I am not the guy I play on tv... let's get that out there first. I don't do meth, barely even drink, anymore, and can spell quite well...usually. I am kinda skinny, and I do wear a similar belt, but that's about where the similarities end...I hope. I'm just a guy trying to make a living the only way I know how, so, please, be gentle with me! Aside from Breaking Bad, I have also had a few guest star roles on other tv shows as well as a couple of supporting roles in a few features, including a pretty nice role in an Untitled film directed by Terrence Malick I'm also in a couple of short films that are making the festival circuit right now, KNIFE, Directed by James Johnston, and ODDS OR EVENS which is premiering at Dead Center Film Festival in Ok City, Ok. And, for the STEAMPUNK fans out there, I will be playing the demon Neshrew in a new series called THE MECHANICAL GRAVE, IF we can keep getting more support from incredibly awesome fans, like you...(pander, pander) Let's do this thing!

UPDATE 9.5 hours later...I do believe I've answered what I can! What a bad ass group of very inquisitive people you are!!!I loved the questions, loved the cool nature of the whole thing, and I really had fun! Thanks again to Edify for helping me figure this out! bloodyfknmess for nagging me into it! and LuisMoncada for letting me know I could trust those guys and be sure that they weren't going to be luring me into their "Amber Alert" van. Thank you! REDDIT community for being so cool to me here! Good night!

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LuisMoncada555 karma

If you could kill someone from the main cast, who would it be? And Why? ;)

Cbakeractor375 karma

I'm a lover not a fighter!!! I don't know how to answer that...a few seasons ago I might have had an answer, but, she's already dead...so...

FakeGodAccount152 karma

I like that Luis Moncada is asking questions of his fellow cast member ;)

Cbakeractor147 karma

Me too!

foofightr89369 karma

Not really a question, but your scene when you said "Hey, man, I'm slingin' mad volume and fat stackin' benjis, you know what I'm sayin'? I can't be all about, like, spelling and shit." is easily one of my favorite comedic moments from Breaking Bad.

Cbakeractor401 karma

took me HOURS of practice for me to be able say that without tripping over my own tongue!

Cbakeractor185 karma

Hang on...I need a smoke...

byronimation177 karma

I have to ask about the pizza. In a Season 3 episode, Walt throws an uncut pizza on his roof. Then in Season 4, during Jessie's non-stop party, you guys order a pizza from "the place that lets you cut it yourself."

Was this an error pointed out by fans or the writers that was fixed in a hilarious way?

Cbakeractor333 karma

From what I get, it was done on purpose for the roof scene, maybe not with the intention of people catching on, but for the purpose of making the shot work (which Bryan apparently did in one take). Why the brought it back up in the party scene could have been a combination of reasons, but, I thought it was a hilarious call-back/cover up! I was proud to be part of that, ahem, cheesy, bit.

susannahdm127 karma

CHARLES!!! we did Scrooges Groovy Christmas Carol together at Ohlook. I just want to tell you how happy I am for your success! When I first saw you on Breaking Bad I couldn't believe it was you! You are wonderful as always! I wish for you continued success sir!

Edit: grammar

Cbakeractor111 karma

Hey! great to "see" you! I'm still teaching at OHLOOK periodically, so drop by and see us sometime!

FakeGodAccount126 karma

Skinny Pete and Jesse seem to have the strongest relationship out of the group (Badger, Skinny, Combo, and Jesse). It also seems that you and Aaron Paul have a good relationship off screen. Does being friends in real life make portraying Jesse's friend easier? How does your relationship on screen differ from your off screen friendship?

Cbakeractor176 karma

Yeah, I really respect and admire Aaron for what he does and who he is. He's really an incredible person to get to know. I totally makes it easier for me to play those scenes where Skinny shows genuine friendship. it's funny, I'm actually way older than Aaron and Matt, but, they have a lot more experience on camera and in dealing with fans, so, they sort of take me under their wings when we're out. It's an interesting dynamic.

