently, and while not easy, it's a lot easier (and lower risk) than robbing a train. With all the money that Walt/Jesse had, they really had no need to rob that train or do any of the stuff they did to get methylamine. Other methamphetamine precursors, however, are more difficult to obtain.

What do you have to say for yourself?

BreakingBadStaff156 karma

Gordon: We discussed that, actually. It's a bit of poetic license, certainly, but since our cook method had included methylamine for quite some time (and was a substance that the audience had heard them mention), we wanted it to feel like a familiar element and not an exotic one. Similarly, we're very careful not to make this show a "how-to"--that's really not the point--so we fudge certain things about the process to try to make it more difficult for people to recreate it from what we do. Finally, you may have made "a bit," but we wanted this to be the foundation of Walt's empire, and to have to make him build it on blood: not a couple gallons of yield, but HUNDREDS. Given that they'd just designed a portable lab set up with a finite amount of space (and time) built into it, it felt like a logical--and frankly, more cold-blooded--approach was for Walt to steal something he could, with time and planning, have made. It's another step in his journey: he's no longer all about the chemistry. He's about getting what he wants, right now.

AskeGW57 karma

What type of research goes into creating such a realistic setting filled with drugs, hookers and gangs?

BreakingBadStaff163 karma

Jenn: We have a few experts that we use all the time for chemistry-related questions, and we have some kind folks at the DEA who give us insight into the drug underworld. We have some local hookers who-- kidding!

cod_gurl9456 karma

Have we seen the last of the fly?

BreakingBadStaff134 karma

Michelle: I would tell you, but I'd have to swat you...

Miannie33 karma

My favorite episode, no kidding

BreakingBadStaff90 karma

Gordon: It's so divisive! People either love it or hate it. I was recently in Colombia and that was the first episode anyone asked about.

safcftm3352 karma

Question for Michelle, After directing a ton of Breaking Bad episodes, what was it like directing Game of Thrones? (loved the episodes btw) How did it differ to Breaking Bad, and how challenging was it? Also how much creative freedom are you given in directing TV shows? Thank you :)

BreakingBadStaff72 karma

Michelle: They are both amazing shows to direct on. Since I am a producer on Breaking Bad I am involved in every step of the process all the way through delivery so that makes a difference. They both have their challenges -- the biggest one for any TV show is time. We are always running for our lives against the clock. They both have wonderful actors playing interesting characters. The biggest difference is location and in some cases size, but both are extremely challenging in a wonderful way. Game of Thrones is logistically huge and it is exciting shooting in Ireland, Croatia and Morocco but it is also thrilling shooting in New Mexico, which has some of the most beautiful light I have ever seen. Both shows like scope and both allow directors to shoot as if they are shooting a feature giving us the creative freedom to shoot the shows the best way we can to tell the story we have been given; however, as I said above, both of course have the restrictions of time and budget. I feel very fortunate to work on both of these amazing shows.

TheSeahorseCaptain43 karma

What was the funniest moment to happen on set?

BreakingBadStaff131 karma

Michelle: 'A Robot?'

eric27343 karma

In the scene where Walt burns/destroys the car he bought for his son, was there actually a car destroyed/burned?

BreakingBadStaff70 karma

Gordon: Yes, there was.

BreakingBadStaff66 karma

Michelle: We gutted a car - salvaging the engine etc and blew up a shell.

Sven__Hoek37 karma

Can you reveal any endings that you thought up of before but ended up scrapping them for whatever reasons?

BreakingBadStaff151 karma

Gordon: Unfortunately, that would give away too much info. I can pretty much say the only ending we didn't consider was where Walt moves to Uruguay and sets up a military dictatorship with the help of a series of Hitler's clones and his space army of...you get where I'm going with this. It's all open.

ClassySphincter36 karma

I'd love to know what inspires you guys to come up with such iconic and satisfying dialogue such as "I am the danger. I am the one who knocks" etc. Can we expect more verbal gems in the upcoming season?

