Charles Baker

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is an American film, television, theatre, voice actor, writer and director. He is most well known for playing Skinny Pete on the hit AMC show, Breaking Bad and was recently cast as Grey in the new NBC series, The Blacklist.

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Cbakeractor2550 karma

RJ! Charles Baker, AKA "Skinny Pete" here. Long time no see! I was wondering if you are aware of how much of an inspiration you are to other young actors with disabilities? How does that affect you personally, and what advice would you give them?

Cbakeractor401 karma

took me HOURS of practice for me to be able say that without tripping over my own tongue!

Cbakeractor375 karma

I'm a lover not a fighter!!! I don't know how to answer that...a few seasons ago I might have had an answer, but, she's already

Cbakeractor333 karma

From what I get, it was done on purpose for the roof scene, maybe not with the intention of people catching on, but for the purpose of making the shot work (which Bryan apparently did in one take). Why the brought it back up in the party scene could have been a combination of reasons, but, I thought it was a hilarious call-back/cover up! I was proud to be part of that, ahem, cheesy, bit.

Cbakeractor307 karma

OK...I have experimented with many drugs, but never really liked any but pot. I have 2 brothers who were on hard drugs for 30+ years and clean for 20. Our older brother died a year ago from "natural causes" at the age of 50, due to his prolonged drug use. He had just passed the Texas State Bar Exam no more than 6 months before that.

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you saw the one where I was paid to be surrounded by "dancers" and drink champagne? those were real "dancers" and real champagne...and I'm an actual

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I took my wife to the set with me once. As we were heading to my changing room, we passed Bryan's trailer. He was standing, stretched out in the doorway, in his tighty-whities, soaking in the sun and reading his script. He casually straightened up, put his hand and and introduced himself. It was classic Bryan! My fav. moment, watching the show, was when Jesse and Walt were in the desert and the RV breaks down. Jesse's "a Robot?" line was so perfectly done, I still laugh when I think of it.

Cbakeractor185 karma

Hang on...I need a smoke...

Cbakeractor182 karma

Recognition is rare for me. When Matt and I are out, he gets recognized immediately and always has to point at me and go, "you know, that's Skinny Pete, right?". They usually seem pretty surprised... Last week a waitress at a bar/grill ran up to Matt and asked if he was THE Matt Jones, who played, "Moose" on BrBa...we had a laugh...

Cbakeractor180 karma

I watched COPS a lot! lol... but seriously, I've had some varied life experiences that have helped a lot, but mostly I rely on the incredible writing and direction.