BillWeld52 karma

I'd love to hear some stories--what's it like being recognized from the show?

Cbakeractor182 karma

Recognition is rare for me. When Matt and I are out, he gets recognized immediately and always has to point at me and go, "you know, that's Skinny Pete, right?". They usually seem pretty surprised... Last week a waitress at a bar/grill ran up to Matt and asked if he was THE Matt Jones, who played, "Moose" on BrBa...we had a laugh...

freddit5298 karma

You're awesome, Charles! My question is what sort of research/experiences do you call on to be able to play such a convincing meth head?

Cbakeractor180 karma

I watched COPS a lot! lol... but seriously, I've had some varied life experiences that have helped a lot, but mostly I rely on the incredible writing and direction.

schiefer74059 karma

If you're comfortable doing so, could you elaborate on some of these life experiences? Thanks for doing this!

Cbakeractor307 karma

OK...I have experimented with many drugs, but never really liked any but pot. I have 2 brothers who were on hard drugs for 30+ years and clean for 20. Our older brother died a year ago from "natural causes" at the age of 50, due to his prolonged drug use. He had just passed the Texas State Bar Exam no more than 6 months before that.

Cbakeractor97 karma

Shout out to my mother-in-law for taking the kids so I could do this without having to change diapers between questions! I'm still going, just gonna try to get feeling back in my legs! BRB!

edify87 karma

Yo Charles, thanks for doing this. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Also, special thanks go to redditor bloodyfknmess for helping kick start this.

Cbakeractor73 karma

Thank you Edify and bloodyfknmess for getting this organized for me!

[deleted]85 karma

The picture on the side makes it look like you died and this a tribute page.

Cbakeractor122 karma

Skinny Pete will always live on...in your HEARTS... too much?. Actually, that scene was when we were mourning COMBO, so...it sort of is a tribute...I guess.

sftrabbit77 karma

So, Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4 or Call of Duty: World at War zombie mode?

Also, I'm interested in your new short, Odds or Evens. Can you tell us anything about it?

Thanks for doing this AMA. Your scenes in Breaking Bad are hilarious and I can't wait for season 5.

Cbakeractor109 karma

Resident Evil 4, especially after a bad traffic jam! lol. ODDS OR EVENS is a great short, directed by Jay Gormley, that asks the question, "How much guilt can a man live with and still look himself in the mirror". Jay knew that I was anxious to show that I could do something other than your stereotypical druggie, so he offered me the role. It's beautifully shot, and meticulously directed, so if you get a chance to see it, please do!

lostrock65 karma

Let's hear about your audition, Mr. Baker. How'd you come to be involved in Breaking Bad?

Cbakeractor126 karma

I read for one of 2 roles; skinny stoner, or tattooed stoner. There was also a chubby stoner, but I didn't qualify. The role was for one episode, like 4 lines. They combined the skinny & stoner roles, since, well, you know...and that was it. I had to join SAG for that role, so I actually lost money, but, they called me back, so it more than made up for it.

skonjkav24 karma

do you actually have that skinny pete accent?

Cbakeractor45 karma

Not at all.

Japan_Four64 karma


Cbakeractor154 karma

yes, and, I could before...thanks.

Cbakeractor59 karma

Did I do it? Did I answer (almost) all of them? I'll come back and check for stragglers tomorrow.
Thanks Everyone!

expectingrain57 karma

What do you guys do for fun in the ABQ when you're not filming?

Does the cast generally hang out with each other while you're out there?

Cbakeractor109 karma

I actually go to ABQ to do 2 things: work and sleep in a bed without dogs, cats, babies, toddlers, and all of their various accoutrements, it's awesome. Matt and I hang out a lot, cause we're usually in the same hotel. Aaron, if he's not too tired from working really hard on set, will sometimes go out with us and have a drink. I'm usually only there for a couple of days at a time, so, it's kinda all work and no play.

UpBunts57 karma

After watching through the series twice, I've found that you are, by far, the most convincing dealer. It's hard for me to imagine you as anything else honestly. You're that good.