BreakingBadStaff59 karma

Jenn: 100%.

gqsmooth34 karma

I've been binge watching Breaking Bad lately, and I'm in the middle of Season 3. I know I'm not the first to notice the prevalence/importance of color in the show.

Walter White, White is the absence of color at the beginning but his actions come to add "color" to Walter's personality. Jesse Pinkman is a relatively small time crook (innocence tinged by criminality as a small time dealer, White+Red=Pink?) Skylar, the sky is usually blue and she wore alot of that in Seasons 1 and 2 and on and on and on... What does each color represent/symbolize in the Breaking Bad universe, really?

IncidentOn57thStreet31 karma

From IMDb's trivia:

"Characters and their values are represented by the colors they wear. Skyler is usually dressed in blue and Jesse in yellow and red (when he is in recovery, he wears gray). Walter wears green because he is stuck between his family and the drug trade. When the Whites' daughter is born, pink is introduced to the spectrum. Similar color patterns show up during the series. The DEA agents, Hank and Gomez, wear orange, representing police. Marie is usually in purple and many of the other doctors on the show are seen in it as well. And Jane, the recovering heroin addict, wears black."

But I imagine this scratches the surface and I would love the staff to elaborate more.

gqsmooth22 karma

True, IMDB does mention colors and that certain characters wear some more than others, but the colors themselves must represent something.

Red - Criminality?

Green - Money motivations?

Blue - Innocence or Neutrality?

Black - Death? (Jesse is in all Black for the majority of the episode where he is plotting to avenge Combo)

Orange - Order/the Law?

Purple - a mix of Red and Blue? (Marie's main color, she is naive but commits petty crimes)

Yellow - ?

BreakingBadStaff71 karma

Michelle: Thank you for noticing. Yes every color is carefully thought out and approved by Vince Gilligan. Our wonderful costume designers put together a color chart at the beginning of each season and we discuss where the characters and their colors are going to go.

Miannie6 karma

I had never noticed/thought of this - thanks so much for pointing it out!

BreakingBadStaff24 karma

Gordon: I'm not sure Vince has a thematic meaning in mind as much as a mood. Colors attach to certain characters, for sure (Walt and green, Sky and blue, etc), but the tonality of the colors is crucial: Often a character's colors will get darker and have more black in them as their story gets darker, and sometimes just the opposite. Vince tries to make the colors have an emotional impact more than a literal meaning, I think. He really tries to make everything in the frame impact the audience's feelings. Jenn, thoughts?

BreakingBadStaff16 karma

Jenn: Totally agree. This season, Jennifer Bryan (the head of our Wardrobe dept) came to the Writers' Room and talked with Vince and the producers about the metamorphosis of the color of each character over the course of the season, and -- for certain characters in particular -- the use of solid colors vs. patterns. This extends past costumes into props, set design, and every other department, too.

CodeOfKonami33 karma

In your estimation, what percent of yos and bitches are actually written in the script?

BreakingBadStaff188 karma

Jenn: I’m going to say…83%. Just kidding – it’s more like 100%. Vince and the writers put all the “yo”s and “man”s, etc. into the script. Since we’re on broadcast tv, we may have a limit to how many “bitch”s we can use. Actually, “bitch” may not be something that falls under S&P rules.

Gordon: No, I don’t think it does. Unlimited bitches.

Jenn: I got 99 bitches and ain’t one a problem.

Wootens27 karma

Mmm Kayden Kross

BreakingBadStaff29 karma

Yup! Good point. She's awesome.

rainyland26 karma

Hey guys, love the show.

What are your personal favorite episodes or scenes from the series?

BreakingBadStaff38 karma

Trevor: Episode 313. I was interning season 3, and it was the only one I didn't have prior knowledge of before seeing it air. I got to enjoy it as a fan.

