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Kevin Heffernan is a lawyer(interrobang)

Man, you guys all seem to do a lot on the side.

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You've been working with, among others, the Russo brothers. How far in advance of the payoff are some jokes planted? Or: It looks to me like Community has a fairly well-mapped idea of where to go with its storylines, so do you tease them well in advance of the episode payoff?

I am surprised to see you on here answering questions, so I can't say I have a bunch of stuff prepared to ask, but I love your work and look forward to seeing your replies to the questions that stick out to you.

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Will you get an opportunity to work with Bob Odenkirk? (I love his character.) Also, could you say if Bill Burr will be back?

edit I ask because I know those two as comedians, and you seem to have done at least as many comedic as dramatic scenes on the show.

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These days, hidden details in a film or a DVD can be referred to as "Easter eggs." I suppose you would have just called them craft back in the day.

I remember seeing The Exorcist in a theater in high school, seeing what I thought was graffiti scrawled on the wall of an exterior staircase, hearing that you or your editor had spliced images into extended scenes to prime the audience for emotional reactions.

How much of that was urban legend, and what exactly do you recall doing? Do you remember why you arrived at the point of making those conscious decisions? (I see elsewhere you said you believe films condense stories and you wanted that particular movie to carry the same impact the novel made on you, so perhaps those approaches were influential to you.)

By the way, I always loved the extended realism of the Popeye Doyle car chase through heavy bridge traffic in The French Connection. I'm sure you've been complimented on that many times, but it had a realism to it that I associate with some of the most masterful mid-1970s films (The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, Straw Dogs, Taxi Driver).