How hard is it to get into character and do you ever find yourself so into it that it's hard to break character and just be yourself?

Cbakeractor100 karma

I will take that as a compliment. lol. It's all in the hat, seriously, ask @Mradamsir on twitter, he saw it when I took him to set. Now, I can switch it on and off like a light. It's weird, but, at first, I had to repeat the lines, "yo, my pops can hook you up..." (a line from my first ep.) in my head over and over again to get the dialect right. The physical part of my character comes from training. Mime training. 6 years, under one of the best in the country, Johnny Simons. Fyi, he also taught Brent Spiner.

spartan133755 karma

1) What's the funniest thing that's happened on set in your opinion? 2) what's your favorite moment on the show (either in real life and when watching episodes)

Cbakeractor198 karma

I took my wife to the set with me once. As we were heading to my changing room, we passed Bryan's trailer. He was standing, stretched out in the doorway, in his tighty-whities, soaking in the sun and reading his script. He casually straightened up, put his hand and and introduced himself. It was classic Bryan! My fav. moment, watching the show, was when Jesse and Walt were in the desert and the RV breaks down. Jesse's "a Robot?" line was so perfectly done, I still laugh when I think of it.

merchantmariner47 karma

As a former militay brat myself, when people ask where you're from what do you go with?

Thanks for stopping by

Cbakeractor70 karma

Usually, I say Texas now, but I used to say Hawaii. I lived there for the first 7 years, so, I have a real connection to it.

CMelody45 karma

Most of your scenes on Breaking Bad have been with the very talented Aaron Paul, Matt Jones and Bryan Cranston. What have you learned from each of them that you think has helped you grow as an actor?

Cbakeractor69 karma

more than anything, I learned to trust my instincts! Bryan is a strong proponent of having theatre training, which I strongly agree with. Aaron is just a natural, instinctual actor, and Matt is just naturally funny. They are all extremely well versed in acting philosophies, styles, and have years of experience under their belts, so I just do what I do best, watch and learn.

bloodyfknmess39 karma

Yo man! First off , thank you so much for taking the time out for us! Also I love that Beatles shirt. I just wanna know what influences you had on becoming an actor. And what is you favorite movie and tv series , other than breaking bad ...obviously. Thanks again! And enjoy the AMA!

Cbakeractor131 karma

I think I became an actor to piss my dad off, he was a Col. in the Army. I was always a "performer" from what I'm told by my mom, and I watched A LOT of Tv growing up, so, I think that's what sort of drove me. I honestly never really believed I would actually be doing it, it was just sort of a pipe-dream for me. Even now, I have a hard time believing I'm doing things like AMA's on Reddit. Favorite movie, Princess Bride. Tv- loved the Firefly series! Battlestar was fun, West Wing, Futurama, Simpsons, Gilligan's Island...

Tyle32532 karma

Favorite Episode To Be Apart Of?
What's it like to work with Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul?
Are you and Matt Jones super tight off set? I think a Skinny Pete and Badgers Crazy Adventures would make a great spinoff to BB or at least a webseries to promote the show.
Thanks For Doing This. <3

Cbakeractor72 karma

another tough one. For me, just being on the set with every one of those incredible actors, directors, cinematographers, and writers is a dream come true! They're all sort of surreal to me, so when I see them later, it's almost like watching someone else. There are some things that stand out though, the strip club had its...um... positive side, and the zombie video game scene was actually really fun for me, we had the whole crew laughing. My favorite, really was when I announced my new name, SKINNY PETE! Up til then, I was just, "skinny stoner".

handmethetricksword30 karma

TIL the actor who plays Skinny Pete is 41.

Cbakeractor72 karma

yeah...thanks...for pointing that out...

GeneralAverage30 karma

Hey man, thanks for doing this. How's the filming for season 5 going?

Cbakeractor43 karma

so far, so good!