Gordon: "...and the Bag's in the River." And I love #209, "Four Days Out."

Jenn: Same, Gordon! Also, I have a huge soft spot for "Dead Freight" in season five, because it was our very own "Four Days Out" in Santa Fe with the crew.

Michelle: I don't have one -- I take the fifth! I love them all.

Damadar24 karma

When writing the show, do you ever find that you've accidentally created a plot opening that wasn't intentional, but turned into a really good story?

IE a plot thread opened on accident in Season 1 that you later tied together in season 2, 3, or whatever, or do you plan those out really far in advance?

BreakingBadStaff27 karma

Gordon: Well, Chicks'n'Guns hopefully fits that bill. Generally, the writers examine every nook and cranny of the story to see if there's an unexplored "piece of the buffalo" they can use. So I don't know that it's accidental, but it's more that we look back on what story we've told in the past to see if there's an opportunity for something we're currently working on.

mlw72z23 karma

  • Given the incredible continuity between Breaking Bad episodes and seasons it's amazing how this was achieved with multiple directors and writers. Can you provide insight into how that's possible?
  • I find the cinematography to be phenomenal with regard to natural indoor lighting, close ups of dessert flora and fauna, and the recurring use of flowing water. How much of this is up to the cinematographer and how much is determined by the director?

BreakingBadStaff28 karma

Michelle: The writers sit in the writers room for months breaking every beat of each episode. A writer is assigned to write an episode once it is broken. They leave the room only to write the episode and they stay on top of what is happening in the room while they are out thus the writers are all aware and in sync with the evolving story. Vince is very generous to directors in encouraging us to tell the stories the best way we can within the time we have. He encourages directors to bring their creative ideas and style to the show. You can see that different directors have different styles but as the scripts are so detailed and clear there is a continuity to the story telling. The scripts are so good they inspire me visually. I read a Breaking Bad script and I think to myself, "this is brilliant, don't screw it up". As I am full time on the show as a producer and I work closely with the other directors I am privileged to watch and learn from them.

csipers21 karma

What do you think it takes to develop a character over a period of time? As far as physical and emotional attributes.

BreakingBadStaff48 karma

Gordon: The thing that's different about Breaking Bad is that we really want the characters to change--Mr. Chips to Scarface, right? That's different than a lot of TV, even great TV with great anti-heroes. Vic Mackey is Vic Mackey from the time he kills Terry to the very end of the series. So for us, the process tends to be an exhausting and constant asking of the question "where's X's head?" which just means: given everything that's happened so far to this character, what would their emotional life be? What would they be thinking? Where would they go next? It's a lot like an actor's process, I think, in terms of not thinking about where you're going, but just to constantly think of the past life of the character. Everything flows from there and hopefully keeps the characters shifting at an honest and believable way.

ThE_CoMpOsR21 karma

In the last few seasons (particularly season 4 and the first half of season 5) the series has shown a remarkable resemblance to the Shakespeare play Macbeth:

Walt's reluctance to remain with Gus' operation is reminiscent of Macbeth not wanting to murder King Duncan and claim his crown, Skyler taking the initiative in buying the car wash and her subsequent guilt at her part in the meth business brings to mind Lady Macbeth, Walt's descent into homicidal egotism in the first part of season 5 is a lot like how Macbeth acted after he became the king, the way Gray Matter weighs on Walt's mind is similar to the prophecy of the witches, and so on.

One might argue that the entire series asks the question "Why might've happened if a modern day Macbeth decided not to act on the witches' prophecy?". It's not too much of a stretch to say that the thought of becoming spectacularly wealthy with Gray Matter ate at Walt's mind the same way the thought of being king ate away at Macbeth's, and Walt's actions are what may have happened in the event of Macbeth turning his back on the witches' prophecy and going it alone.

My question is this: Was Macbeth as much of an influence on the evolution of the series as it seems to be, and if so, can we expect a similar resolution to the series?

BreakingBadStaff41 karma

Gordon: We often refer to Combo, Skinny Pete and Badger as the "Three Weird Sisters," so there's certainly some crossover... Jokes aside, it's not a major influence, except in that Shakespeare is a master dramatist and he got there first on just about everything. Othello, Hamlet and Lear have all come up as we're discussing.

eric27319 karma

How far have the producers gone to make the show as accurate to how the drug empire runs as possible?

BreakingBadStaff39 karma

Gordon: We try hard. We look at a lot of materials and try to keep current with the news.

firebird61118 karma

I have two questions for you 1. How do you come up with some of the "heist" scenes i.e. the train robbery scene and the magnet scene 2. What is your process, from start to finish, in wrighting an episode

BreakingBadStaff29 karma

Gordon: Heists are probably the places where inspiration comes in most: we have a problem that comes up, and a set of givens we need to accomplish and then...brainstorm. Pitching crazy things. The train heist was pitched as a helicopter taking down a chemical depot at one point. If it feels big, we start talking to Michelle and Melissa Bernstein in ABQ to figure out what we can realistically achieve before we get to far along in the breaking process.

MintyTyrant16 karma

I'm 15, and would like to do a bit of scriptwriting when I'm older. Where should I start?

BreakingBadStaff28 karma

Gordon: Start with reading! Read scripts and plays: anything that helps you figure out the elements of drama (which, SPOILER ALERT, is conflict: one person wants one thing from another and the other doesn't want to give it). Also, read and learn things OTHER than drama. You want to have something to talk about when you start to write (Tony Kushner studied Medieval History, for example, not drama). Anything that helps you know what your voice is!

mlacuna9616 karma

Did you write in any little jokes or things us viewers may have not noticed? Also what was each of your favorite episodes to write?

BreakingBadStaff46 karma

Jenn: For awhile, every time we mentioned an address in dialogue, we put it on "Menaul." As far as I was concerned, there was only one street in ABQ.

VictorBlimpmuscle15 karma

Hello to the Breaking Bad staff, huge fan of your show, so thank you so much for doing this AMA.

My question is: over the course of the series, are there any characters that were originally supposed to play a smaller part but ended up getting a more prominent role?

Thanks again - August 11 can't get here soon enough!

BreakingBadStaff34 karma

Gordon: Several. Huell and Kuby in seasons 4 and 5 grew in importance, but probably most notable is Mike, who was created to supplement Saul's presence but became integral to the story.

CarbonatedSmoke15 karma

What is the toughest part about working with Vince? I imagine he is very focused on ALL the small details, but is there anything in particular that he is extremely demanding about, more-so than the others?

BreakingBadStaff20 karma

Gordon: He's demanding, but all the stuff you hear about him being incredibly nice is true. He pushes for the show to be its best, and even when he's in a bad mood, he's respectful that everyone else is giving it their all, too.

Darth_Dave13 karma

What are the chances of you guys getting together with AMC to make a decent science fiction program? I'm sure it'd be a winner for everyone.

BreakingBadStaff15 karma

Michelle: That would be cool.

eric27313 karma

Has there ever been any leakage of episodes/scripts preceding their release on air?

BreakingBadStaff49 karma

Michelle: A script was accidentally sent to a non crew member in season 4 - the recipient contacted us and said he was sent the script accidentally but does not want to open it and ruin the surprise. We sent him swag and a huge thank you.

BreakingBadStaff36 karma

Gordon: We had a high-profile theft early this season, but have not found a breach, yet. We've had small leaks, and we plug them like that Dutch kid in Holland plugged the dikes.

splendidman12 karma

So, Breaking Bad is a REALLY INTENSE show, as you know. How would you say writers should go about building suspense and tension?