TheGesus10 karma

Will you get an opportunity to work with Bob Odenkirk? (I love his character.) Also, could you say if Bill Burr will be back?

edit I ask because I know those two as comedians, and you seem to have done at least as many comedic as dramatic scenes on the show.

Cbakeractor25 karma

I hope so on both counts, but, I never know what's gonna happen until about 3 days before I get there, if that. I'm sort of the "on-call" guy. I would love to work with Bob! Met him on set, he's great! Met Bill at the season 4 Premiere in LA- my first Hollywood...anything...- I was blown away that he and Bill Heder actually knew who I was! What did you ask? Oh, yeah, I have no idea if Bill will be back, but, it'd be cool if he is.

Sully78929 karma

What was your favourite scene to work in? Thanks for doing an AMA!

Cbakeractor215 karma

you saw the one where I was paid to be surrounded by "dancers" and drink champagne? those were real "dancers" and real champagne...and I'm an actual guy...so...

aaaangiemarie29 karma

We've seen photos of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressing up as other characters, which says that it's a pretty fun place to work. Care to tell us a funny or interesting story about some on-set shenanigans? Thanks!

Cbakeractor30 karma

alas, I miss most of them, but, there's an answer to a previous question above, that answers some of that.

PinkBirdtron25 karma

Yo Skinny Pete! Why'd you kill Jessie's fuckin' bug mannn?

Cbakeractor53 karma

bugs are icchhhy!

Cbakeractor24 karma

So, turns out, my laptop needs juice! Taking a break, then gonna get back to work answering questions! You guys are awesome! Keep 'em coming!

mecklund23 karma

If you could trade roles with any other character on the show, who would it be and why?

Thanks! You're awesome :)

Cbakeractor71 karma

I don't think I would, honestly. I love for Skinny to get a little more "real"- one of those killer, I-made-a-box-in-woodshop monologues would be incredibly awesome! (in case one of the writer's is monitoring this) I would blow one of those away, but as far as trading roles, I'm Skinny Pete! Really, the people who play the roles they play, are playing them for a reason, they're the absolute best people for the job! It wouldn't be the Best Tv show on the planet if they weren't.

Platinum__Me21 karma


Cbakeractor64 karma

My wife makes me watch SMASH, but, I only go along 'cause she's a beautiful actress/singer/dancer- turned high-powered lawyer...who bought me a really big tv. We also watch The Daily Show... Archer is awesome...when it's on.

velogirl11 karma

I love Archer! Haha! Would we know who your wife is?

Cbakeractor32 karma

not unless you work in the TX/Ok Oil & Gas industry...then you might have heard of her. Young, beautiful, one of the best in her field. I SO lucked out with her!

BeefyTits21 karma

Best show on television!

Anything crazy or memorable happen on set?

Cbakeractor52 karma

Season 1 Bryan shaved a lot of the crew's heads...

kelldawg12519 karma

Do you guys film all the scenes from one episode film doing the next, or are various scenes from different episodes filmed together based on location or actors? What is the organization of the shoots?

Cbakeractor28 karma

each episode is done in order- every 10 days, like clockwork. we shoot scenes for each episode out of order, but the episodes themselves are shot in order...

alleyoops17 karma

What if you gain weight?

Cbakeractor58 karma

I would weigh more. Is this a trick question? I actually seem to be incapable of gaining weight right now, but, since they don't have me on contract, I would guess they would just add a line like, "damn Skinny Pete! You got fat!" obviously they don't come to me for writing notes.

barden106916 karma

Wanna start off by saying I'm a huge fan of the show and everything you guys have done with it. How has filming changed as the show became more popular over time? I imagine the budget increased and stuff, but did that change the process at all? What was your favorite episode to work on? And most importantly, what's your favorite pizza topping?

Cbakeractor36 karma

the only change that I've really noticed is the there is more security on location shoots now! The filming has been done by mostly the same crew since day one, with a few changes here and there. The whole cast and crew is really proud to be working on this show and it really shows! I love every episode I'm in! My favorite pizza is plain cheese with buffalo wing sauce- sprinkled delicately.

moparornocar16 karma

Is weird al yankovich going to be a guest star on the 5th season?