BreakingBadStaff25 karma

Gordon: Honestly, everything begins here with character. So when you have someone who wants something bad enough, and the stakes for what happen when they don't get it, the tension just has to rise. At the end of ep 411, when Walt can't disappear because the money is gone, you just have to wonder: what is he gonna do? And there's the suspense. Maybe not the best answer...I dunno, I'll think about it.

Awdangbro12 karma

A two-part question for all of you!

If you had a hybrid time machine/teleporter that could take you anywhere, at any point in time, for four seconds before returning you to present location and time... who would you full force punch in the mouth? I mean you've got four seconds. That's a running start to joist someone in the head with your fist.

Also, what would you say to them as you teleported away? Like a one liner or catch phrase.

Also can't wait for the last episodes. Shit's about to get real. Thanks!

BreakingBadStaff54 karma

Gordon: I'd probably find some internet jerk, punch them in the face, and say "you're the man now, dog" on the way out.

CarbonatedSmoke11 karma

What are some "tricks" used in the writers room to get the best ideas on the screen?

BreakingBadStaff188 karma

Gordon : It's an illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money...and cocaine.

Trollax9810 karma

Is there any possibility of the show continuing past season 5? Also, has there been any consideration of Saul getting a spin-off?

BreakingBadStaff31 karma

Michelle: The last 8 episodes start airing August 11th. Yes there might be a Saul spin-off. That's a show I'd loved to watch.

chrispchicken10 karma

2 Questions

1) When did you realise you were on to a masterpiece?

2) Are there any story-lines that you wish you got the chance to write but Vince said no?

BreakingBadStaff31 karma

Gordon: Tons. But usually, they're ones everyone came to the same conclusion about as the story broke. If we couldn't do it organically, we just had to let things die. There was a bit where Skyler bought Walt a birthday cake with his name misspelled that everyone in the room loved, but it wouldn't fit organically.

Jenn: So, we gave Vince a cake with Walt's name misspelled on it for HIS birthday last year. Everybody wins.

chrispchicken5 karma

Haha, that sounds fantastic!

Follow up if I may, how would Walt's name have been misspelt?

BreakingBadStaff30 karma

Gordon: WALF. It made us crack up every time we got to it.

notacute9 karma

I'm going to call it fate that I'm sitting here rewatching season 2 and completely forgot that this AMA was today!

I haven't seen Chicks n' Guns yet (I'm waiting on my Blu-Ray to show up in the mail), but what was the reasoning behind the extra scene? Is it just a treat for the fans, or is it going to serve a greater purpose in the final eight episodes? I'll understand if you can't answer.

Love the show, can't wait for the ending!

BreakingBadStaff9 karma

Gordon: Sony approached us about the possibility, and Jenn and I spent a bunch of time brainstorming what kind of story would fit the bill. That's easier than it sounds: there's not a lot of space in the story that isn't already covered by material in the episodes, and Vince really wanted to make sure this story was something that fit in and impacted the story. So, hopefully, it will change your understanding a bit about how Jesse and Walt are relating as you go into the final 8!

MaxxB9 karma

Hi guys, what are some of your favourite quotes/lines from Breaking Bad?

BreakingBadStaff44 karma

Trevor: "RUN"

BreakingBadStaff42 karma

Gordon: There are some lines I love, but the best one to say comes from Gennifer Hutchison's episode: "I am the Danger." Sometimes I say it to Jenn when we're in the kitchen and I want her to move away from the sodas so I can get one faster. It's so multi-purpose and badass!

friendlytallguy9 karma

Hey guys! Just a few questions.

Firstly, which scripts have you personally penned and are most proud of? Does Gilligan rule the writers room with an iron fist? How often do you include the color of a characters clothing in the episode script?

Any advice on someone going to USC's writing program in the hopes of ending up in a writers room or a show runners position years and years down the line?