Cbakeractor40 karma

I don't know. I saw the pic, but, it could be that he was just visiting or at the studio for something else and stopped by. Aaron did an awesome Weird Al parody on FUNNY OR DIE, so maybe they became buddies...I don't really want to know, 'cause I hate spoilers!

UpBunts16 karma

Second question I have is what are you feelings on the characters of Walt and Jesse. I know there are people that totally side with Walt right through people who are disgusted by him. I'd love to hear from another actor who knows the plot inside and out.

Thanks for doing this btw!

Cbakeractor50 karma

as a fan and a character...I sort of hope that Walt gets his due and that Jesse, like many junkies before him, actually gets his life together and moves on to be a happy, productive member of society. Sappy, I know, but, I can sort of relate, so, I know it's possible.

Mudcrab_Merchant15 karma

Thanks for doing this, Mr. Baker!

How were you first approached to play this character?

Cbakeractor30 karma

by my agent submitting my head shot to the casting director for the role... the casting director saw my picture and said to herself, "now THAT's a skinny stoner if I ever saw one!" and asked me to come in and tape an audition for it. The rest is, as they say, history...

velogirl15 karma

This is soooo cool that you are doing this AMA, Charles! Thank you!!!

Okay, first off:

1) Do you have any nicknames, or do you only go by Charles?

2) Do people recognise you when you go out in public, and do you like meeting fans?

3) Did you hang out with anybody on set? If so, who was your favourite person to hang with?

4) Are you married? Have any kids? If not, do you want to? ;) (Okay, I'm a chick, and I am married, so I guess I'm just being silly with this question...)

5) What are some major obstacles that you've overcome in life? How did you overcome them?

6) Has your role as Skinny Pete affected your ability to get other roles since Breaking Bad?

OMG, I have so many other questions, but I probably need to chill out! Thanks again, Charles- hope you have a great day! And if you don't want to answer the questions, could you just acknowledge my existence? :D

Cbakeractor39 karma

6 in one! is that cheating? I'm on to you... so, 1) my friends call me Charlie. people who would prefer I don't like them call me Chuck. 2) Never, unless I'm with someone famous and they point me out, but I LOVE IT! I never happens in front of my wife, so she thinks I'm just making it up...so...if you see me out... 4) Matt and I mostly hang out when we can. I'm pretty lazy, so I spend most of my time in the hotel watching free cable. 5) Oh boy, that one could get pretty heavy and deep and I don't know if you want to go there right now...mostly, leaving out the shitty child-hood part, my biggest obstacle was my own doubts and fears. I over-came them by seeing what happens when you revel in them. 6) in some ways yes and no. There's no shortage of very small druggie roles for me out there, but, my agent won't let me take those anymore, unless they're for something really big, but they aren't, so...some independent film makers are taking advantage of that and using me in their films, in roles, like ODDS OR EVENS, that let me be more...true to myself...realistic. I'm usually a chameleon actor, so, doing those roles scare the hell out of me. Your existence is acknowledged!

Enough_Swingball15 karma

What are one or two of the biggest lessons about acting and show-business that you have learned from the people at Breaking Bad?

Thanks for doing the AMA!!


Cbakeractor35 karma

Trust your instincts! Don't let people deter you from your dreams! Make sure your fly is zipped when meeting the producers! And, if you make a request, but say that Aaron Paul said it was ok, they will trip all over themselves to make it happen. lol

jmanpc14 karma

Since you're not anything like Skinny Pete, have there been any parts of this role that have made you uncomfortable to play?

Cbakeractor30 karma

the running in an alley kina sucked. My costume shoes still smell like that alley. The stripper sitting on my lap was awkward, until the champagne started flowing!

AlbinoMonster14 karma

I noticed your role diminished quiet a bit in season 4. Any hint as to how many episodes you are involved in with season 5?

What was your favorite episode to film so far, and why?

Cbakeractor46 karma

thanks for noticing! My bank noticed that too! I've all but begged them to tell me if I'm going to be in any more. The best analogy for what it's like for me is from THE PRINCESS BRIDE; "goodnight Skinny Pete, we'll most likely kill you in the morning." I usually only get about 3 days to a week notice before any given episode, so it sort of hard to make any other commitments, but it's worth it, 'cause I love the hell out of being on this show! again...boobs..Champagne.

GoochToomor13 karma

Sir, I thank you for giving me the lines to answer every grammar nazi who chirps me on my spelling/grammar.


You are the man

Cbakeractor9 karma

It an honor to be of service!

Creepwood13 karma

If you had to pick five musicians to join you in a back alley street fight who would you pick?

Cbakeractor39 karma

Tom Waites- seems like a scrapper. Meatloaf- for obvious reasons. Mark Walberg- seriously have you seen his arms? Santana- for the intimidation factor. (I'm dating myself aren't I?) Britney Spears- we'll need a fall-girl if someone gets seriously hurt.

krobinator4113 karma

Hi Charles! Thanks for doing this.

Your character, Skinny Pete, seems pretty close with Jesse Pinkman. How much insight were you given into their background/how much, if any, do you think will be revealed about it in season 5? Thanks again!

Cbakeractor22 karma

I find out more and more about my own character every episode, even now. All I was ever told was that we were old friends. I would have loved to have created some sort of background for us, but, I found out really quickly that there was no way; Skinny Pete is sort of being created as the show goes according to the needs at the moment. It's kinda cool and keeps me on my toes as an actor.

millions-x13 karma


Cbakeractor20 karma

Great observation! I don't care what Matt Jones says, you guys are alright! (seriously kidding) I have noticed the phenomena that you speak of in real life. However, that it is happening in the show, as described, hasn't really occurred to me, yet. that's cool! I don't doubt for a second that the writers on this show know exactly what they're doing! They are some really, really smart people!

_oogle12 karma

Favorite scene for you to shoot so far on the show?

Cbakeractor34 karma

there were boobs...and free champagne involved...seems like a given.

seydaneen12 karma

Hi Charles, sweet skillz yo. In all honesty how much do you overplay the stereotype in BB? Was this direction or just yourself, Badger, Jesse, Combo etc riffing and finding your own flavour for improvising these meth/dealer kids? Skinny and Badger have a wonderful comic relief element but also a hardened innocence. By that I mean they seem childlike and easily influenced one moment and yet able to deal drugs in dangerous conditions and confront their own mortality often, all for the crew, n thats tight! Riff on that dawg!

Cbakeractor25 karma

I have to work hard to keep the stereotype looking "natural". I repeat lines over and over to find a balance between seeming like a total cartoon and being completely realistic. We never really work on it together until we get to the set. It's really kinda cool how we can all show up to a scene barely knowing what to say, run it a couple of times and just find the right rhythm without having to put much thought into it. As actors we play off each other, but more importantly, our characters do the same thing.

Sappy_12 karma

Dude you do not look like you are 41. I swore you were in your mid 20s. What is the secret that you share with William Shatner and James Lipton? I must know

Cbakeractor28 karma

uhm...lots of coffee and cokes...I've been smoking cigarettes since I was 12...could have been all the LSD in High School...or what my grandad told me, "you're only as old as the woman you feel".
I honestly don't know. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies...and carbs...

TehSantos12 karma

Thanks a lot for doing this, Charles.

1) How secret is the plot to season 5? Are you given background so you know where the story is during your scenes, or are you kept in the dark?

2)If you are kept in the dark, is it possible for you to kinda figure out where the show is going?

I am not interested in the specifics of season 5 or anything, just curious how the production handles the actors and their knowledge of the plot. Thanks again for doing this, Charles.