BreakingBadStaff16 karma

Gordon: Will take those one at a time. Vince rules the room with a velvet fist: he knows what he likes, but he absolutely listens to and respects everyone's ideas and pitches. He uses the analogy of pleading a case before a judge: he's fair and openminded, and listens to people's objections, but in the end, it's his call. There's very few mentions of costume color in the scripts. However, Vince picks them all very specifically for every character in every episode--he's very visually acute and the wrong color or style really bumps him. And I graduated from SC in the Grad Production Program, so I'd say: make connections to your fellow students, be nice, and be someone that's okay to be around for long periods of time. There are tons of talented people out there, but connecting to the ones that are cool and fun is what keeps the long hours from becoming torturous.

Warrior20146 karma

Does the season start with a flashforward?

BreakingBadStaff14 karma

Jenn: You know we can't tell you that :)

Pandadin6 karma

Hey guys! I love the show, rewatching it on Netflix while I wait for season 6. How long does each episode take to write? Is there a consistent process in brainstorming for all episodes, or do the ideas just come to you? Each is so masterful, i'm eager to hear what magic goes on!

BreakingBadStaff17 karma

Jenn: Each episode, in the past few seasons, has taken at least two weeks to break in the room. The final season was averaging three weeks to break and card out. Then, the writer has two weeks to write an outline and a script. There is a consistent process for brainstorming – which is that Vince, the writers, and Gordon lock themselves in the writers room all day, and throw ideas out until a consensus is reached on where the story should go next. There’s a great piece on the Blu-Ray about the Writers Room that describes the process much better than we can – check it out :)

eric2736 karma

Will the intensity level in the last aired episode's ending ever be outdone in the next season?

BreakingBadStaff25 karma

Gordon: This is one of those "Have you stopped beating your wife" kind of questions. Yes? No? It's gonna be a humdinger all the way to the end.

BreakingBadStaff10 karma

Michelle: Yes :)

DropkickMikey224 karma

What was it like to have so much pressure on you to give the show a perfect send off?

BreakingBadStaff11 karma

Jenn: Honestly, it's been tough on everyone every step of the way. That's probably one reason that breaking each episode took a little longer -- because everyone wanted it to be perfect. Same thing in production: everyone wanted every prop, every set, every casting decision, every wardrobe selection -- EVERYTHING -- to be perfect, because everyone wanted to make the best show possible, and everyone especially wanted to do right by Vince.



BreakingBadStaff14 karma

Gordon: Honestly, no. Everyone tends to steer clear of online theories, esp. Vince.

alittle74 karma

How many times a day is Bryan Cranston in his underwear on set?

BreakingBadStaff10 karma

Gordon: Are you asking if he goes commando?

Phillycj4 karma

With Talking Bad coming around, what does this mean for the Insider podcast?

BreakingBadStaff5 karma

Jenn: We've already got a couple in the can for this season! Kelley, Vince, and the gang love doing them.

Martialis13 karma

If you could pick to be one character from the show, which one would it be?

BreakingBadStaff9 karma

Gordon : Crystal - She's smoking hot and well adjusted

Jenn: Louis - He seems like nice young man

Trevor: Huell - BEST bodyguard ever!

aspiringchemiststude3 karma

I have a question for the writers. How often does the script change before the actually film shoot?

BreakingBadStaff6 karma

Gordon: Not a lot. We do our revising of the story mostly before the script goes to production to start prep.

buddy-bubble3 karma

What shows do you personally enjoy, what inspires you to write Breaking Bad?

Asking because I never saw a show that was as intense as Breaking Bad and I want to get that feeling again where you just want to watch yet another episode! I already tried 'The wire' that some people say was as good as Breaking Bad, but after the third season or so it just got boring and I stopped watching shows ever since

BreakingBadStaff10 karma

Trevor: GOT/The Wire/Arrested Development.

Michelle: Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Modern Family, The Walking Dead... and many more.

Jenn: GOT, obv. I love Veep right now. And I am a huge fan of young adult scifi/fantasy, so: PLL, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, etc.

Gordon: To answer the second part of your question: liquor. For shows: Veep and The Americans.

kailman2 karma

oh cool. i've started watching the show a week ago. i'm on season 2, ep 2 now. this show is so cool. nice job with the writing so far. and from what i've seen from the season-by-season reviews on metacritic, i am very excited to see what's next.

i really don't have a question. and i'm too scared i'm going to spoil something if i read this ama sooooooo...

have a good week.

BreakingBadStaff3 karma

Jenn: Thanks, you too!

thisishow2 karma

Why do you make his wife such a terrible person?

or is it just the actress that i hate..

BreakingBadStaff5 karma

Jenn: We really love Skyler as a character -- as Vince says, it's hard to think that not wanting your husband to make and sell drugs (and murder people) would make you a horrible person. She's stuck in a really tough place, trying to keep her family together. And Anna Gunn is so sweet and so smart -- I hope we can change your mind about her!

Thatqcguy2 karma

Hi guys! Thanks for doing this AMA, it'll get us wanting the rest of season 5 even more! My question is, What is the character who had the most difficulty killing off, because you like him/her so much?

BreakingBadStaff1 karma

Michelle: We are always sad to see a character go but we hated losing the cousins - bad ass awesome guys!

lauren71892 karma

Are there any memorable scenes that didn't make the final edit into the show?

BreakingBadStaff1 karma

Trevor: Absolutely! I highly recommend checking out the deleted and extended scenes included on the DVD. For example - for the fifth season there's a great extended scene from episode 507 where Mike is throwing his arsenal of weapons into the well.

Most of the time these scenes are cut short for time, and we hate to see them go!

eric2732 karma

What is your favorite episode of Breaking Bad?

BreakingBadStaff6 karma

Michelle: All of them but I have moments that will forever have a special place in my heart. As a producer, I am very proud of the Train episode. Everyone worked so hard to pull off something that is not usually possible on a show with our schedule and budget.

robot_army_mutiny1 karma

Did anyone do "research" with real meth?

BreakingBadStaff1 karma

Michelle: We have done a lot of research about Meth, how to make it, the effects it has on people short term and long term etc. We had some very helpful consultants and our brilliant production designer Mark Freeborn became the resident expert on how to design meth labs. As for trying the product - no thanks but I cannot speak for the consultants.

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Awesome that you guys are here. I can't wait for the coming season!

I'm curious at what point the writers consider the turning point for Walt? I was having this discussion with a friend, and he was thinking it came around the time of the "I'm the one who knocks" speech. I, However, think it was around the time of the fugue state.

I'm also very curious if the rumors of a Saul Goodman spinoff are true?

Finally, I would like to compliment the writing of the last episode that has aired. when Hank read the note in the book of poetry, despite knowing it was coming, I actually yelled "Oh my f***ing god" loud enough to wake up my roommate.


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Jenn: I think, IMHO, it was Jane's death. But I love the "I am the one who knocks" speech -- written by the brilliant Genny Hutchison. So glad you loved our ultimate 'oh, shit!' moment!

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I hope you're still taking questions! What were Breaking Bad's hugest influences? I've seen a lot of comparisons from people to previous shows like The Sopranos and The Wire. There are even X-Files references in several of the episodes. Is there really going to be a Saul Goodman spinoff?

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Michelle: Vince Gilligan worked on the X-Files for 7 seasons. Both Tom Schnauz and I also worked on The X-Files where I first met Vince. So I would say yes X-Files has influenced us at times. Mostly I would say we are influenced by westerns. We try to shoot BB like a modern day western. One of my favorite westerns is Once Upon a Time in the West, directed by Sergio Leone. I did direct a scene in which we paid a small homage to the opening scene of Once Upon a Time in the West - notice the windmill - 405

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Gordon: The Godfather is a big one, and Once Upon a Time in the West, too. It's a very eclectic group of Westerns, gangster movies, and TV shows that people come back to over and over.