Cbakeractor65 karma

It's very tight this season. They are being very cautious about whats being released. I'm given scripts for Episodes that I'm in after they call to make sure I'm available- which I will always be even if I'm not supposed to be. Which isnt any different, but we had to sign confidentiality agreements so we don't spill the ricin beans. I honestly, only read my parts and anything relevant to Skinny Pete, otherwise, I would rather not know what's happening. I'm a huge fan myself, so, I like to keep the illusion going as much as possible.

alleyoops11 karma

You are absolutely great and convincing in the show; thank you for helping to make such great entertainment.

1) How did you start your acting career? Did you take acting classes as a child? What were some of your very first roles?

2) I imagine it must be kind of annoying, yet somewhat flattering, when fans come up to you asking for autographs or pictures. Does it suck trying to do something simple, like going to the store? Are you recognized a lot?

Lastly, my 9 year old boy wants to act, how would you suggest he starts out?

Thanks for doing this! If you have a good time, tell Aaron Paul we would love to have him here too!

Cbakeractor16 karma

I did a lot of school plays, but didn't have the confidence I needed to really go for it until I was in my 30s. I studied music in college and did a few musicals- I was the Emcee in Cabaret- then started taking acting more seriously. Most of my training has been in workshops and on camera. My first role was in Walker Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire - a reunion movie of the week. The funny part is, Conan Obrien did a bit about it a week before it aired, so really, my tv debut was on Conan. I don't get recognized much at all, but when I do, i love it! It needs to happen in front of my wife more though! She thinks I'm making it up! Acting is tough on an adult, so, I caution against starting young, but that's my own trip. I would say make sure he has a solid foundation- physical training is just as important as acting. Dance, gymnastics, martial arts help a lot. Having a wide array of knowledge and experience is crucial in this business, so, live life outside of the theater and camera! Learn as much history, science, and art as he can, and be prepared for a lot of rejection and disappointment, mixed with fleeting moments of sheer joy, with a lot of mind numbing fear in between! Its a lot like high school! But most importantly, have fun!

gocereal11 karma

What quirks have you added to your character that weren't an invention of the producers or the writers?

Cbakeractor27 karma

how I walk, talk, hold myself, use my hands, or just stand there is all me, the words are all them. Every YO is scripted. I think the writers periodically eavesdrop on the actors to pick up clues about stuff that they might use in later scenes, so, that may be why SP has said, "right on..." a few times, and there might be some other things that come up later that were brought on by off camera moments, but for the most part, they write; I am their performing monkey.

fatjello10 karma

First off, I would like to commend you on your superb acting ability. You didn't have many lines, but when you spoke you always struck me as an extremely believable tweaker, even more so than Jesse.

What is Bryan Cranston like in real life?

Cbakeractor26 karma

Thank you! That means a lot to me! Bryan is so cool! My second episode, when I introduce Tuco, he came up to me before a scene and introduced himself and told me the story of how Vince Gilligan decided to bring me back. He said he heard that I was an incredible actor, 'cause he's cool like that, and welcomed me to the show. Every season he's bought t-shirts or hats or whatever with The BrBa logo as gifts for the cast, usually given with a personal note to welcome us back.. He's a great guy who absolutely deserves everything he has right now!

pubielewis10 karma

My main man, Chucky B!

Have you ever swiped anything from the set of BB? Giancarlo Esposito said he took a Los Pollos Hermanos mug.

Cbakeractor24 karma

I do have a "have you seen this man?" poster of Walt. I'm so paranoid of losing this job that I wouldn't even consider taking something...until they kill me.

serious_samosa10 karma

If you could play any character on Breaking Bad other than Skinny Pete, who would it be, and why?

Cbakeractor61 karma

the...pink teddy bear?

bestev19 karma

You're amazing and I look forward to seeing you and Badger onscreen. I was disappointed you didn't have more scenes in season 4! Any idea if you will get more screen time this year?

Cbakeractor30 karma

maybe if EVERYONE sends letters, calls, emails, and tweets AMC asking for MORE SKINNY PETE! They'll listen! I sure as hell wouldn't mind!

IAMHab9 karma

What on-set incident in Breaking Bad caused you to laugh the hardest?

Cbakeractor29 karma


SpaceJam_on_VHS9 karma

Let me say that I love watching the show when Skinny Pete is involved! I'm interested in knowing how you as an actor take on this dynamic role of a meth user, and at times, a dealer? What do you do to prepare yourself?

Cbakeractor16 karma

I wish I could give a real high-falootin' answer, but, really, I just put on the hat and do what I'm told. The adrenaline I get from being on set with Aaron, Matt, and Bryan is more than enough to pull off the drug act, it's harder when I'm supposed to be sober! The dealing part just makes me feel dirty, so it comes across on camera like that, i think.

alleyoops8 karma

You really look the part on the show; I was surprised to see how handsome you are in your twitter photos!

Cbakeractor30 karma

you hitting on me?

macbethy8 karma

How did you get the role of skinny pete and did you change the character from what was originally ordained?

Cbakeractor15 karma

I taped an audition in Texas! The rest is somewhere above...or below...I don't want to repeat myself too much!

apothecary17968 karma

How has getting a role in such a public tv show changed your professional and personal life?

Cbakeractor28 karma

well, for one thing, I'm now doing stuff like spending the afternoon talking to hundreds of people on reddit about my professional and personal life! lol. it's been weird. I'm not around a lot of the "Hollywood" types much, so, it's like being a part of two worlds. At home in Texas, nobody really cares who I am, except the dogs when I have treats. I don't live mcuh different; I work in my yard, take care of the kids when my wife is at work, wait anxiously for the checks to come...like right now....I don't work nearly as much as I did when I was cooking at Denny's or waiting tables at a night club, but I also don't make a whole lot more money, so it evens out. When I go to work on a show, especially BrBa, I am propelled into a completely different world. I get treated like I'm a big shot, at least compared to home, I get waited on, have maid service at a pretty nice hotel, cars and drivers to take me to work, a good salary and a few bucks to live on in between work days, so, like I said earlier, it's surreal.

Ontonyx7 karma

How would you say your opportunities have changed after your performance in Breaking Bad? Are more calls coming in for new and different parts?

Also, you rule.

Cbakeractor17 karma

Some things have changed, but a lot of people think seem to think that I can only play those druggie kind of roles...they have a hard time seeing me any other way, so I'm having to work hard to change that. The Terrence Malick film coming out this year can hopefully help.

mermer136 karma

Back in high school could you ever imagine yourself being an actor or being in the career path you are in now, if not how did you get into this career?

Cbakeractor19 karma

imagine, yes, truly believe it? Not at all. I was going to be a music teacher, because I was told that I could never make it, so I should teach...I hid behind that excuse for a while, then started paying my way through college by performing in local Equity theatres, so, I got drunk, grew some balls, and went for it.

immortalsix6 karma

What is the most difficult part about portraying a methed up drug dealer?

Cbakeractor17 karma

the hat messes up my hair.

heisengirl6 karma

I've seen these Breaking Bad challenge coins show up on auction sites... Do they get used much or is that just like a cool memento for everyone to have?

I'd love to hear anything you have to say about Terence Malick. I have an impression of him as a man of contradictions.

I enjoy you so much on the show. When I heard there would be more Skinny Pete in S5, my exact words were, "Yay!" So thanks for doing this; it's really cool of you guys to reach out to us fans.

Cbakeractor8 karma

the coins, if they're what I think, are just really cool mementos for the cast and crew. I have 2.
Terrence Malick is an absolute genius! Working with him was mind-blowing. You have to know his work to understand what he's doing on set; and if you do know his work, you just go with the flow and hope you can keep up!! He's very down to earth, friendly, quiet, shy, and, to me, very complimentary. He sort of ruined me for other films, to be honest.

ChetRippo6 karma

Who would you say is most like their character off-camera?

Cbakeractor25 karma

Combo. Rodney is a great guy, but he didn't have to change a thing for his role. He's a rap artist in ABQ who was perfect for the role. Not a dope fiend, but very much the same guy.